May 10, 2005

Talking back to 80s music, 44

Thanks, but if it’s all the same to you I think I’m just gonna, y’know, keep it.  Man.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Give It Away”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:52am

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  1. Gimme all your lovin’, all your hugs and kisses, too???

  2. No, I guess that would be “I’m gonna keep them, man.”

  3. That’s it—puzzle it out.  This one is tough.

  4. All I can think of is that song about rats and weasles and how can you sleep when something something something it belongs to them let’s give it back. Yadda yadda.

    But I just don’t think that’s it. And now that garbled mess is stuck in my head.

  5. Beds are Burning. That’s what I was trying to think of. Not weasles. Diesels. Deeeee-sels.

    Still ain’t it, is it?

  6. Hint: It’s one of the few tunes in which the song title and the most succinct review of the song are identical.

    And that’s not an Eighties song!  That guy with his throbbing bassline and his undulating torso was all over MTV in the early 90s.

    And yes, I peeked.

  7. Holy shit! I could have sworn this was 1989.  My memory is fading. 

    SI’s right.  It’s ‘91.  Apologies.

  8. Your new series: Talking Back to 90s Music, 1

  9. When was Captain and Tenille? Tony Orlando and Dawn?

    Because I think I quit listening right about then.

  10. See, I was going in this direction.

  11. What do you mean, you peeked, SI?  You peeked at what? As long as you don’t mean that you’re peaking.  Cuz I am, right now.  Oh, wow, the walls are breathing.

  12. Oh, wow, I looked at my hand, and there were a bunch of letters snaking through my veins.

    Spamword “forces.” Shyaaaa!!

  13. Ahhhhh, Billy Idol??

  14. By the way, he’s a kingpin, if he’s still wondering.  IMO, this song was the only good one on that CD.  Their previous record was a classic EIGHTIES record.

  15. Wow! This is the only one I’ve ever gotten…

    How about some more Talking back to early 90s music, XX? Made me feel kinda smart knowin that.

  16. If this is Talking Back to Early Nineties Music, then my guess is The Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away” (recorded ‘91 but probably written ‘89 or so) What do I win ???

  17. Gimme cold shelter…

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