November 9, 2012

Incidentally, and pursuant to my last post…

Here:  “Clean Energy Job Creation Suffered ‘Dramatic Decline’ In Third Quarter, 2013 Outlook Grim, Green Group Says”.

Uh huh.  Until the new “stimulus” and various governmental “investments” — coupled with the implementation of all sort of carbon taxes and compliance costs for businesses or individuals whose property sits on land, or is surrounded by air, or uses water — revives the progressive pipe dream of a clean energy economy, which for the real hardcore leftists is merely the wedge they need for increasing federal control over everything, even while they are content to let the true believers in the environmental movement work to de-industrialize us, cripple production and growth, and force us all, eventually, onto the welfare rolls, where we’ll live in large urban centers packed one atop another, easily managed and controlled by a beneficent police state, selling our votes for the promise of occasional governmental largess.  And we’ll be thankful, too.

By 2016, I suspect your best bet for liberty will be to go to court and have yourself legally declared a bobcat.  Or maybe a lynx, if you’re feeling a little daffy.


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  1. Wolverines!