November 8, 2012

“CBO: Corporate Taxes Up 34% in FY12; Individual Taxes Up 4%;Deficit Still Tops $1T”


The Congressional Budget Office officially reportedon Wednesday that the federal budget deficit in fiscal 2012 (which ended on Sept. 30) topped a trillion dollars for the fourth straight year even though federal taxes paid by individuals increased by 4 percent during the year and federal income taxes paid by corporation increased by about 34 percent.

The increase in corporate federal income tax payments was largely due to changes in the tax rules that corporations were required to follow.

“The federal government incurred a budget deficit of $1.1 trillion in fiscal year 2012, the fourth consecutive year with a deficit above $1.0 trillion,” said the CBO.

“Revenues from all major sources increased in 2012,” CBO reported. “Corporate income taxes accounted for about 40 percent of the increase in total revenues, rising by $61 billion (or 34 percent) and increasing from 1.2 percent to 1.6 percent of GDP. The growth in corporate receipts resulted largely from changes in tax rules in recent years, particularly those that dictate how quickly firms may deduct the cost of their investments in equipment.”

Individuals also paid more taxes in 2012, according to CBO. “Receipts from individual income taxes grew by $41 billion (or 4 percent), and remained at 7.3 percent of GDP in 2012. More than half of the increase came from withheld taxes, which rose by $27 billion (or3 percent).”


At the same time corporate income taxes were increasing by about 34 percent, economic growth was lagging. In the fourth quarter of 2011, real GDP grew at 4.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. But in the first three quarters of 2012, it grew by 2.0 percent, 1.3 percent and 2.0 percent.

The national unemployment rate in October was 7.9 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In January 2009, when President Barack Obama was inaugurated to his first term, it was 7.8 percent.

When calculated as a share of GDP, the last four fiscal years have seen the four highest deficits since the end of World War II in fiscal 1946. (Prior to 1974, federal fiscal years ran from July 1 to June 30.)

So wait, you mean it’s not working, this idea that we can tax our way out of overspending — by sending more money to the people who are overspending and taking more money from the people who increasingly can’t afford to spend at all?

Well, all that means is that we aren’t taxing Big Business and The Rich enough.  Revenge!   Power to the Dependent People! Forward!

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  1. There is not enough liquor in all the world. I may have to switch to weed.

    What did the Colorado law do, exactly? are their pot emporiums now, or is it like Amsterdam?

  2. I haven’t seen anything so far. But if I can find a place, I’ma buy a pound of that shit.

  3. Hey, raising taxes worked. Let’s raise ’em some more!

  4. Is that you Mr. Laffer?

  5. We’re obviously still in the sweet spot of the Laffer curve.

  6. Corporate Taxes Up 34% in FY12? That explains the hiring binge.

  7. – Another sign of Obama’s “recovery”. But hey, mayby they can add weed-burgers to their drive thru menu.

    – The fast food industry is scrambling to stay above the losing threshold, all of the majors adding lower cost choices to their menu’s in an effort to tread water, but apparently we’re not lovin’ it. Ungrateful Hobbits!

    – In other news….

    – Benghazi returns:

    “Congress to hold twin closed door hearings next week.”

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  9. – So there will be the usual uptick in holiday hiring they can use to game the jobs numbers a bit, but Jan., when all the part timers and Santa Clauses get layed off again, will be “interesting”, and Feb. even more so.

    – Sort of a economic Nor’easter on the heels of a Sandy.

    – Dirty Harry is already changing his tune, because if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to trigger all hell is going to break loose, and just when the tax bills arrive at the countries mail boxes. We may have lost the WH, but the Reps have the Donkeys by the short hairs on the economy. Of course it won’t mean much if Boehner-dork goes squishy again.

  10. – Laffer? He would look at the state of things and declare we are in the pubic hair part of the graph already, the ‘Bush’ having been moved donward by the expert economic policies of the Obama Utopia.