November 7, 2012

“Republican Turnout in 2012 Less than 2008 and 2004”

Obama got 10 million less votes last night than he did in 2008; and yet the only “electable” GOP candidate — I know this, because so many of the pragmatists and pundits told me so, over and over and over again — couldn’t beat him.*

Which can mean only one thing:  the GOP can’t win.  Or, for the conspiratorially-minded, didn’t want to win.   So we’re going to need some other party that can — or else we need to gut the GOP and remake it in our image.

Because clearly, the GOP as it is currently controlled and run is simply not appealing to enough voters.  Largely because they play scared, act defensive, despise their own base, and are less concerned with first principles than they are with winning.

People can smell that.  And many of them evidently just decided there wasn’t enough of a difference between Obama and Romney to bother.

I think they’re wrong — Obama is a socialist / liberal fascist who will puncture the Constitution and destroy the rule of law, while Romney is a mere congenial technocrat — but the fact is, the GOP was unwilling to make that case for fear of alienating “independents.”

Well, they secured more “independents.”  They just lost the conservatives in the process.  And a party that insists on shitting where it eats is a party that shouldn’t act surprised when the people it believes it has wrapped around it’s finger — what are you gonna do, vote for Obama? — has other ideas about the relationship.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:55pm

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  2. Ok, so the link linked itself anyway.

  3. I can’t imagine why the stock market is getting slammed today.

  4. So we truly had a losing message. If we had even kept Mccain’s levels we would have won.

    *Loses mind*

  5. Just posted this on another thread, copied here.

    The “3 million fewer voted for Romney” and “Obama got 10 million fewer votes” aren’t accurate, as the popular vote totals don’t reflect a 100% count yet.

    In 2008:
    Obama: 69,456,897
    McCain: 59,934,814

    In 2012: (I’m taking the ‘99% counted’ numbers and extrapolating to 100% totals.)
    Obama: 60,312,839 (* 1.01) = 60,922,059
    Romney: 57,539,020 (* 1.01) = 58,120,222

    So: Obama lost 8.5M voters, or 6.6% of the people who voted for him in ’08.

    Inexplicably, 1.8M fewer people voted for Romney than voted for McCain.

    I can’t begin to explain why, or how that’s even possible. Other than that we’re living in a bubble, and everything anyone told us about this election was a filthy lie.

  6. i’m with whi these results were strange

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  8. These results are beyond strange. No president would normally be able to reside over this kind of economic misery and unemployment and keep his job.

  9. was the election rigged?

  10. “Normal” is over, Missfixit.

    America didn’t really want to re-elect Obama, but they only had a confused counter message of “Everything’s more or less fine, but vote for me anyway.”

    Plus, come on. Cranky Conservatives love to stay home. And we give them a culture that forces them to hide there.

  11. hence why my neighbor stayed home. Her exact words were “Romney seems fake. It’s not a good enough reason to vote” and that was it..i thought she was an Obama voter but i might be wrong..


  12. – All of the bloviating about Left versus Right, Republicabs versus Democrates, what part Indendents played, Women, Religion, abortion, the economy, foreign policy, lable after lable on and on ad nausia, for all of its points, accurate or not, it all misses the heart of things.

    – America has simply lost the work ethic. More than half our population now see no incentive to achievement. I recall vivadly about the time this started in ernest. A time when the catch phrase “work smart, not hard” became the driving narrative in the bisoness world and filtered on down into academia.

    – The last few generations have looked at what their parents did and, along with a constant barrage of Leftwing indoctrination in all levels of education, did what all people will do simply because its human nature.The longer it goes on, the more entrenched it will become. The longer one is unemployed the more difficult it becomes to find a way back to productine lives and thinking.

    – Hard work and achievement is not a natural human inclination. Its something that has to be developed throughout a persons lifetime until it becimes a habit. America is suffering from its own success, and the Left, quite aside from the dogma it projects, is all to aware of the truth of human nature, and is more than happy to exploit it for their own goals.

    – That is the desease we now face in our culture, and until and unless that is reversed all the lables are simply different names for the same thing, and will not change. What will change it is when people simply get sick of struggling and losing more and more. The level of what people will accept as a basic lifestyle is suprisingly simple if as long as they can avoid what they percieve as hard labor, and in conjuction, being made a sucker of. But that point is fast approaching. A society cannot sustain on a non-productive agenda for long.When even the most basic services begin to drop off the tide will turn, regardless of any political affiliations or the long list of self-interest “causes”. Deficit spending is a modern illusion that keeps the party going, but its time is coming to an inglorious end. Reality will always tear down Gobachevs wall.

    – Future generations will rename this time “the age of cynicism”.

  13. Abraham Lincoln was a Whig. Until he wasn’t.

    Might this serve as a text to send to Paul Ryan? To others?

    I do not know whether Ryan has either the inclination, desire or energy to move himself this wise(2)*.

    But the Republican party must go. There is no other path.

    * [wise(2): noun — way of proceeding or considering; manner; fashion (usually used in combination or in certain phrases): otherwise; in any wise; in no wise]

  14. The country voted yesterday, and the stock market is voting today.
    I minimized my stock exposure and put my 401k in capital preservation mode. Obamacare and increased corporate and capital gains taxes will make companies less valueble, even the politically hooked up ones like GE. I’ve heard that healthcare and big pharma might be investing opportunities because of O-care, but I don’t see how the hell increasing regulations with decreasing gubberment payouts will help the bottom line of any company, unless the system can be gamed by a few insiders with some pull in DC.

  15. “…unless the system can be gamed by a few insiders with some pull in DC.”

    That’s the deal: they’ll seek the position of the one-eyed man in the land of the blind.

  16. Damn, all the major indices down, way down today.

  17. Well said, BBH.

    Kinda more well ranted… but still. I agree 100%.

  18. Wow, and I thought I was seeing stars sitting next to a brain dead Catholic yesterday who was all “Sure, he’s for abortion, but what does that even mean?”

    If Romney was the Bug Man from Buffy he’d be better than Obama.

  19. There’s already noise at AoS about “chasing the growing Latino vote”. I guess that’s so we can win New Mexico next time.

  20. I can’t begin to explain why, or how that’s even possible. Other than that we’re living in a bubble, and everything anyone told us about this election was a filthy lie.



  21. – The investment groups will continue to withhold all that capital now.

    – The idiotic ideologicaly driven idea you can beat the man with the gold always ends just one way.

    – If you’re going to try to cash in on the Progressive gravy train, you’d better do it quickly.

  22. Some item or other came over Rush’s transom just before 3 pm EST and he teased it as tomorrow’s lead: The turnout was more right leaning than four years ago, but not right leaning enough.

    Don’t know if it’s one of the items Jeff linked, haven’t clicked thru yet, but it fits in with the whole he’s a good man who just isn’t working theme being too tepid.

  23. Anyone want to wager on how long I’m able to listen to Hewitt this afternoon before I have to turn it off?

  24. Haha! Five minutes.

  25. You can’t outpander the left. If Republicans announced that under their single payer health care plan, massage parlor visits and chakra releases would be covered, Democrats would counter by arguing that the rich should be forced into prostitution so they can finally learn what it’s like to be royally screwed.

    The only way to beat this back is persuade people that the panderers want to make prostitutes of us all.

    At the end of the day the bottom bitch in the Democrat heirarchy of privileged dependents is still nothing but a ho in Obama’s stable.

  26. – Di, It all gets easier, if not also more depressing, when you remember what they think they’ve won as opposed to what they’ve actually set us all up for eventually. At least we can plan more effectively for the end game.

  27. was the election rigged?

    I forget now where I saw it because I wasn’t about to be first to say the obvious (to me) response, but somebody somewhere predicted 2012 would turn out to be the last honest election.

    I bit my tongue so quickly I still don’t know exactly what my reply would have been, but probably something about how that ship has already sailed, hit the iceberg and sunk.

  28. 2012 would turn out to be the last honest election.

    If it’s close, they can’t cheat.

    It was close.

  29. Now, it’s “Long Hard Times to Come” from Justified.

    More apropos, methinks.

  30. – Once infected you’re not going to very often persuade true believers of much of anything. They NEED to believe the fairy tale of Pleasure Island.

    – Reality will take care of that. A bitch we’ll all have to suffer, but there you have it.

    – On the plus side I think I finally understand why people in the early 1900’s reacted so viciously toward the Progressive threat.

  31. “plan more effectively for the end game.” That’s what I’ve been doing since sometime last night. That and the best way to do some financial disengagement.

  32. The story goes that when Kurt Godel was at his citizenship exam he said he had discovered a flaw, an inconsistency in the US Constitution which would allow for a dictatorship to be set up under the Constitution. Now it may not be the exact thing that he discovered but we seem to be on a path toward one and the way I think it can happen is Constitutional.

    What Obama and the Progressive Democrats know is that all they need from now on is to have the Presidency and the Senate. True they must have audacity in the leadership and blind obedience from the Senate herd but Reid and Obama have already shown that they have these well in hand.

    Treaties will be signed by Obama and ratified by Reid’s feckless and readily bought off Senate. These will have the same force as if the Constitution were to be amended. All of that longstanding bulwark will be breached by the will of just two men acting in concert. “Stroke of the pen” just went uptown.

  33. – All for naught. The pot is empty, which means they will have to raise taxes in any manner they can.

  34. somebody somewhere predicted 2012 would turn out to be the last honest election.

    Here’s one but far from the first I’d bet.

  35. geoffb, they also need the Supreme Court to affirm that the Constitution can be amended by a treaty ratified by the Senate.


  36. – Wait until America opens its mail in Jan. and see’s its tax bills.

  37. Also that argument is a wilfull misreading of “[t]his Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the Land[,]” a reading no self respecting Justice would suscribe to.


  38. No worry, BBH. I’m sure nobody lives paycheck to paycheck anymore.

    Not in glorious post-america!

  39. Hey, apropos of everything and nothing:

    Everyone remember all that bullshit from the Obama camp about how this was a choice election and not a referendum election, and everything that Romney was going to do to make it a referendum on Obama wasn’t going to work because this was a choice and not a referendum, as even Mitt Romney at some point acknowledged, remember all that?

    Who wants to bet that, now that he’s reelected, Obama and his media whore fluffers will be telling us that this was a referendum on his forward leaning agenda of hopenchange and fundamental transformation?

  40. – The Israeli’s said today they will not capitulate to Obama and the secret treaties he has agreed to with the Muslims.

    – Iran has been usuaually quiet as of late. Israel will move against them before the end of the year.

  41. I voted last time but not this time it’s probably throwing everything off

  42. Good for Isreal.

    Bad for anybody familiar with Lions of Joly and or Guns of August.

  43. Which….

    Yes. See Goldstein, Jeff from at least 2001 forward.

    I also wouldn’t rule out a attempt at a “Pelican Brief” actualization. Who would prosecute? Holder, hah.

  44. Excluding 2008, the only other time stocks have performed as poorly the day after a presidential election in the last 60 years was on Nov. 3, 1948, when the Dow dropped 3.85 percent as Harry Truman claimed victory over Thomas Dewey.

    Thus, the three worst post-election days since World War II are 2008 (Obama), 1948 (Truman) and 2012 (Obama).


  45. Reality will take care of that. A bitch we’ll all have to suffer, but there you have it.

    They’ll blame us and then come after us with brickbats, regardless of how obvious the evidence is to the contrary.

    Look how they act when they’ve won.

  46. Anyone want to wager on how long I’m able to listen to Hewitt this afternoon before I have to turn it off?

    Haha! Five minutes.

    4:06 pm to 4:09 pm. He acknowledged that we’ve just heaped a buncha misery upon our foolish heads and that he was dead wrong about the results, but HEY!

    We kept the House, and they’re experienced now! They don’t have to worry about gubmint shutdown making them look bad, and we have a deep bench, and they’ve learned how to fight.

    Way to question the premises, Hugh.

    You, too, Herman.

    Washington is the anchor that will sink us all. Best not clamber aboard.

  47. Punchline: ” Okay, level with me. You’re not REALLY a hunter now, are you? “

  48. Ah yes. Levin.

    Just what the doctor ordered.

  49. So close.

    Geez Hugh. If ever there was a time not to sing, “The sun will come out… RIGHT NOW!”

  50. According to the subscription only King Report:

    Obama received 69,456,897 votes in 2008. He got 59,651,236 or 9.8 million fewer (-14.1%), in 2012. McCain got 59,934,814 votes in 2008. Romney received 57,028,531, about 2.9 million fewer votes. Jimmy Carter’s vote total dropped 5.4 million in 1980 vs. 1976 or 13%. Obama was down 14.1%!

    So Obama also got less than McCain 2008?


  52. Is it too late to request an Obamacare waiver or are those only issued to backers? I agree that it is high time to go all Sam Adams on the less than G…….op

  53. The Republican voter suppression started back in the primary season. Allowing the MSM so much control was a serious error, it alienated the base and left us with the most squishy candidate, whose single greatest ability seemed to be attacking members of his own party. That he wasn’t quite so adept at, or willing to attack the opposition party or the whole damn entrenched ruling class is somehow seen as unfortunate but unintentional.

    My ass.

    Instead, maybe next time could we have a competition to see who is best at demolishing the shibboleths of the left and/or making the case for actual limited government?

    The suppression efforts continued on right up through the convention – where TEA party types and the Ron Paul’s crew were openly and repeatedly snubbed.

    Any chance it was the Ronulans who make up a large portion of that missing electorate? Many of them flat out said they were going to stay home, and we sure didn’t give them any good reasons not to.

    And it’s starting again already, with the ‘fiscal conservative’ laying down their marker that they will never find common cause with the socons. Because, when faced with a charging, screaming socialist horde intent on conquering and pillaging it would be icky to share a foxhole with someone whose opinion on what adult relationships the state chooses sanction diverges from my opinion. Wouldn’t want to suffer that sort of ghastly compromise, might be unseemly.