November 6, 2012

Attention Colorado Voters:

Via Ace:

Commenter Alice passed along info about voters being turned back at her polling place because they aren’t on the voter rolls. She wanted to remind you to request a provisional ballot, don’t take no for an answer, and don’t listen to them tell you it won’t count.

You’ll have to follow up with the registrar (or whoever is responsible for voter registration in your county) to demonstrate your eligibility, which is racist, but whatever.

Passing this along without checking the actual rules and shit in CO, because I’m at work and besides I’m the worst researcher on this moron blog.

It’s who they are. It’s what they do.

(thanks to geoff b, who points to comments 67, 77, 79, 81, “and especially 193”)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:13am

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  1. As a CO voter, I received a voter registration statement in the mail about 3 weeks ago (includes my name, address, polling station, etc.). I also verified that I’m registered on the following site:
    I would recommend having the registration mailer with you & verifying online.

    No problem voting this morning. Paper ballot, so no worries over electronic vote being magically cast for the other guy.

  2. All these reports of blatant shenanigans. Sure sounds like the Democrats are worried about something. I wonder what it could be….

  3. I know that they rely on our good manners and instinctive deference to authority to empower them to trample us into the mud. I know that it’s hard to convince decent people that their decency is what will beat them. But there’s never been a day when it was more important to put politeness aside and demand our rights. Any Dem operative tries to take away your vote today — punch him in the mouth! Yes, it may tie you up for a few hours with law enforcement, but it will also tie up the other guy, and sooner or later the other side will run out of reinforcements.

    Besides which, how awesome would it be to see the news report regarding the 40 or 50 operatives who got punched out at polling places? ‘Twould be pretty hard for them to deny their shenanigans, given that sort of coverage.

  4. No problems here in Longmont. They had the 100ft boundary clearly marked off. In and out in 20 min.

  5. Update at Ace.

    A Republican official also had a similar problem — being told he had already voted absentee when he hadn’t (he hadn’t even requested an absentee ballot).

    Stand your ground. You are entitled to a provisional ballot. If you cast a provisional ballot, there’ll be proceeding to determine what’s gone wrong. Put them in the spotlight for their incompetence.

    Lot of this going ’round.

    Remember, the official inquiry only begins when you stand your ground, insist on a provisional ballot, and declare you have not already voted, so whatever vote was cast in your name was cast by a criminal, who needs to be locked up in jail, and who also needs some scrutiny into who’s paying him to do this.