November 5, 2012

“John Cusack producing, starring in Rush Limbaugh movie”

Well, why not?  After all, Cusack is an intellectual, you see.  A thoughtful heterodox.  A thinking man who even took on the unpopular role of trying to re-imagine Hitler’s basic humanity.

So really, after Hitler, Limbaugh was the next logical step for a man so willing to push himself in an effort to understand the often charismatic contours of evil, right?

Actor and outspoken liberal John Cusack is developing a movie about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, Cusack’s production company said Friday.

The working title is “Rush,” Cusack’s New Crime Productions confirmed, offering no other details.

Hollywood director Betty Thomas, who’s set to work on the film, said the production company is putting finishing touches on a script that will star the actor. Production is set for next year, Thomas said.

Limbaugh is in the front ranks of colorful and provocative media figures. Earlier this year, Limbaugh called a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” on air for arguing to Democrats in Congress that health plans should pay for contraception.

This week, the host mocked Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his “bromance” with Obama after Christie praised the president’s response to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Cusack as Limbaugh isn’t typecasting, politics aside. Cusack is a slender, dark-haired 46-year-old, while Limbaugh is 61, balding and portly. But Hollywood’s makeup experts have probably had greater challenges.

That much is true.  I mean, Kathy Griffin. 
Enough said.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:12pm

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  1. – I would argue Joan Rivers is a better example. They manage to make her look like she’s actually only recently dead.

  2. Hasn’t Cusack lost enough money on his “crusade” flicks? He must be making better royalties from BETTER OFF DEAD than I thought.

  3. The working title is “Rush,”

    Screening titles, “Low Fidelity” and/or “Gross $0, Point – None”.

  4. you’d think some conservative hollywood types would have made a screen play of
    Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One

  5. This will be even worse than Oliver Stone’s “W,” and make less money than “Grace is Gone.”
    I just don’t understand Cusack’s desire to make movie about (and personally portray) someone he hates.
    Also, love how the article mentions Limbaugh’s slam against Fluke, as if this is the most noteworthy thing about him (when it’s really the biggest thing that’s happened to Fluke – it granted her the “victim” status). Probably would have been more meaningful to mention that he’s had a top-rated radio show for 20+ years & averages 15 million listeners, except that might give readers the impression he’s worth listening to.

  6. Funny that Hollywood actors would make movies about Bush and Rush(there could be a pattern I’m totally dismissing but who knows?), but no desire to make movies about Bill and Hillary, or Dan Rather.

    And when I say funny, I don’t mean ha ha funny…

  7. It sure be a shame when a perfectly good white boy be throwing out his career like that.

  8. You really have to be an idiot to think anyone wants to watch a movie about Rush Limbaugh, no matter your political persuasion.

  9. I used to think John Cusack was kind of cute.

    About 25 years ago.

  10. John Travolta played Bubba once.

  11. I loved that book, but I’ve never seen the movie.

  12. Neither read the book nor seen the movie, but I know this: Joe Klein should have been fired by Time magazine.

  13. Limbaugh is in the front ranks of colorful and provocative media figures. Earlier this year, Limbaugh called a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” on air for arguing to Democrats in Congress that health plans should pay for contraception.

    That’s funny, I though Rush called Sandra Fluke a slut because Fluke said she was going broke spending thousands of dollars per year on birth control while she at Georgetown Law School. Since these thousands of dollars couldn’t have been spent on birth control pills which are available for $8/month at her nearby Target Pharmacy, that must mean Sandra Fluke was using 20-30 condoms a day, every day for three years. So, yeah, a slut.

  14. I am betting that Charlie Sheen is involved with this.

  15. – Looking at her I figured the other 2800 was for buying 50 drinks a night for bar slobs until she could find one drunk enough to sleep with her.

  16. Joe Klein should indeed have been fired.

    The thing that is most obscene about him, is that he was ‘outed’ nearly instantly and continued to deny he was the author. And then when he did ‘fess up, it was ‘Oh, what’s the big deal? I was just having a little fun’ and his bosses were “Nevermind, then.”


  17. – Sometimes you’re hot, sometimes you’re not, sometimes you’re just in Cleveland. Slow Joe strikes again.

  18. This last week Joe has been convinced that Clinton is still president.

    Not really surprising since Bubba’s been on the trail and better received than the Wonce.

  19. If the movie is intended as a ‘hit’ piece (brazen or subtle) then it will fail disastrously at the box office. There’s not many LeftLibProggs who will shell out to see it: recall Loins of Lames, or whatever that flop movie Redford, Streep and Cruise did during the BOOOSH! years was called? If Limbaugh criticizes this as inaccurate or boring, no one in his audience will watch it.

    Cusack has a narrow chance to get it right, or he’ll be out many millions.

  20. Heh. Wayback machine. Loins of Lames.

  21. – NBC on their web site did a last night obligatory O puff piece, still claiming Obama had a ‘narrow lead’ in some rigged poll. I didn’t bother with a link it was so obviously bs, but what was funny is the comments were running 100 to 1 against their nonsense and calling them out on it and laughing at them for even trying.

  22. Are we sure the publicist didn’t get it all wrong, and Cusack is actually planning to play Geddy Lee?

  23. Well, he has already screwed us. At least he could buy us dinner.

  24. rush limbaugh movies are certainly one concern

  25. We weren’t that good of a lay. We don’t deserve dinner.

  26. Just idlin’ time, ‘feets. Not much else to do at this junct-ure.

  27. I’m trying to get to st augustine for when they announce about romney cause that seems like a good place to be for that sort of thing

  28. rioting and such will for sure be of the most constrained sort

  29. Are you off discovering ‘Merica, happy?

  30. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Screw the enablers.

  31. I haven’t seen any coverage of the “Obama killed Osama” movie that I thought was coming out yesterday. What gives?

  32. It was on the box, SVT. No one noticed, unless they looked for it.

    Here’s the synopsis.

  33. mr. g. an election open post?

  34. I’ll put one up tonight and tomorrow, nr.

  35. The website is acting really weird. I either just double posted or didn’t post at all.


  36. It’s gremlins, BMoe.

  37. Obama’s gremlins. They’re out tonight.

  38. Leigh yes America is awesome so far I started in San Diego and ended up here in Florida which I haven’t completely planned… Not sure if I’ll do Disney or whatever….

    U think to yourself hey that doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do by yourself then you think how the heck do you know that

  39. Are we sure the publicist didn’t get it all wrong, and Cusack is actually planning to play Geddy Lee?

    Oddly enough, I heard Rush coming over the speakers in the grocery store–of all places–the other night. But then, that same store was also once playing The Cure for my shopping pleasure.

    Apparently a Gen-Xer takes over their sound system in the late evenings and gives the moldy oldies the boot.