November 5, 2012

“The U.S. is spending $900,000 to train women for jobs as entrepreneurs – in Peru and El Salvador”

You’ve gone a long way, baby!

The U.S. is spending $900,000 to help women start businesses and create jobs–in Peru and El Salvador.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the new Women’s Entrepreneurship Trust Fund last month on visit to the Peruvian capital of Lima.

“The United States is making an initial contribution of $900,000 to launch pilot programs here in Peru and in El Salvador,” Clinton said on October 16.

“But we need more partners and more contributors to the trust fund, so I’d like to invite other governments and businesses to contribute.”

The money, according to Clinton, will be used to train rural women in Peru and in El Salvador for jobs as entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Whereas women in rural flyover states?  Well, they’re already trained as either bitterclinger racists or dependable welfare-state Democrats who vote correctly.  So.

Mission accomplished!

The money is part of the U.S.’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, which Clinton announced earlier this year.

Sounds to me like the U.S. Women’s Leadership Initiative is very similar to U.S. foreign policy:  both seem to put the U.S. part of the equation last.  Which, kismet!



Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:56pm

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  1. Liberals are going to get so confused if they destroy the dollar and 900,000 dollars starts paying for half a Peru lunch.

    Economics is the new daddy issues, I guess.

  2. I don’t know why we keep trying to buy friends. Lets keep the money and they will still hate us. Win Win.

  3. It’s not exporting jobs if the jobs were never created here in the first place.

  4. To be fair, this is probably the Obama administration’s grand strategy to fight Islamist terrorism…empower the women!

    I mean, were it not for strong women like Hillary and Michelle, Bill woulda ended up a drunken Arkansas ambulance chaser, and Barry a failed and bitter writer teaching black history at Shimer College. Just think what empowered women could do for the silly men in turbans that never let their wife drive, even on long trips.

    Quite ingenious, really.

    Oh, and SHUT UP! Do you want the terrorists to win!?

  5. I think we should question all of these ridiculous programs in the same manner as Romney did in the debate: “Is it really worth borrowing money from China to pay for X?”

  6. I remember 1200+ pesos to the dollar in 1988 and you didn’t even bother with the official money changers. I could buy a crushed malachite chip aztec sun calendar souvenir from the market near the base of the great pyramid of Cholula for 50,000 pesos, and it was $40. A decent plate of dinner from a diner was $1.50 with a drink and flan for dessert.

    Now I guess that soon, we can return the favor to our friends south of the border.

  7. American money went a long way in Mexico in the 80s. I never bothered changing my money to pesos since you got a lot more for a buck. Flash a $20, a 20 for pete’s sake, and you’d get room upgrades and better quality food.