November 4, 2012

Yes, but is it enough to overcome latent GOP racism and allow me to vote against Obama?

Ann Althouse points to Axelrod’s loathsome behavior on Fox News Sunday, laughing when Chris Wallace brings up the topic of Libya:

Now, I’m not one to typically see my OUTRAGE meter pegged. Even here, I don’t think Axelrod was laughing at the Libyan debacle and subsequent risible cover-up attempt.

Instead, he was laughing because he knew Wallace would raise the question, and he was trying to intimate that the very raising of the issue was itself an instance of Faux News playing political gotcha, and he was not going to let that go without expressing his recognition of that fact.

Which about sums up the entirety of the Obama Administration: it is all politics, and the ends always justify the means. Axelrod laughed because he was thinking of Libya and the fallout in terms of partisan politics, and his natural reaction when cornered — much like Biden in the Ryan debate — was to fall back on ironic laughter and histrionics.

It never even occurred to Axelrod, I’ll wager, to handle that question with an air of dignity or gravitas, to be somber and as forthcoming as he is capable. Instead, like the President himself — who is indignant that anyone would dare question him on the issue, and “hurt” by suggestions he didn’t try to move Heaven and Earth to save Americans — he immediately retreated to the cover so many on the left allow themselves, a suggestion that the very questioning, when it comes from those who are perceived as enemies, is unfair and, in a way, ridiculous.

— Because what, you really expect to get an honest answer, teabaggers? Seriously?

Either you’re with Obama or you’re the enemy. And no, don’t try using your dead son as cover, either. It’s pathetic, and you’re just a simple rube being manipulated by a highly partisan media.

Unless you want to camp out outside the Bush ranch in Crawford. That’s different. Then you’re a hero.

(thanks to sdferr)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:28am

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  1. We’re exiting the age of “DoubleThink” and entering the age of “DoubleNoThink.”

    But they’re still your intellectual betters, hobbits.

  2. I hadn’t noticed on first viewing that Axlerod begins a second smile on hearing the question (at 00:24) “So why didn’t –hasn’t he answered a lot of questions . . . ” but manages to stifle his inclination. It’s brief, but it’s there. Something pleasing to him, we take it, but which he decides ought not be shown.

  3. He is a truly despicable excuse for a human being.

  4. Maybe with that second smile Axelrod was reflecting on his knowledge of this truth? (“Oh, you always have been, Barry”, he might be thinking, “Our prop. There you have it.”) :

    “As the campaign goes on, we become less relevant,” said Obama. “I’m sort of a prop in the campaign.”

  5. Yes, he’s humanoid in appearance, but inside that head there be squirmings like toads.

  6. Oh, and this.

  7. A dollar says Axelrodent welshes on his promise to shave his ‘stache when the Wonce loses.

    Regis, who owns John Bolton’s upper lip, should rip Axelrod’s whiskers out on live teevee.

  8. Them ain’t whiskers, leigh. They’re barbels for bottom feeding.

  9. He does rather favor the walrus, does he not?

  10. I hear Axelrod favours worms, actually.

  11. Say, what’s with Cameron playing texting footsy with Rebecca from News of the World?

    I’ll bet things are a tad frosty at 10 Downing.

  12. A feisty ginger on the side is de rigeur amongst the upper classes, leigh. Maybe my boys have got me one for Christmas.

  13. Make sure they got one who is a Scots Lassie.

  14. You know whats funny? cripple jokes about retards… ..especially if the person ur talking to has a relative w autistic kids…

  15. We’re up to our oxters in them here, leigh. Common as Irn Bru and deep fried Mars bars.

  16. Well, then! That’s half the work, right there.

    Just make sure you find one with a soul, gingers being how they are.

  17. God I hate this kind of video clips. Show me the question and answer and leave the retarded editing for the retards.

    And I don’t doubt for a minute that the President doesn’t make decisions, calculated or otherwise about anything more important than what he is having for breakfast. I seriously doubt if he even dresses himself.

  18. Retarded editing= abortion! You betcha!

  19. “Staten Island and New Jersey shore resodents can now go online at a government website for instructions on how to burn living room furniture to stay warm.” (Big gov. and your tax dollars in action!)

  20. Somewhere it was mentioned in passing (I believe it was in the Foreign Policy article recounting two journalists’ recent visit to the Consulate building) that the soot-covered toilet in the bathroom within the “safe” area inside the Consulate building had dried blood on it. Whose blood? How did blood get on the toilet? Somebody have a bad cut? Or a gunshot wound?

    Who knows?

  21. C’mon people! The NBC networks want to know: will it be waffles or waffles?

    Oh look, squirrel!

  22. sdferr, before the networks went dark on any Benghazi coverage, I remember seeing footage of that bloody toilet and wondering the same thing as you. Especially after the unconfirmed reports of the Libyans having their way with the poor ambassador.

  23. NewsBusters finds it only took David Gregory 168 hours to get back to the subject. Give the earnest little boy a pat on the head and a shiny-sticky gold star.

  24. Kristol: Axelrod Claims Obama ‘Convened the Top Military Officials that Evening’

    Did the president in fact “convene the top military officials that evening?” I know of no evidence that he did. The president had a previously scheduled 5:00 p.m. meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey, where they discussed what was happening in Benghazi, among other topics. But after this previously scheduled meeting, so far as we know, the president never “convened the top military officials” at any time that evening. Panetta’s own account of his discussions at the Pentagon that evening with Gens. Dempsey and Ham offers no hint of presidential involvement.

  25. I finally watched the segment of FNS with Axelrod. What a jerk.

    “The president was right there to receive the caskets when they arrived. No one else did more than him to keep them safe” he said indignantly.

    Safe? David, boychick, they’re dead.

  26. McCain is flat-out calling it a cover-up. Better late than never, I guess.

    It’ll insure him front and center camera time for a few months.

  27. Words don’t describe how much I want to see the back of these people.

  28. I’m right there with you, Dale.

    According to memeorandum, we’re stuck with the Wonce. Nine zillion stories about how the polls mean zilch and MItt is toast.

    O-kay, then.

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  30. They say they are the “reality based community” but they ACT like the “highly filtered echo-chamber/bubble based community”

  31. Aaaand, Peggy Noonan writes a nice post about Romney and how he’s going to win.