November 1, 2012

November fundraiser post: this is is, kids, the last fundraiser before we know our country’s fate [sticky; new posts below; DAY BEFORE ELECTION DAY UPDATE]

I’ve done as much as I can to turn people away from our ongoing national nightmare. So I guess we’ll know in less than a week if all of our efforts here were in vain. I admit, we do tend to shout into the abyss from time to time.

Incidentally, a troubling omen: the people who moved in to the house next to ours yesterday — renters — have an Obama bumper sticker on one of their cars. Curiously, another of their cars is a camouflage-painted pick-up truck.

— Which already failed, because I saw it immediately. Parked right there next to curb.

This can’t end well.

Monday update: Thanks to all who’ve contributed. About half way home this month. Times are rough, I suppose. But Daddy needs a bottle of scotch, badly, so he can go into a stupor tomorrow.

Give until it hurts. Me, though. Not you. Until it hurts me.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:55am

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  1. Thanks, Terry H!

  2. Thanks, McGehee!

  3. Dang, I was hoping for first.

  4. I wonder if you could run into it, then claim you didn’t see it because of the camo…

  5. Thanks, geoff b!

  6. Thanks, cranky-d!

  7. good idea, mojo. Or maybe I’ll ask if I can borrow it to go pull some trapped Americans out of a burning consulate. Since I’m sure he won’t be.

  8. Thanks, Lillian!

  9. Thanks, Fred W!

  10. Thanks, Roger H!

  11. Thanks, Silver Whistle!

  12. You’ll have mine early next week Jeff. While you’re waiting, may I suggest a Leopold 4-20x variable? It’s what I use on my .223 and .257 Roberts. The .257 is a sweet shooter out to 500 yards with it.

  13. I’ll check it out, Blitz, thanks!

  14. Thanks, Charles W!

  15. Thanks, serr8d!

  16. Thanks, BT!

  17. Thanks, John B!

  18. Thanks, di!

  19. Thanks, Squid!

  20. Look past the camo, it’s actually a new beetle with a plastic daisy in the bud vase.

    I’ve seen this before.

  21. Thanks, LMC!

  22. Thanks, bh!

  23. Thanks, SDN!

  24. Thanks, Patrick C!

  25. Thanks, Evan C!

  26. Thanks, Thomas D!

  27. Thanks, Pablo!

  28. Thanks, DarthLevin!

  29. Thanks, palaeomerus!

  30. Thanks, Jim in KC!

  31. I recommend Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Jeff. It’s what I’ll be drinking tonight.

  32. That’s good stuff, Jim in KC. I’m a Lagavulin guy, but anything peaty works for me.

  33. The Lagavulin is also very, very good. There’s a bar I like here in town that has it, but the bottles are a bit harder to find here for some reason.

  34. Thanks, Blitz!

  35. Thank for the EOTech, William! My arsenal just got more deadly.

    Until the feds come and confiscate it, that is.

  36. Thanks, Jeff K!

  37. ot mr. g. levin tonite has been hinting at the states as the way – forward!