October 30, 2012

“How long have you been in the CIA?” [Darleen Click]

Media eager to ignore plethora of White House Scandals

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  1. I guess it’s easy to feel smart and aware when you don’t have to learn about Benghazi but can spend an entire month learning that breast cancer is bad.

  2. When you’ve lost Leno…

    “Here is a very inexpensive costume idea,” Leno said Friday. “Wear a re-elect Obama button and go out as a journalist.”

  3. Another good’un.

  4. Seen around the Internet:

    A: “I’m skeptical that this is the storm to end all storms.”

    B: “No, it’s the storm to end all Benghazi coverage.”

  5. A: I don’t understand, I kept calling the NYT and MSNBC to report the weather here in New York.

    B: So whats the big deal?

    A: I kept getting the White House.

  6. Liberal Pundits Declare Libya Fiasco ‘Utterly Contrived,’ an ‘October Mirage’

    “Our diplomats are abandoned by us and murdered by jihadis all the time! This just isn’t news.”

  7. I saw one liberal commenter say that he didn’t give a crap about the 4 people who died in Libya — when Boooosh had killed so many more people going to war. So Bush is still worser. I am relived.

  8. *relieved.

  9. – Glad you could relieve yourself.

  10. As Doug Ross pointed out, there have been 93 front page stories on Valerie Plame (http://tinyurl.com/8hhduow). Like Watergate (the MSM’s pride and joy), no one died. Plame became a media darling, complete with Vanity Fair spread and Hollywood movie.

  11. “. . . 93 front page stories on Valerie Plame . . .”

    Well sure, that stands to reason: it takes a heap of pumping and repetition to establish a lie in peoples’ minds, whereas just laying out the truth of a story doesn’t take anywhere near as much, and even less when burying the truth is the object.

  12. “. . . 93 front page stories on Valerie Plame . . .”

    Again, Abu Ghraib was on the front page of the NYT for 32 straight days. 47 times total.

  13. And as Iowahawk noted the other day, the media had 30+ reporters scouring Palin’s 3-year-old e-mails, and set up a crowdsourcing site for the volunteer help. We know more about Palin’s tanning bed than we know about our the Benghazi fuckup.

    And sdferr’s observation on repetition is an astute one.