October 27, 2012

The meltdown of the Potemkin Presidency [Darleen Click]

It’s not that the Obama campaign is shrinking, it’s that the curtain has been swept aside to reveal a small, petulant, puerile male who cloaked himself in smokey hope and changey mirrors.

Because he never looks so presidential as when he’s ducking and monologuing a reporter’s direction question about denied help in Benghazi …

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  1. Every now and then we’ll hear that helium is in increasingly short supply, but we needn’t worry too greatly: we have only to look at Obama to see the light weight gaseous generation ex nihilo.

  2. – The running dogs of the Pravda press on the Hudson are still in minimize/blackout mode on Benhazi. They’re determined to ride this cover up train wreck all the way to election day if its humanly, or inumanly, possible.

  3. Darleen, have you seen this?


    Kinda close to your place, innit? o_O

  4. And heh, y’know, these parodies are getting better and better as time wears away. Sic ’em, girls.

  5. That’s hilarious and spot on, too.

  6. I want her in my board game group. Sewiouswy.