October 17, 2012

“Former Media Coordinator of CodePink Long Island Was One of the ‘Undecided’ Questioners” [Updated]

Well, in fairness, she hadn’t decided yet whether to vote for Obama on November 6, or maybe dress up like a giant inflamed vulva and camp out on the Capitol lawn that day instead.

So.  Technically, undecided.  Meaning, there’s no there there.

We need to be rigorous and just in our analysis.  Otherwise the terrorists have already won.

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update:  Case of mistaken identity?

Could be. All those giant inflamed vulva costumes look the same to me.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:14pm

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  1. Is she the same Catherine Fenton? Presumably we will be able to determine this over the next few days. [UPDATE: Orin points out that the questioner seems too young for the CodePink official. I think he’s probably correct.]


  2. I’d have been happier if Romney had pointed out that her stats are in the “damned lies” category, given that apples are not compared to apples.

  3. – I’m listening to talk radio, and if the Left thinks Obama scored a win last night they will need to totally ignore the response I’m hearing from insependents today. The consensus is that Jug ears looked like an “angry unpresidential aggressor” who simply ectended the impression they had of Biden.

    – Which, on reflection, is probably exactly what you want to see in the star chamber Left.

    – The more they faux inflate Obama’s standing, and minimize his real political problems, the deeper the fall.

  4. I’d say definitely not the same person.

  5. I heard a lot of the same this morning, BBH.

    The callers seemed to be two to one that Obama was a liar liar what lies. The other side being outraged! that Romney stuck to his guns and got in Obama’s grill.

  6. Code Pink deserves a place at the table: after all, Obama is known to eat dogs.

  7. – In over two hours of calls only one tried a weak defense on Libya, bitching that no one qyestioned Boooooosh about WMD’s.

    – LaDonna absolutely nailed the caller on that one.

  8. BTW I would not put it past the left to have someone using that name to purposefully screw with the expected right-wing internet checking.

    Maybe they thought this one would be a useful club to beat us with later too.

  9. By a strange coincidence…

    But then again, aren’t they all.

  10. “There are no coincidences’, just plans of man that went wrong.” – Me, 2012

  11. How hard is it for a dishonest debate sabotage artist to find a ringer who is an unknown? Seriously!

  12. I’m surprised they didn’t have “Undecided Voter Jimmy Carter ” ask a question.

  13. Code Pink deserves a place at the table: after all, Obama is known to eat dogs.

    Ha! Thread winner.

  14. Politically moronic spokes-tool Dana Perino predicted her close acquaintance Martha Raddatz would be a fine moderator, even-handed and professionally upstanding at her job. Admits after the fact she was entirely mistaken.

    Doubling down, incorrigible moron Dana Perino guaranteed her close acquaintance Candy Crowley would be a fine moderator, even-handed and professionally upstanding at her job.

    Admits after the fact that she simply isn’t capable of learning? Resigns her position in disgrace?

    No. That’s not necessary. She’d already proven that across the breadth of the Bush administration and acquire her present position despite the proof.

  15. Dana will stamp her tiny foot at you, sdferr.

  16. geoff B — it does look like it might be a case of mistaken identity. Which I was expressed our need for rigor and fairness.

    Situation mitigated.

  17. “I’m a victim o’ coicumstance!”

  18. – Situation still not mitigated:

    “Undecided first questioner gets additional answers from Obama”

    The rationale for the delay, Obama explained to Ladka, was to make sure that the “intelligence he was acting on was real intelligence and not disinformation,” recalls Ladka.

    – Soooooo, there you have it folks. The president was merely being cautious when him and cointless others of his staff repeated known disinformation for 2 weeks, to avoid acting on disinformatopm. Sure glad we cleared THAT up.

    As to Ladka’s question about who turned down the Benghazi security requests and why, Obama reportedly told him that “releasing the individual names of anyone in the State Department would really put them at risk,” Ladka says.

    – And so we move to the Nixen response, ‘national secutrity’.

  19. Where do I find me a giant inflamed vulva?

  20. – They’re generally on the same aisle as the giant inflatable Obama ego dolls.

  21. I prefer vulvas to dicks, BBH.

  22. – No problen, the Nixon dolls are on an entirely different aisle.

  23. This whole debacle is turning into a blessing in disguise. They don’t want to talk about Libya and terrorism and that is all anyone is talking about.

    Monday is when Obama comes unhinged at the FP debate.

  24. “LibyaGate…..the gift that keeps on giving”

  25. Ixnay on ategay, BBH.

    Debacle sounds so much more dramatic.

  26. – I really can’t say its clear just what Issa is up too at this point. I know that during the hearings he mentioned
    closed door’ interviews several times and would not let anyone on the panel elaborate about it. Rice was mentioned as one possible witness with several other statements he interupted when he sensed the speaker was getting into touchy area’s.

    – I can’t see him deliberately sitting on it if hes discovered other bonbshells behind the scenes.

    – Maybr he wants to time it til just befre election day. These things have a way of dying out quickly with the low info public.

  27. “I really can’t say its clear just what Issa is up too at this point.”

    It seems as though the story is developing along three separate or logically separable lines BBH, or at least so it seems to me. 1) The “consulate” attack and the manifest lack of security there, the deaths there of Stevens and Smith — 2) The CIA station attack, what is or was the CIA up to in Libya, which seems to have necessitated the stupid, short-sighted cover story about “protestors”, the deaths there of Doherty and Woods, and 3) The political cover-up after the fact in Washington, now ongoing for weeks, as opposed to but entailing the “cover story” brought to the table by Petraeus and Co., and the larger failing strategic position Obama and Co. have imposed on the war.

    Issa will have to deal with them all in order to have the full picture, but obviously some parts are properly only fit for discussion behind closed doors.

  28. – Well yes to all that, but that brings the question, are they continuing behind closed doors as they intimated in the hearings. There’s been not so much as a peep about a thing sonce the initial hearings concluded.

    – And of course, zero press mention, even from sources you might ecpect something.

  29. At a guess? The committee staff(s) are working, maybe with some contact with the principals on the committee, but probably mostly on their own. They’re likely taking interviews, possibly even sworn testimony, privately, preparing for hearings to come in the lame duck after the election season is over (still guessing!), and which may go on for many months into the next year if serious criminal behavior is found. But most of the members have elections to worry about. Those who don’t could be directing the inquiries though.

  30. Why does Joe want to operate on girls? Isn’t that a little creepy, especially at his age?

  31. Joe just wants the government to pay for women who happen to want or need exotic stuff like trepanation or penile extension procedures.

  32. Silver Whistle says October 17, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    Where do I find me a giant inflamed vulva?

    This is as close as I could come.


  33. That’s funny, B Moe. I have several friends with Volvos who call them vulvas.

  34. joe’s going for the tranny vote

  35. I was thinking that was where he was going with that.

    Or maybe he wants to get some more ‘plugs and is going to get them under a what’s good for the goose is good for the gander provision.

  36. The Washington Free Beacon has a bit of fun with Ms. Fenton, who then deletes her Twitter account forthwith. I lol’d.

  37. joe’s going for the tranny vote

    You sure he’s not just going for the trannys?

  38. Y’know, rancid shitstain Barack Obama — as he distracts and deflects his way through the national campaign to retain his job — simultaneously cuts Mitt Romney the weirdly unintended slack of not to having to explain and account to the public for his many positions on matters simply never taken up in the “debate” discourse, thus further undermining simple practical American self-government. God, what a bastard this tiny egotist is. He doesn’t give a damn about the nation, all while he pretends to take umbrage at the mere suggestion he uses our national security affairs to his electoral political advantage.

    Never seen such scum rise to such heights in the USA. Fucking country lost its mind.

  39. Trying to finger when it happened, sdferr. Prolly during Clinton impeachment.

  40. I haven’t been around these parts in a while. I don’t know if the blog has a theme song.

    It should.

    My first pick is emotional, and I will defend it if a defense is warranted.

    The second is a man we should all get to know, real soon.

    This is a link to Metallica.

    Chris Duarte.


    This is not a link to Metallica.

  41. Shelby Steele takes a shot at it, R.I.. He’d come closer than I could I think.

  42. intelligence he was acting on was real intelligence and not disinformation,

    So it’s who am I going to believe my selfish self or those lying real time eyes in the sky and on the ground. Decisions, decisions.

  43. Never seen such scum rise to such heights in the USA. Fucking country lost its mind.

    – I’ll take that as a sign you missed the malaise years of “Mr. Sweater”, who, while he may not have quite reached the penultimate heights of ego-gushing narcissistic self-adoration as the Wonce, he certainly equaled or surpassed him in totally maddening irrelevance and ineptitude he constantly masqueraded as statesmanship and Uber intelligence.

    – He was slower than his beer swilling brother Billy, and dumber than a bag of roofing nails.

  44. Jimmy Carter spent his last year in office ineffectually obsessing about captive diplomats. Obama hears his “folks” are getting killed and goes fundraising and golfing. Doesn’t mean either one of them is worth a shit, but there’s a world of difference in attitude.

  45. Personally, I think this started after the Kennedy assassination and the ensuing hagiography of JFK orchestrated by Jackie Kennedy and Arthur Schlessinger and has escalated throughout the years. I’m talking about the slavish devotion to dems by the press and the demonization of conservatives that was exaserbated by the Watergate mess.

    It seems since then, with the notable exception of Jimmuh whom no one seemed to love, it has been ever thus.

    Reagan = Anti-Christ
    GHWB = Anti-Christ
    Clinton = Saint/Sinner
    GWB = Anti-Christ
    Obama = Saint

    It’s bullshit. It’s transparent. It’s obvious as the nose on one’s face, especially to the media who are stage managing the whole show with an assist from the Angels (money men) who move behind the scenes.

    I don’t expect to perfection out of our politicians but I do expect honesty and integrity. Really, that shouldn’t be too much to ask.

    As our man Romney says, “We shouldn’t have to settle.”

  46. I just can’t get over losing you
    And so if I seem broken and blue
    Walk on by, walk on by

    Foolish pride
    Is all that I have left
    So let me hide
    The tears and the sadness you gave me
    When you said goodbye
    Walk on by
    and walk on by
    and walk by (don’t stop)

    Walk on by, walk on by
    Foolish pride


  47. You’re on a Dionne Warwick kick lately. Lost your Steely Dan boxed set?

  48. Someone else knows Chris Duarte? Wow. That boy can play the shit out of a guitar. Hell of a nice guy too.

  49. Examples of Obama’s arrogance and inflated sense of self-importance could fill a book. Referring to the dead ambassador as not “just” a representative of his country, but “my” representative is another one to add to the list.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/10/a_moment_of_arrogance.html#ixzz29cBOctt5

  50. I have several friends with Volvos who call them vulvas.

    Having watched a Swedish murder mystery in which said car was involved, I’ve found that the true pronunciation rhymes with “mole hoe.”

    Not with “awl hoe” as the Eastern seaboarders tend to say it. But then, they can’t even say Nevada and Colorado right, so what do I expect?

  51. It’s bullshit. It’s transparent. It’s obvious as the nose on one’s face….

    – And has a long term purpose which Jeff has alluded too several times in the past. Namely to erect the myth of Progressive Hero’s to use as mesmerizing cult symbols of literal worship on young easily led adult teenager minds in the future.

    – The cockroaches on the Left seldom sleep.

  52. The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as the Capital Vices or Cardinal Sins, is a classification of objectionable vices (part of Christian ethics) that have been used since early Christian times to educate and instruct Christians concerning fallen humanity’s tendency to sin. The currently recognized version of the sins are usually given as wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.


  53. wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

    Mnemonic = WASP LEG

    Trading in “greed” for “avarice,” so we can buy a vowel, that is.

    I actually learned that at Cornell, not BYU.

  54. attack the “1” percent while you gorge on ebt cards and phones, don’t show up for any work, want the “jay zee champagne”, want your sex free….

  55. Mnemonics are handy as all get out.

  56. Nr, when I heard the applause on the Rich Must Suffer meme, I thought to myself, “Self, the thing to do is become one of them 1%ers so I can make my own rules. Good for the 1%!”

  57. Hey Jeff!

    Latest Alexa rankings for starboard-side blogs:

    147 freeenterprise.com
    148 blackfive.net
    149 noisyroom.net
    150 breitbart.tv
    151 imao.us
    152 proteinwisdom.com
    153 moelane.com
    154 politicsandfinance.blogspot.com
    155 zombietime.com
    156 justoneminute.typepad.com
    157 nicedeb.wordpress.com

    Option A
    “Yeah, but pw used to rank much, much higher than that,” Jeff sniffs,” and I notice that the blog of a certain [censored] is 30 places ahead of me. That just shows you what a cesspool the blogosphere has become.”

    Option B
    “I don’t give a rat’s anatomy about that kind of thing. Remember the part where I purged myself of giving a damn awhile back? That really happened.”

  58. Obama’s newest TelePrompTer, the Candy Crowley version.

  59. But all that is for a later chapter. Here we are concerned with the folded, stapled, spindled and psychologically mutilated proles: Mom and Pop, who pay for all this. They have not been asked whether they care to have much of their income confiscated annually for a pleating of a noose for their own descendants. Why do they accept all this?

    Why are they not marching in the streets, and tarring and feathering their Snatcher overlords?


  60. – When old man Kennedy lost his ambassadorship, directly due to lobbying and international writings and interviews in which he much too obviously supported and defended Hitler, he added that to his bitterness of never being accepted into polite blueblood Boston society in spite of the multi-millions he made in the early decades of his life, rum running off the coast of revere beach.

    – Joe Jr was killed in a WWII accident in Britain while flying with the RAF, so the old man made up his mind he was going to buy respectability and political power for his middle son. He almost lost that opportunity when Jack managed to get his PT boat sunk when he disobeyed orders and got to close to a Jap destroyer. It was a toss up as to whether he’d get court marshaled or a medal for helping to save one of his crew. The old man used his money to make sure it came out his way.

    – Those on the Left never seem to be able to fit into ‘normal’ society, and seem to have to go counter to everything idea of common sense, so much so, as a physicist I sometimes think their electrons all spin in the wrong direction like anti-Quarks, because they fuck up everything they come in contact with.

  61. buy squid™ torches and pitch forks [ad]

  62. I was thinking Babylon Sister, nr.

  63. BBH, the whole Kennedy clan is corrupt as Hell. (David Horowitz wrote a great book about them.)

    One of my favorite scenes in “Hoffa” is Jimmy Hoffa yelling at RFK “At least my brother didn’t have to get elected president for me to get a fuckin’ job!”

  64. Noemie Emery: Addicted to Race, The left’s long twilight struggle against imaginary bigotry

  65. Saturday, October 20, 2012

    Doors Open 10:00 AM | Event Begins 12:00 PM

    Valley View Campgrounds

    43523 National Rd.

    Belmont, OH 43718


  66. The last time I saw Chris Duarte, he played one song and just started channeling something. Everyone in the place stopped talking and stared and listened. That never happens in the venue I frequent.

    I’ve seen him about 5 times total, but stopped going for a few years until this last time. I will go again the next time he’s in town.

    The man has a knowledge of the fingerboard that is unparallelled, really. I have never seen another player live who had it down better.

  67. Drive west on Sunset
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    [ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/s/steely+dan/babylon+sisters_20130110.html ]
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    San Francisco show and tell
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    That it’s just a spasm
    Like a Sunday in T.J.
    That it’s cheap but it’s not free
    That I’m not what I used to be
    And that love’s not a game for three


  68. I love that song. Thanks.

  69. “I’m a victim o’ coicumstance!” NYUK NYUK NYUK !!!!! SLAP! PUNCH! WHOOO! WHOOO! WHOOO!

  70. Personally, I think this started after the Kennedy assassination and the ensuing hagiography of JFK orchestrated by Jackie Kennedy and Arthur Schlessinger and has escalated throughout the years. I’m talking about the slavish devotion to dems by the press and the demonization of conservatives that was exaserbated by the Watergate mess.

    You and James Piereson leigh.

    My guess is the demonization goes back to the Progressive Era. Take, e.g. Harding from out earlier chit-chat.

    Which is kind of funny because there was no conservative movement as such until the 50s.

  71. Latest Alexa rankings for starboard-side blogs

    Who knew that “The Hill” was a conservative site?

  72. The last time I saw Chris Duarte, he played one song and just started channeling something. Everyone in the place stopped talking and stared and listened. That never happens in the venue I frequent.

    My brother is friends with him and got him booked in a local venue (to which he now returns regularly). His first time out, all but a few of us weren’t familiar with him, and he went there in the first song. An entire room full of hanging jaws was quite a thing to behold.

  73. I have only seen Chris go there once. It was pretty amazing.

  74. Hey, BBH, here ya go:

    The senator said she would hold a hearing next month after the independent review board charged with investigating whether intelligence and security failures contributed to the deaths in Benghazi issues its report.

    “It’s my intention to have a hearing on that report,” she said. “I talked to [CIA Director] David Petraeus about it, he’s aware that we’ll have that hearing. And I think that we have to take a good look as to whether our intelligence — particularly in these nine Middle Eastern countries, very troubled from within — is what it should be.”

  75. So we can now put the name “Clapper” as who wrote up the talking points that Susan Rice relied on?

    “she relied on daily updates from intelligence agencies in the days before her television appearances and on a set of talking points prepared for senior members of the administration by intelligence officials.”

    Clapper would be the “intelligence official” in that statement which taken at face value seemed to be blaming the CIA and which made for this at Ulsterman.

    Rice just told media she was relying on “intelligence agency talking points” before going public with her version of Benghazi.

    We provide intel. We don’t tell an administration how to sell that intel to the public. We don’t do “talking points”. Any talking points received came directly from administration. They packaged it. They delivered their version of it. Rice just admitted to that.

  76. Faux News is all over the phoney Day One! story about calling Libya an act of terror.

    Romney will be loaded for bear on Monday.