October 13, 2012

Thank you, protein wisdom people! [guest post by Satchel]

Thank you for buying my popcorn!  My Cub Scout pack thanks you also.  I am trying to sell $1300.  I have sold $1150.  If you liked the popcorn you can buy more if you want.  I am allowed to sell until October 18.  You can place orders by mouse click here.

Thanks again for supporting my scouting.  My Dad says most of you are real nice and smart.  But because popcorn doesn't discriminate in its awesome yumminess, even if you aren't one of the nice or smart ones you can still enjoy some.  Because that's America!



ps. Sorry for not having my shirt tucked in. We were hiking and I'm a kid so these things happen. But that's really no excuse.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:21am

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  1. – Hi Satchel! Its great to see you doing so well for your cub scout troop. Its also really great that you are letting everyone enjoy the yumminess of the popcorn, even McGehee.

    – Inclusiveness is very important because you don’t want any people who don’t like popcorn mad at you even though they probably would never buy any popcorn unless someone else payed for it, or the government payed for it using other peoples money, because that way everyone can have popcorn without having to actually earn it, and everyone knows that making other people pay for your things is so personally satisfying and socially fair.

    – If all that sounds too hard your daddy will explain it all to you some time.

    – Keep up the good work, everyone here at PW is proud of you, and especially your dad.

  2. this is Lauren I like the popcorn. thank you.

  3. Hi Satchel!! I can’t buy your popcorn because I can’t eat it, but is there anything else I can buy to help?

    Don’t worry about the shirt tucking thing, you’re a real good kid and we can forgive almost anything here!! ( well, except for no armadillo dances) let me know if I can help!

  4. I’m not particularly smart or very nice, but thanks for the opportunity to buy some popcorn and support your scout troop. I bought a bag of the caramel corn. Please thank your dad for continuing to share his thoughts on this blog.

    Now, tuck in that shirt……
    And stay off my lawn…….

  5. Hey Satchel! Great having you here. You’re a lucky man living among the mountains, scouting, and you’re lucky having smart folks.

    Stop by again because when you do this place behaves like decent upstanding people.

    For a change.

  6. Thanks Kevin and Patrick and Thomas.

    Mr Blitz, there is also white chocolate candy and you can make a military donation, too. The popcorn gets sent to the soldiers. The link to click tells you how.

  7. Do the scouts now have a Zombie/Keith Richards Apocalypse Survival merit badge?

  8. Who tucks in his shirt when hiking?

    Nobody, that’s who!

    Loved the popcorn, Satch. Thanks!

  9. Thank you Lillian!

  10. Looks like you’re doing great already, Satchel, but I had to help a bit. My doctor will disapprove, but my taste buds will thank me.

    I was never a Scout, but I am a Huge Fan of scouting, and I hope you have much success with it. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we know how proud your Dad is of you.

  11. Thank you Mr. Russ!

  12. Had to help myself. Besides, I got a whole bottle of fake buttery topping to pile onto the “light” buttery flavored popcorn to fool myself into thinking it’s real butter popcorn. Best of luck, Satch; keep working hard, and you’ll succeed!!

  13. Jesus. Can we trust Valverde for even a 4 run lead??

  14. Apparently not. Christ…

  15. Outta curiosity, where were youse guyz hiking?

    Lovely mountain in the backdrop.

  16. Thank you Anthony V!

  17. The picture was taken at Red Feather Lakes.

  18. That’s a fine-looking young outlaw!

  19. I’ll add that to the list of places that might possibly accept my services as Lord High Protector come the O!-pocalypse.

  20. Thank you for letting me know about the military donation possibility. Done and happy to help you and our troops.

  21. Oh, get a haircut.

  22. * and *

  23. Thank you Ed!

  24. You’re very welcome. Hope Satch reaches his goal, and I was kidding about the haircut,hell, mine is below my shoulder blades.

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  26. Thank you Mr Guinspen. Also I have to get my haircut for wrestling season so I will get a haircut soon.

  27. Thank you Kevin T!

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