October 12, 2012

Democrats Behaving Badly: “Do you wanna get into this?” [Darleen Click]

This was the Joe Isuzu Biden endgame that Ryan just didn’t buy into — Two Los Angeles, California Democrats “debated” last night

A Congressional debate between two incumbent Democrats – Brad Sherman and Howard Berman – turned into a loud nose-to-nose shouting match, with Mr. Sherman roughly grabbing Mr. Berman around the shoulder, shouting, “Do you want to get into this?”

With shouts of “Oh my god” rising from the crowd, the debate moderator called for calm and a uniformed officer walked to the front to break the two men apart.

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  1. That passes for a fight nowadays? There wasn’t even any chest poking or clenched fists.


  2. The cop should have let them throw a few punches first to calm them down.

    Heck, I want fistfights on the senate floor. Just think what it would do for C-Span’s ratings!

  3. I couldn’t make out a thing they were saying, though I suspect it hardly matters, the “show” being the thing.

    Does the unmanliness exhibited fit substantially with this passing comment at Instapundit:

    “[…] I agree that liberals are demoralized, but I sense a culprit for their behavior which has interesting implications. In fact, implications frightening to modern liberalism. Given the variety of quirks facing the left: totalitarian rhetoric, unimaginative policies, unrealistic expectations, it’s easy to brush aside the whole movement as unserious. But now I think I know why.

    The left, in its crusade to dethrone male virtues from Western culture, has instead stripped its own movement of these virtues. This Peggy Noonan quote is eye-opening: “National Democrats keep confusing strength with aggression and command with sarcasm.” In other words, they no longer get how to be both strong and competent in the service of self and society.” Oh you know, that whole thing about men overcoming intense adversity and being steadfast, focused problem solvers in the face of crisis. How men like this support their families and help set an example that encourages both women and other men to act the same way in civil society. […]”

  4. – Shorter Noonan: The Left have emasculated their men, and now they’re lost with no leadership.

  5. Harvey Mansfield, who thinks — has thought — a lot about these questions both because they’re very complex and because they’re very important to our politics: on manliness. What has happened isn’t simple. Much of it too, isn’t womanly.

  6. Heck, I want fistfights on the senate floor. Just think what it would do for C-Span’s ratings!

    Same here, cranky. Have you ever seen the Senate or whatever in Korea? Even the women get into the brawls.

  7. Anyone remember Ric Caric’s “Weenie Boy” rant from five years ago? I remember that we thoroughly covered this particular aspect of Leftist projection back then.

    As I recall, we were supposed to be 1) enamored of those who personify traditional masculine traits, 2) defensive because we don’t live up to those ideals ourselves, 3) overcompensating for our masculine shortcomings, and 4) gifted at turning our dysfunction into political action. As I also recall, the projection in that particular was so overwhelming that we struggled for ways to point it out adequately.

    The moral of the story, for me, was that Caric and his ilk (and the millions of students they’ve brainwashed over generations) haven’t the dimmest understanding of traditional American masculine traits like responsibility, humility, stoicism, perseverance, or any other form of quiet strength. Little wonder, then, that they believe their yapping Yorkie is somehow more powerful and dignified than our sober Doberman.

    They would be most pitiable, if they weren’t so busy trying to enslave us.

  8. Sad when there’s finally no room left at the trough, and nobody knows exactly who is Snowball… and who is for the knacker.

  9. Hey that’s my district

  10. I didn’t vote though cause it was logistically not very possible plus it’s of little consequence

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  11. The police acted stupidly.