October 6, 2012

Black ops

Not in the racist way, of course, but, well — just go with it.

New theory:  Obama lost the first debate as part of a larger strategy to win the next two (presumably after Biden is left sputtering for some absurd hyperbole by Paul Ryan and his magic slide rule of freedom).

Obama is playing three-dimensional chess on a holographic, tritium-illuminated chess board made from a space-aged combination of supercompressed Solyndra-designed solar panels and the recycled excess carbon exhalation of the polluting masses too dumb to recognize his long-war strategy, a board so advanced that only he (and I) can see it — all while stupid, ill-informed, Republicans (and, disappointingly, a lot of very very smart progressives) believe Romney scored some “victory” rather than what he actually did.  Which was set himself up for the colossal upbraiding he’s going to receive next time, now that Obama has cagily — and with the mastery of a seasoned poker player — coaxed the dull ex-Governor to reveal his laundry list of lies. Cards on the table.  All in!

Romney’s win was at a game of checkers, or a single hand of cards.  Obama’s genius is that he’s playing celestial chess as a grand game of high stakes, all-night poker — and Romney doesn’t even know it.  Nor do the stupid stupid Republicans who follow him.  Or the very very smart progressives who fell pray to the same post-election spin that so emboldened the very very stupid Republicans.  But that’s an anomaly, that synchronicity of misreading. Because progressives tend to be very very smart, while Republicans are very very dumb.  So. QED.

Anyway, this gambit — having Romney expose his ugly, twitchy Queen and her gaggle of bitchy, aristocratic lies — gives Obama license to come out next time as his likable and confident self — who among us, for instance, didn’t have our hearts are warmed recently by the brave and candid concern the One was willing to show, in a 2007 speech punctuated in godly gesticulations and cadence of a man possessed of a love of justice, for those in New Orleans whom the Republicans left to rape and then eat each other in the Superdome after Bush caused Hurricane Katrina? — and we’ll almost certainly hear all about the 47% gaffe from Romney, for which the confused and now falsely confident GOP hairpiece will be entirely unprepared to respond.

And even if he does, what can he possibly reveal about Obama that the typical American debate watcher doesn’t already know — a benefit of running the most transparent campaign ever, and of having a media that vets every candidate carefully and thoroughly?

Obama is now unshackled.  If Mitt Romney can lie, Obama — in keeping with his notorious pragmatism — will recognize the importance of lying and will beat the amateurish Romney at his own game.

And then?

Checkmate full house straight flush!

(But if that doesn’t work, don’t forget to stuff the shit out of the ballot boxes!)

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:58pm

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  1. – Outside of the holiday turkey, stuffing anything is going to prove a bit more difficult this time around, in spite of the Lefts best efforts to register the dead and vote early and often.

  2. Just came from our small (eastern Connecticut) town’s Harvest Festival. Side by side were two tables – one with signs and such for the Democratic candidates and one for the Republicans. The Republicans were already out of Romney / Ryan yard signs; The LINDA signs were all gone, too.
    I did not see ANYONE approach the Democrats table while the Republicans’ table had a steady stream of folks stopping by to chat. I tell you, I’m beginning to have some hope that CT might actually send a Republican to the Senate.

  3. “Checkmate full house straight flush!”


  4. Lord knows how important the stoner lobby is.

  5. All charismatic leaders on the Left are assumed to be that perfection of humans, incarnated. They cannot do wrong. They are infallible. And must always be perceived as that, always, every time, everywhere.

    If shown to be fallible, then their leadership must be rejected. Failure, in a leader, is not an option on the Progressive Left. Any failures brought up by their political enemies must be vehemently, even violently rejected as lies. The failure surely lies further down the leadership chain with some minion who will be chastised and summarily dismissed.

    Any acceptance of a fallibility is sure cause for that leader to be tossed aside in the search for “The One” who will lead mankind to perfection. So much time and energy of the Left is spent rewriting all of reality to conform with the belief in a leaders perfection. It is the main occupation of many academics, journalists, and most trolls.

    They will work the “Obama pole” right up until the end on Nov. 6th. The most fevered of the cultists may even paper reality over and work on a new run for 2016 if/when he loses the election. Once you bend the real to fit the narrative it gets ever harder to go back the further you twist it up.

  6. and work on a new run for 2016 if/when he loses the election.

    back on the choom gang

  7. He can partner with Algore who was robbed in 2000!!11!!

  8. If shown to be fallible, then their leadership must be rejected. Failure, in a leader, is not an option on the Progressive Left.

    I remember that movie. It didn’t work out that well for Mr. Connery’s character.

    No, not Zardozthe other one.

  9. Weren’t people on the starboard side asserting that John Roberts’s Obamacare ruling was Just This Canny, too?

    Alas, this kind of maneuvering is real only on Mission: Impossible and among the jihadi.

  10. The troof is on fire!

  11. Have you noticed what everyone is talking about? It’s not so much about how Obama lost the debate but how he should have called Romney out on all his LIES.

    I think “everyone” does not mean what he thinks it means.

  12. And Eclectablog looked upon it’s keyboard and said: Look. Free ink!

  13. I think the advanaced strategy yobbos need to realize that the foreign policy already shows the votes that this is not chess at ANY level. Rope a dope doesn’t work because it just ads momentum and exposure for the opponent.

  14. votes-> voters

  15. I work with an astoundingly apolitical cohort of very skilled construction workers.

    There is no 3d chess component to what (by the few who watched) happened to Obama during the first debate.

    He didn’t lose. He was beaten. There is no expectation he can rise above this first encounter because he is just who he is, and there isn’t anything else to see.

    In the eyes of my peer group, that is enough to make all sorts of judgements and plans for the future.

  16. Whoomp, there it is.

    The subpoena compels Lt. Col. Wood to appear at a House Oversight Committee hearing next week that will examine security decisions leading up to the Sept. 11 Muslim extremist terror assault on the U.S. compound at Benghazi. U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three of his colleagues were killed in the attack.

    Lt. Col. Wood has told CBS News and congressional investigators that his 16-member team and a six-member State Department elite force called a Mobile Security Deployment team left Libya in August, just one month before the Benghazi assault. Wood says that’s despite the fact that US officials in Libya wanted security increased, not decreased.

    Wood, whose team arrived in February, says he and fellow security officials were very worried about the chaos on the ground. He says they tried to communicate the danger to State Department officials in Washington, D.C., but that the officials denied requests to enhance security.

    God bless Sharyl Attkisson.

  17. FNS today: Marty O’Malley is an idiot.

  18. Has anybody heard anything about autopsy reports or the status of Chris Stevens remains? I have seen some rumblings about no funeral yet or his body being released, but all from some kind of sketchy sources.

    It does seem odd that we haven’t heard anything after a month now. You would think somebody in the media might be curious, if we still had a media.

  19. Hmmmm…this is weird.

    Stevens will be buried next to his grandfather’s grave in Grass Valley (Nevada County) in a private ceremony in November, Commanday said.

    Two months to put the guy in the ground?

  20. If there were anomolies of some kind and toxicology reports to wait for, the timeline doesn’t seem excessive. No one wants to exhume the departed for more testing if that is called for, after all.

    The lack of fanfare is may be welcome by the family after the spectacle at Andrews AFB.

  21. God bless Sharyl Attkisson.

    When the revolution comes, her so-called “peers” will be first against the wall. Hopefully she’ll be covering the event.