October 5, 2012

Success! “Unemployment Rate Plummets to 4.3% — For Government Workers”


The best news anywhere in the U.S. economy over the past three months has been in the government sector, where unemployment has dropped dramatically from 5.7 percent in July to 5.1 percent in August to 4.3 percent in September, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Both the federal and state governments increased their employees in July, August and September.

The Obama administration has added 10,000 civilian workers to the federal government’s payroll since July, according to BLS. In that month, the federal government employed 2,804,000 civilian workers. In August, that increased to 2,810,000. And, in September, the number of civilian federal employees increased again to 2,814,000.

The BLS’s count of civilian federal employees does not include members of the military or individuals who work for certain intelligence gathering agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the NSA.

The Obama administration has been able to accomplish a net increase in federal employees over the past three months even while the U.S. Postal Service–whose employees are considered part of the federal workforce–eliminated jobs and decreased its payroll. In July, according to BLS, the Postal Service employed 610,000 people. In August, that declined to 609,900, and in September that declined to 606,900.

Obama:  putting Americans back to work.  For Obama.

But don’t worry.  He’s a benevolent boss — and the benefits are great:  whatever you need is merely taken from the private sector worker and given over to you. So you see?  Loyalty has its advantages!

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  1. More government! Yay! We are saved!

  2. Cash-strapped state governments and the federal government added thousands of jobs in July, August and September, boosting overall jobs numbers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced today that it had revised jobs numbers for July and August upwards, with revised gains coming from public sector jobs.

    According to the BLS, government jobs grew 18,000 in July, 45,000 in August, and 10,000 in September, accounting for nearly 17% of total gains. Those government increases reverse the trend of recent years, in which public sector jobs had been cut while the private sector had experienced modest job growth.