October 1, 2012

The Audacity of Manchurian Candidacies

In the long-wars view of “fundamental transformation,” raped and murdered ambassadors are but bumps in the road. The eggs broken that, when cleverly whisked, become part of the omelets of “problem solving” that almost always winds up with more iron-fisted governmental control over something. The pawns that people your tactical chess board, useful idiots who believe that, because they get a horsey or a castle, they somehow matter in a way that protects them. All disposable, at the right time and under the necessary circumstances. Which is the Greater Good: the long term victory of the strategy to destroy the free market capitalist republican system of government, even out the global playing field, and, in the end, create a global bureaucratic authority that in important ways oversees the de-fanged autonomy of presumptuous, imperialist, racist, individual nations.

But what you never, ever, ever do in such a game is sacrifice your Queen. The real one, not the one running around starving school children and buying expensive jewelry.

At least, you don’t sacrifice the Queen until one of very last moves of the game — and even then, you’d better know that she knows you better than you do yourself and may be waiting with a dagger of her own hidden just beneath that folded vanity fan she keeps to brush away the ankle-biters and hangers on.

The left always protects their own. Until it becomes necessary for the movement that they kill them off, usually without much of a second thought.

It’s quaint, in a medieval sort of way.

(thanks to TerryH)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:10am

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  1. But what you never, ever, ever do in such a game is sacrifice your Queen.

    How about a Bishop? As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office

    Baby Black Panthers.

  2. fore…. ward
    President Barack Obama arrived in Nevada last night to begin three days of debate preparation at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort, a luxurious golf community just a few miles from the Las Vegas strip


  3. Everyone needs to watch the scene in “The Wire” wherein D’Angelo is explaining to Bodie and Poot (or Wallace, I forget) how to play chess. It’s in the first season, but I’ve forgotten which episode.

  4. The first thing the Bolsheviks did when they got power was to go after the Mensheviks, not the Whites.

    After the Whites were defeated, they continued on eliminating those Mensheviks who weren’t useful.

    Once this was completed, they went after the Kulaks, the middle class.

    Once the Bolsheviks has devastated them, they finished off the rest of the Mensheviks [they’re weren’t many left by then] in the famous Show Trials, along with those Bolsheviks who were annoying Stalin. Oh!, and let us not forget that ice pick incident in Mexico.

    One gets the feeling that Comrade Jarrett [Stalin?] is planning on surviving Barry Marshall Davis Soetero [Lenin?…Trotsky?]. Perhaps, however, she will be a Beria.

  5. What this outlines and what it portends is deeply concerning; as much as any other symptom or evidence of the precipitous slide of American politics and more, of American structure and values.

    This is a very big deal.

    This also aligns with Big Money, the global cartel. And we are not waking up anywhere near fast enough.

  6. By the way, what this outlines is an animal class of rulers. Sociopaths. Same as it ever was.

  7. Why assume that a “global bureaucratic authority” would of necessity be run on a euro-socialist-UN model.

    It could just as well and perhaps be better for those in power to have it be modeled as a Caliphate. Great big gobs of goodies of any and all kinds for those running the show, a huge bureaucracy with powers as great as any tyranny in history, and billions of slaves who obey or else. What’s not to like?

  8. It’s like a tale out of the Versailles Court of the Sun King

    L’Etwat c’est moi.

  9. Le-Wah So-Lay — that’s brilliant. Totally stealing it.

  10. The caliphate fell pretty fast and arab dominance of Islam fell to the moors and kurds and eventually persians and turks pretty quickly too. Today Indonesians are involved. I think a caliphate is easy to set up but hard to guard against sultanates and emirates. A global ANYTHING is probably beyond the talents of any left leaning, theocratic, or imperial organization. Merchantalism got a global trade network started and industrialization stabilized it and improved it somewhat but it is very expensive and it makes the principle implementor suffer a dementia of sorts. Without an implementor it is doomed. I expect global trade without a senile/mad/STUPID “super power” to defend it (with its own blood and treasure until it grows distracted or exhausted) to collapse within 40 years.

    Then the pirates and vikings and loose alliances of regional city states will be the new(old) order. Only with cell phones. And hopefully cheap steel, moderately priced fuel and safe potable water, air conditioning/central heat and antibiotics. I’m not sure about plentiful food. That’s what worries me the most. It takes a lot of discipline to maintain population density. We are losing that. It mostly came from the profit motive and property rights. It will NOT come from a belief in God, or collectivism, or some silly post national Utopian expert system. (Unless they can make really good robots happen a lot faster than we have been. Major advancements in automation MIGHT make it work. ) I kind of doubt it though. Sci-fi authors have been wrong about a lot of stuff and I suspect the highly automated ‘post scarcity’ type one civilization paradise is not as possible or as close s many of them seem to assume.

    I think we will learn a lot about what life (and death) was like in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s only with some digital crap here and there.

  11. palaeomerus@3:56

    You are likely right but their answer as always is that “this time it will be different, this time we will do it right.”

    I’m only trying to get across that the progressive left and the fundamentalist islamic tyrants may be more aligned than opposed to each other. At least until they get all the spoils. Then the falling out among the thieves begins.

  12. My money is on the Visigoths.

    We need a flag and a hand signal/shake.

  13. palaeomerus, when the electricity becomes unreliable and sporadic, I think the world will be different than you imagine.

    Think North Korea…

  14. No North Korea is actually stupider than most of the world will be. Think Costa Rica during the storm season with fewer storms.

  15. Think Oklahoma and rural Texas during an ice storm.

    No power for 10 days? Been there, done that—more than once.

  16. It’s like the old joke.

    HEADLINE: 80% of caucasian male population along all age groups lost to freak pandemic. Women and minorities hardest hit.

  17. Teas and Okalahoma better get to chopping down the Mountain Juniper/Cedar and digging wells or it’ll be hard to come by water in irrigation farming quantities.

  18. East Texas to the rest of Texas: “Er? Who’s this WE again oh smelly, haggard, and dusty one? “

  19. Well, all I can say is you guy’s have more faith in the post implosion grid than I.

    I think candles, farriers, and Megaphones are going to make a comeback.

  20. After a month or so I mean. First refrigeration will fail, then, after the mass starvation, looting, and riots wind down…

  21. wind isn’t right, you know what I mean…

  22. I believe I said the expected result of a loss of global trade being a de facto thing would be a return to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s “lifestyle” for most of us with some digital crap here and there.

    That’s better than most of the Norks have in general now, but much worse than we have it now. If you want to go all the way back to dugouts, logs, clay, and buck skin then by all means don’t let me stand in your way. I’m sure the gods of the copy book headings will take your desires into account.

  23. would be a return to the late 1800?s and early 1900?s “lifestyle” for most of us

    so the regulatory state also fails which means all those shuttered coal fire power plants start coming back on line.

  24. If you want to go all the way back to dugouts, logs, clay, and buck skin then by all means don’t let me stand in your way.

    I don’t think you are big enough to get in my way. I’m saying if what I see coming actually happens, we’ll be living the posh lifestyle of a 1930’s Ukrainian farmer.

  25. Unless you want to hold the whip of course…

  26. ” so the regulatory state also fails which means all those shuttered coal fire power plants start coming back on line.”

    If we can get the steel we can have charcoal furnaces and boilers. Yay!

  27. ” posh lifestyle of a 1930?s Ukrainian farmer.”

    Not really a technology, transport, or infrastructure failure. That was a deliberate “we didn’t grow enough food because the farmers slacked, so lets take the Ukraine’s food, east it ourselves, and fuck those guys. If they starve they won’t eat so it’s a one time expense.” China did the very same shit except they had the farmers send them their iron first to use in the cities.

  28. Not really a technology, transport, or infrastructure failure.

    Nope, it was a political solution.

    Whatever, you keep believing cell service is forever.
    I’ll be over here tending my garden.

  29. If we can get the steel we can have charcoal furnaces and boilers. Yay!

    no baracky is shuttering functioning power plants. once the states say fu to the fed gov’t. the states will find their own way.

  30. Do we have any Ham Radio operators in the house? It’s beginning to seem like a good idea.

  31. I’m making pals with the Amish and the Mennonites around here.

    They’re going to have the last laugh.

  32. “no baracky is shuttering functioning power plants”

    If he still has anything like power he won’t leave DC. He’ll know better than to try.

  33. “Whatever, you keep believing cell service is forever.”

    You won’t have a cell phone but the service will still be around probably accessible briefly with a signup and waiting period at your local seat of power/authority. It’s tech used in primitive form since WW2 .It’s highly portable tech. Only now it’s digital and multiplexed. Then it was single stream and analog. There will probably be communications satellites too. Just not nearly as many. But then there won’t be nearly as many customers eager to use them either.

  34. cb radio too

  35. We aren’t talking about an end to technology. We are talking about a stagnation of it, and a contraction of its application. Peasants will burn things for warmth and tinker. They’ll solder/braise stuff with an iron in a fire and some tin or with a small furnace. Like the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Anvils will come back. Hay will come back. Animals as transport will probably come back.

  36. cb radio too

    CB range is too short, unless you can catch skip. Useful in some circumstances, but they’re limited.

  37. There’s someone here who has Ham radio or so I seem to recall.

    Buy a generator if you don’t already have one. Fuel and heavy duty extension cords, too.

  38. “Anvils will come back. Hay will come back. Animals as transport will probably come back.”

    no i’m living in a region where we did natural gas thanks to george westinghouse 130 years ago. with fracking in this region we ain’t going back to mohammed’s time.

  39. the break away nation of pa wv ky oh is in the making

  40. Maybe you can make an early treaty with OK LA TX, newrouter.

  41. Oh, yeah! RTO! Hola, brother. What are your thoughts on STHF comms? And how’s things?

  42. We call it TX OK LA. We won the football game. OK State counts this year.

  43. Buy a generator if you don’t already have one. Fuel and heavy duty extension cords, too.

    Better wait a while before using noisy equipment. In the silence of stilled technology, such deafening rackets will attract zombies. So will lights at night, and fires.

    Best survival bet? an island in the middle of a lake. I’ve picked out mine already.

  44. Ouch! We’re Boomer Sooner here at the house.

  45. Serr8d, we have lakefront property and a boat.

    And shootin’ irons. Lots and lots of them.

  46. You guys should read One Second After. It’s an eye opener.

  47. Farming’s going to change too without nearly as much water and a lot less high quality fertilizer and herbicide/pesticide to go around. The country won’t be all that nice a place to be.

  48. It’ll still be better than Austin.

  49. Lee,

    It sounds like a pessimists Alas Babylon;)

  50. Water does not bother zombies.

  51. Austin will be good for looting shit though. It’s a day and half from San Marcos and a half day from Buda. And Austin has meh-to good soil so we’ll probably bust up some tarmac and start taking some tentative steps with asshole gardening. Freezes and droughts are going to suck though. And once those 80 year old dams go our water supply (along with all the muscles and algae and bad microorganism that will help it wreck itself) will be a HUGE ass problem even for low tech life.

  52. Squirrels, pigeons, sea gulls, and bugs will be food.

  53. Ouch! We’re Boomer Sooner here at the house.

    Wreck ’em, Tech!

  54. That’s not very nice Mike. Only fags go to Tech, so said the late lewis Grizzard.

    Pala, I agree about the looting. I have a plan to hit the smoke shops, liquor store and pawns (they sell ammo) in the wee hours before we score a shit ton of beef at the market. Looting: It’s not just for the inner city!

    We’ve been gardening for ages and saving the seeds, so we’re good there.

  55. That’s not very nice Mike. Only fags go to Tech, so said the late lewis Grizzard.

    Yeah, but I’m sure he meant Georgia Tech. Ha!

  56. Learn to dry fruit on your roof. Learn to put a little alcohol in the water to keep it semi-sterile for drinking later. Learn to smoke, cure, and dry meat. Learn to use a wood stove (it’s not as easy as you’d think!). Learn to can food. Learn about preservatives like brine and “suddenly edible” makers like lye. Learn how to make fitted wood pegs and tabs because you might not be able to find goo screws and nails when you need them. Learn the best ways to dig and split rocks. It’s potentially hazardous but find uses for your piss (ammonia) and shit (all kinds of things including poor man’s fertilizer).

  57. I wonder what Wolly the Outrage Seal is up to these days. Been a while since we heard from him.

  58. Or you can join the left and all you need to do is “think” you have plenty of food and a warm dry place to rest and it shall be true-true-true. And the ruby slippers work too.

  59. Do we have any Ham Radio operators in the house? It’s beginning to seem like a good idea.

    I’m licensed (AK4MC) and will keep renewing but I don’t currently operate. The only excuse to operate these days seems to be contests or rag-chewing, and I’m not big on either activity.

    But if you take away my internet and my cell phone, I just might get motivated to put up the damn antenna and fire up one of the rigs.

  60. “Or you can join the left ”

    Joining the left AFTER they’ve messed everything up and they think they are powerful is hard. Hell just staying in is hard. Even at top levels. There are a lot of dagger and back reactions going on.

  61. One of the way that the S can HTF is if the sun decides to go solar max on us. With the current ballance of energy to be made up, that could foul up FM comms across V and UHF and even SHF. Potentially even damaging satellites. In a real worst case scenario, geomagnetic storms penetrate the polar holes and burn out transformers across the hemisphere as well. Good old SSB HF comms, though will love the space weather environment if you can get power for them.