September 20, 2012

Father-daughter dances: Gateway drug to blatant gender stereotype [Darleen Click]

And RI ACLU is here to guard the good people of Rhode Island against evil activities that lead to such things as women reading romance novels and men looking at pr0n …

A school district in Cranston, R.I., has decided to ban father-daughter and mother-son activities because of fears they are illegal under gender discrimination law.

The superintendent of the school district in Cranston, R.I., acted after a single mom complained that her daughter was not able to attend a father-daughter dance, report the Providence Journal and The American Civil Liberties Union wrote a letter to the school on behalf of the mother.

School Superintendent Judith Lundsten said the federal Title IX statute has an exemption for “father-son” and “mother-daughter” events, but state law does not, the Providence Journal said. Lundsten’s decision puts an end to the father-daughter dance and the mother-son baseball game, 630WPRO says.

ACLU spokeshole Steve Brown makes it clear that the Left knows better how to run people’s lives better than they do

“This is 2012 and they [public schools] should not be in the business of fostering blatant gender stereotypes.” […]

“In 2012 not every girl necessarily wants to grow up and be Cinderella, some might actually like to go out on the baseball field and a public school of all places should not be suggesting otherwise,” said the ACLU’s Brown.

“I think when schools tell girls you love dances and boys you love baseball game, I think that is going too far. That is the whole point of having laws and policies to say public schools should not be the business of really encouraging such blatant stereotypes about what girls like and what boys like,” said Brown.

Oh, heavens, and here I thought laws were about protecting an individual’s rights from harm, including the right to choose activities they wish to voluntarily participate in. I guess in 2012 it’s all about nudging society in the direction of the Left Utopia of genderless beings who are Equal.In.All.Ways.

Just how many examples of the Left’s War on American Culture need to be exposed before the pragmatists stop wringing their hands and bleating “we can’t GO there, we can’t discuss this, we’ll lose the moderates”?

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    [Reference to deity redacted] knows that father/daughter dances are a far greater threat to our soi disant civil rights than, say, the administration having a bunch of brownshirts hauling movie producers off in the middle of the night to answer “a few questions.”

  2. No large soda’s allowed in the Model City! Watch the salt or vendors will be shit down!

  3. I hope that was a typo, palaeo.

    Or is that the same thing as what that Occucreep did to the police car?

  4. If you want a perfect example of what liberal democrat policies for sixty years do to a state, look no further than Little Rhody. 50th out of 50 in most categories.

  5. This is more of an indication of how the left views schools as anything. They don’t teach, they tell you what to think.

    They aren’t schools, they are indoctrination centers.

  6. Oh, and score one for Beck:

    The only release for Dirty Santa should be at 20,000 feet, sans parachute.

  7. Even without a parachute, he’d only reach atmospheric terminal velocity if released 20,000 feet above the earth.

    Launch him into the sun, I say. He’d land with a splash instead of a thud, but still…

  8. The parents and their kids who were looking forward to the dance are right pissed. Most of them are blaming the whiny bitch who started the ball rolling.

    I’d book an alternate venue and have the dance anyway.

    I believe this opens the door for nixing the segregated proms that a lot schools seem to enjoy. Oddly, insisted upon by the black students whose grandparents fought for intergrated schools.

  9. God forbid anyone feels bad about themselves. We must protect everyone!!! (except Christians and white men- you people can and should feel bad about yourselves- haters!).

  10. Too bad they didn’t tell that mom to just let her latest boyfriend take her daughter to the dance. Perhaps they did and she can’t stand the thought of competition.

  11. By this reasoning shouldn’t they ban parent-teacher conferences because they discriminate against orphans?