August 28, 2012

RAAAAACIST charge reveals something else [Darleen Click]

Chris Hayes hissy-fit over Romney’s ads over welfare is boring over the fact it is entirely predictable. He’s charging racism because the ad doesn’t have any black people in it.

You will note in the Romney ads, there is not a single African-American that appears in them. […]

They (Romney campaign) understand what the history of the racial subtext is, but they also understand how that appeal and that charge that that person is taking your tax dollars and giving it someone else, how it resonates in the Obama era in which you do not have to state the race of who that recipient is.

YAWN. I mean, there is nothing but nothing that can’t or won’t be called ‘racist’ if the words are uttered by anyone opposed to Obama or his Left dogma.

But what is most interesting in this video —

— is that Chris Hayes is arguing from the position that criticizing redistribution of wealth, itself is suspect.

It is very difficult when you look at the history of attacks on redistribution, the attacks on redistribution particularly around welfare have had a very loaded racial subtext forever.

The Left narrative has shifted yet again — redistribution of wealth is a “given,” something that is not to be discussed. And the questioning of it is only done by people with unclean motives.

Charges of ‘racism’ are just a distraction to get people to accede that point.

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  1. in America being a welfare whore what you call “the norm”

    cause obama raped all the jobs is why

  2. Which they will, if they don’t want to be accused of creating an unnecessary distraction.

  3. I’m as upset – if not more so – about supporting the patchouli-scented, dredlocked, hackey-sack playing coddled suburban dickbags. You know, the kind of people who watch Chris Hayes in order to feel superior to the people who “keep them on their parents’ health insurance until the [tender] age of 26.”

  4. From Chris Hayes’ Wikipedia page:

    On November 1, 2007, The Nation named him its Washington, D.C., Editor, succeeding David Corn.

    That’s just fucking perfect. Oh, and he’s the guy that ejaculated this, on air:

    “I feel… uncomfortable, about the word because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war. Um, and, I don’t want to obviously desecrate or disrespect memory of anyone that’s fallen, and obviously there are individual circumstances in which there is genuine, tremendous heroism, you know, hail of gunfire, rescuing fellow soldiers, and things like that. But it seems to me that we marshal this word in a way that is problematic. But maybe I’m wrong about that.”

    A sure sign that the overexamined life is not worth living.

  5. Chris Hayes is the guy who had a roundtable discussion of the “Occupy our homes” movement, including community organizer Alfredo Carrasquillo, where they all agreed that it’s A-okay to move into foreclosed homes, because a family that needs a home + an empty home=perfect match. The fact that this is theft of property is just a “technicality.”

  6. He may also have written an unintentionally revealing book, however, so he’s got that going for him!

    What Hayes does here that is so useful and valuable is that he brings some good old fashioned left skepticism to the Mcnamara-Obama vision of a technocratic, meritocratic society run by the “best and the brightest.”

  7. If being opposed to redistribution of my money to others who didn’t work for it is racist, then call me racist. The word has lost most of its significance at this point anyway.

  8. I like the review of Hayes’ book that winds up saying that it is “–most stunningly of all–correct.”

    That would be stunning. But I think there’s a word in front of correct that’s missing.

  9. He kind of reminds me of the git played by Greg Kinnear in You’ve Got Mail, in that he seems to be in love with the words that fall out of his own head. He’s basically the same leftist twit.

  10. Bullshit, pal. My lying asshole detector is color-blind.

  11. “You can’t just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and expect people are going to vote for your party or your candidate,”

    Really, Chris? Like, forever? … How old is this twerp? He’s a child.

    More of the Juicebox Mafia…

  12. Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio. Kelly Ayotte. Bobby Jindal.

    So, which party are we talking about again?