March 3, 2005

The Martha Stewart Chronicles, day 147


Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:28am

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  1. Jeff, That was positively lyrical.

  2. Thanks, Gail. But I’m afraid I was going for “ironic” and “surprisingly disturbing.”

  3. Nope. Definitely lyrical. With a touch of elegiac.

  4. Nope. Jeff is right. Definitely satirical. With a touch of Ipecac.

  5. Dude, don’t even say the word Ipecac. I’m just getting over the flu.

  6. Because it’s onomatopoeic.

  7. I dunno…something about Martha’s personality tells me she’s wanted, at times, to have her way with herself before ever heading off to the slammer.

  8. Ipecac, that is.

  9. Don’t fight it Martha… feel it.

  10. Yes, Martha.Nothing is unnatural when it’s covered in chocolate.

  11. As someone who has spent the last 18 years in Silicon Valley, I can say that Jeff has done a great job of capturing a special something about those who start their own companies…

    Turing: “because”—how does he do that?

  12. Well, as someone who has spent the last five years in Silicon Valley, I can state categorically that I have no idea what people who start their own companies are like.

    And Sean, yeah, I was gonna say that that’s the full circle, huh?

  13. Yeah, Craig.  It’s the circle of…something.  Is there a circle of self-regard?  A circle of self-love?  A circle of chocolate-covered [physical] self-love?

    Only Reg Dwight knows for sure.

  14. I once wrote an onomatopoem. It sounded just like a dog barking. Which isn’t what it was.

    I really suck at writing poetry.

  15. FYI:  today’s (March 3rd) Wall Street Journal has a big front page article on Martha’s interactions with her fellow prisoners during her sentence.

    Funny thing is, though, there is no mention of Martha’s true adventures behind bars, as we’ve come to learn from her journal – no Saphhic hijinks, no smashed skulls, no arts & crafts projects using common prison items like shoe polish and rubbing alcohol… hell, not even any mention of tongue studs.

    The traditional media is clueless about what we readers actually want.

    (Turing word:  “foot” – as in what Martha is going to put up all our asses if she finds out about this.)

  16. McG: Now, that’s comedy.

    Keyword, “probably”…how does he do it?  It’s witchcraft, I tells ya.