August 10, 2012

How Left-feminism makes women stupid … [Darleen Click]

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h/t Mary Katherine Ham

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  1. These women are an embarrassment to their sex. Grow up and take responsibility for your choices, ladies. You’re all for abortion and birth control? Great! You pay for it. I want absolutely nothing to do with your “reproductive health” (’cause pregnancy is a disease or something) or to pay for the consequences of “your body, your choice.”

  2. It seems like only yesterday that the feminists were carrying around picket signs reading “KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY UTERUS!” Now, if the State ain’t poking around up in there, it’s because of some sort of War on Women.

    I just can’t keep up with the pace of change in modern America. It’s all so terribly confusing.

  3. “Feminism’s” greatest victory was liberating women from men.

    To make them dependent on the State, which naturally came with the added benefit of making such dependents ignorant.

    To think this brave new paradigm wouldn’t immediately backflow and create foolishness, irrationality, and sloth is itself ignorant.

  4. A lot of people don’t have the privilege of being able to afford contraceptives?

    Oy. That level of stupid is painful to watch.

  5. I’m guessing that some of the people who don’t have that “privilege” ($9/month at Target) have somehow managed to afford other things, like iPhones or a nice pair of shoes (or they’re already getting all kinds of assistance from daddy fed, like food stamps).

  6. OK, no government in utero. How about if the government makes your Church get up in there?

  7. – Coming soon to a feminists T-shirt in your neighnothood:

    * Changing the world one abortion at a time with taxpayer dollars – For teh childrin’ *

  8. New sign: “Keep your ovaries off of my rosary.”

    And I ain’t even a papist.

  9. It’s hilarious, this structurally manufactured birth control shit.

    I live in Coastal NC. Harris Teeter is the local supermarket and is fairly higher-end in concept.

    It has a whole section in the pharmacy area dedicated to birth control and they proudly display signs saying they’ll beat Wal-Mart prices on the Pill. I’m told it’s $7 or so monthly. They have a eight or nine kinds of condoms, the Sponge, three or four kinds of “lube” or variations or what used to be just known as KY and a few offerings that appear to be some sort of clitoral stimulator….not quite as mechanical as a vibrator, nor a dildo.

    The point is that in the center of the Bible Belt, in a town that will go unapologetically for Romney–the state itself, i fear, may trend Obama–people happily throw the KY in next to their bag of spinach and Yuengling 12 pack….and no one gives a crap. For about 2 latte’s a month, stores like Harris Teeter can keep you in so much BCP that your man’s manhood can fall off and you won’t have a kid.

    Amanda and the Gyno Warrior legions like to overlook these little facts when they talk about the war on women, or in Amanda-speak, “the war on women who like to fuck.”

  10. – New rulz: “Keep your uterus off my lawn.”

  11. Roddy, I found it hilarious when I lived in Reading, PA there were few places that sold X-rated movies or showed them. Yet over the county line in Lancaster County which has a huge Amish population, there were sex shops everywhere. Now that I live in Oklahoma, there are no Adult theatres, but if you drive through rural Missouri there are huge sex shops (with discreet parking in the back) out in the middle of nowhere.

    So, yes to your Bible Belt remark. We’re the reddest state in the union and our Wal-Marts have huge displays of birth control and signs urging shoppers to ask the pharmacist if there are any questions.

    My question to Obama is why is he so worried about birth control? Why does he hate cancer research and research on heart disease?

  12. “Feminazi’s unite! Empower women – Pay for your own birth control, it’s you right!”

    * smack * …..Whaaaat????….oh, sorry.

  13. I think it would be awfully empowering (thanks God that I have no daughters) for young ladies today to just say “no”. The birth control argument would go right out the window if nice girls just didn’t. Added bonus being that dates could be about something other than a race to the sheets. You know, like actually getting to know something about each other first.

  14. You know, like actually getting to know something about each other first.

    Boooooring. Not to mention a total buzzkill. Nine outta ten hot chicks are way less hot when they start talking.

    I miss Yuengling. I could go for a case of black-and-tan right about now.

  15. My question to Obama is why is he so worried about birth control?

    Because if the bitchez ain’t motivated enough to stop fornicatin’ long enough to go and vote, he’s going to lose epically.

    Or something like that.

  16. I’m thinking he’s just a perv. Of course being married to M’chelle has probably caused major shrinkage. Like a frightened turtle!

  17. Squid, now you know how we girls feel: Big hands, big feet…big disappointment.

  18. This really is no more complicated than standard Democrat demogoguery.

    Republicans want to take away your free stuff

    free stuff to which you’re entitled

    which is why it’s free

    and they don’t want you to have it

    Vote Democrat!

  19. The birth control argument would go right out the window if nice girls just didn’t.

    Nice girls don’t. That’s why naughty girls have more fun!

  20. Well leigh, you know what they say about big hands and big feet…

    Big gloves and big shoes!

  21. Okay, I’ve been up since 3am, I think I’m getting chippy..

  22. But on the way out I’ve got to ask why most of those women want free birth control? Not like they’re gonna need it.

  23. Let me see if I have this straight now: I can be forced to pay for a woman’s children, I can be forced to pay for her birth control, but I can’t enter into a mutual agreement to pay for sex with her.

    And this is fair.

  24. Swen, good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere.

    And I agree that none of those wimmin in that video are going to be in any need of birth control, free or otherwise.