July 8, 2012

“So what if I show up at the job interview dressed like a ho …” [Darleen Click]

“…if you notice, you are making War-On-Women™!”

Or so is the conclusion of Left-feminists all a’twitter over a rather the hapless tale of NY state senator Marty Golden, a Republican representative of working-class South Brooklyn who dared offer his female constituents a class on career development

Republican state Sen. Marty Golden’s office was planning career-development classes for his “female constituents,” where participants will “‘refresh’ their knowledge of what’s new in 21st century business etiquette and social protocol.”

“POSTURE, DEPORTMENT, AND THE FEMININE PRESENCE: walking with books on the head are outdated,” part of the course description reads. “Women who walk from their power center. The art of feminine presence. Sit, stand and walk like a model. Walk up and down a stair elegantly……and much more.”

Leave aside for the moment even the appropriateness of taxpayers dollars being used on any sort of career development class and look at the assumptions the Left-feminists make in their risible on Mr. Golden.

“Men like Golden don’t see a class in posture and deportment as demeaning or paternalistic or downright insulting, but it is all of those things.”
“What better authority on ideal femininity than a politician best known for his virulent homophobia?”

Golden had the audacity to decline to support Same-sex “marriage”. Which, QED, now marks one as a “virulent homophobe”.

Yet, in the midst of all the breast-beating over the unseemliness of Golden’s white male privilege in offering such a class (and some of the Left-fem histrionics would lead some to assume he was going to teach the class himself, dressed like Rhett Butler ready to carry the recalcitrant ladies up the stairs they couldn’t learn to elegantly navigate) was whether or not this type of class would be helpful to job-seekers.

As someone who has, over the past five years, been in the position of conducting interviews and making hiring decisions … oh for God sake’s, YES YES YES. Please have pity on me, YES.

It is bad enough to slug through horribly-written resumes and cringe-educing cover letters, but to have someone show up to an interview late and dressed either like she rolled out of bed and grabbed whatever was laying on the floor, or that she never changed from her clubbing outfit from the night before, is a sure-fire way to not make it into the hire-from pool.

Dressing for success, and the accompanying way of how to behave, is part demonstrating just how seriously one takes getting and keeping the job.

However, is individual career advancement what these carping Left-feminists really want for their working-class sisters?

“The senator represents the working class women of Brooklyn, women who have genuine concerns; concerns like, how even though she’s holding down two minimum wage jobs, she can’t afford heathcare insurance. Or concerns like, where the hell is she supposed to find all-night day care so she can take the opening on the midnight shift that pays a dollar an hour more.”
“The pay gap still exists, working women face often insurmountable challenges in making sure that their work is done and their kids are cared for, childcare costs are astronomical, the U.S. is one of the only industrialized countries in the world without paid parental leave, and low-income women with children (even very young children) face losing necessary (and meager) benefits unless they work large numbers of hours in an economy with few open jobs.”

Not really. These sisters are just the fodder needed to expand Big Government into providing more “free stuff.” Please, ladies, don’t aspire to better yourself out of those two minimum-wage jobs, turn your kids over to the government for “care” and demand free meds!

War-on-Women. Indeed.


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  1. horribly-written resumes and cringe-inducing cover letters

    Those got circular filed when I was hiring. Or if there was a glimmer of talent, they got a phone interview. If they made it through that, then an in-person interview.

    I despise casual work wear. Of course, I’m old and out of touch but, I’ve always worn slacks, not jeans. Blouses, not polos or tees. Heels or flats, not sneakers. Blazers not hoodies. Not much jewelry and I don’t have any tats. I hate it when women don’t wear stockings with dresses or dress suits (I’m looking at you, M’chelle). Open toed shoes in the office? No. We’re professionals, after all and we should look like it. Not like a bunch of sloppy frat boys or grad students.

  2. I despise casual work wear.

    Yep. Unless your job is one that demands a uniform (scrubs, duty shirts, etc) then looking professional is the order of the day.

    And I just feel weird if I wear a dress to the office with bare legs, even though our summer dress code allows it.

    going to slightly disagree with the shoe thing – I’m much more comfortable in an open-toed slingback pump which still looks professional. My only problem is trying to find ’em with a reasonable heel. I’m on my feet a lot for 10 hrs a day.

  3. Shoes depend on the kind of work you’re doing, though. We don’t wear open toes on the ward because it’s a health code violation.

  4. I hate it when women don’t wear stockings with dresses or dress suits (I’m looking at you, M’chelle).

    So, no Sharon Stone leg crossing for you, leigh?

  5. Not at work, SW. ;)

  6. SW

    you forget not all stockings are pantyhose. ;-)

  7. We don’t wear open toes on the ward because it’s a health code violation.

    I get ya …

    BTW, I think it’s telling that judges actually have to post dresscodes on the doors to their courtrooms to instruct the public.

    Yes, it seems an awful lot of people HAVE been raised in barns.

  8. Tell me about it, Darleen. I was on jury duty a few years ago and I was stunned at what some thought was suitable attire for court. Warm up suits and flip-flops? No.

    Oh, another pet peeve. Women who don’t wear bras. Now, if one is not generously endowed or quite young, a camisole undershirt under a blouse is okay. But, if you are big busted and not so shapely, get thee to the foundations department. Also slips seem to be foreign objects to a lot of girls and young women.

  9. I worked at a place last year that require skirts. No pants evar! But some ladies’ dress was still pretty casual. I mostly think it should depend on how often you see the public, though. Which for my work is rarely.

  10. Not at work, SW. ;)

    I’m going to need a lie down.

  11. Maggie, I agree that it depends on how much contact you have with the public and also what you do.

    If I’m having a sitdown with parents to tell that little Johnny needs in-patient treatment NOW, I better look like I know what I’m talking about. Hippie chic doesn’t cut it.

  12. you forget not all stockings are pantyhose. ;-)

    Darleen, a lady’s flimsies are a foreign country to me.

  13. Yet, in the midst of all the breast-beating…

    I see what you did there.

  14. Thanks to casual work wear, we are all now subjected to additional HR training (as if the sexual harassment and diversity training weren’t enough). If feminists think Golden’s training is demeaning, they would love the now necessary HR sessions and various reminder e-mails on appropriate work attire. It amazes me that so many of my fellow female colleagues have to be reminded that it is inappropriate to wear cleavage-exposing Ts, short shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops to work.

  15. Oh, another pet peeve. Women who don’t wear bras.

    You’re in luck! I’m passing ’em out!

  16. Oh. That link might require a ‘trigger alert’ for the faint-of-heart at work. But just…barely. )

  17. Good thing I checked in on Sunday night. No work here tonight. And isn’t the female form a wonder to perceive?

  18. “What better authority on ideal femininity than a politician best known for his virulent homophobia?”

    Why, a bulldyke, naturally.

  19. That young lady could certainly use your largesse, serr8d.

  20. Stacy and Clinton are misogynistic homophobes helping to maintain the patriarchal order.


  21. Sunday night is a little slow but I see serr8d got some attention!

    Should I post a few Rule 5 pics for the convex audience here?

  22. and just how NSFW can you guys handle?

  23. Let’s find out.

  24. Marty Golden mostly serves to reminder that even a goddamn congressman can be a fucking nobody

    what a great fucking country

  25. geez, did I kill the thread? Guess I’ll tuck away those pics I was going to share …

  26. How about you post what you’ve got and when we reach our limit we’ll signify by saying, “More, please.”

  27. North South Fucking West: it’s even cool by me if everything points east toward tits — who doesn’t love a perky little tit sharing a nut?

  28. Ok McGehee, there you go …

  29. He dared to help these people learn to navigate the interview process so that they can better themselves?

    That’s outrageous. Seriously. Soon these people might start thinking they can run their own lives, and when the peasants start getting ideas like that, well – who knows what could happen.