June 25, 2012

“A new measure of consumption inequality”

Turns out “income inequality” as proof of capitalism’s fundamental flaw is every bit as pointedly misleading as it was intended to be.

Sadly, we free marketers have to come out with detailed studies proving our claims, while all the Left must do is fashion fraught descriptions and offer disingenuous intimations of some outrage to “social justice” — and even then, the detailed studies only work in a climate where people care more about fact than they do about appearances.

— Which, this one ain’t that.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:21pm

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  1. But these studies only measure whether a household has a television or a microwave or a personal computer. What good is it that a poor child has his own bed in his own bedroom, if he doesn’t have his own personal computer, flat-screen TV and smart phone in it? What sort of monster are you, anyway?

  2. The kind that wants to kill and eat brown babies — but not for nourishment. As extra desserts.

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  4. – Social justice means everyone gets to keep whatever they work for.

    – Throw it back in their lying faces.

  5. Hey, man — this shit isn’t free! I have to go down to the community center every couple of years and pull the right lever. Then I have to get in a hot, smelly van with a bunch of other bros and do the same thing in a bunch of other community centers. I work hard for this “free” shit!

    –Every Occutard in America

  6. As we’ve noted here before: In Entitlement America, The Head Of A Household Of Four Making Minimum Wage Has More Disposable Income Than A Family Making $60,000 A Year

    Of course, all those free checks and bennies, which are largely being paid for by the top brackets, aren’t “income.” Because racism.

  7. I thought consumption inequality was the root cause of obesity.

    The mind reels…

  8. It’s like arguing in favor of liberty. Don’t do it — don’t rise to that bait. Just beat tyranny into a shapeless pulp and jam it up progressivism’s ass.

  9. …detailed studies only work in a climate where people care more about fact than they do about appearances.

    Appearances-centrism is a cornerstone, so to put it, of mental disorder. Of the lie.

  10. I’m all for consumption inequality. I mean, I feel sorry for Doc Holliday, but I doubt he’d begrudge me being glad I don’t have what he had.