June 20, 2012

“Boehner Won’t Say If GOP House Will Approve Funds for Obama to Force Catholics to Act Against Faith”

Could be that he doesn’t want to tip his hand politically — but more likely he’s waiting for the most up to date polling data to tell him whether or not he should act on his instincts. What those instincts are to be determined, of course, by the most up to date polling data.

Pragmatism. Options. Sure beats the hell out of that purity shit, doesn’t it?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:43am

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  1. SISTER CAROL KEEHAN: No, no no. The administration has worked with great good faith to try to find a way to resolve this that works. However, all the good faith in the world doesn’t get past the challenge. And we still have some very real concerns in the church that even if you get rid of the coverage of contraceptives, [there may be] problems in the future.

    So as we have talked consistently with the administration, we said, ‘We should just revisit this. Go back to what we first suggested to the administration, early on when this came up.’ And that is use the time-honored definition that the federal government has used to define religious organizations. Don’t make up a new one. And secondly, the government has plethora of programs that they use to make contraceptives available right now. If you want them available to women, please do it through a government program.

  2. OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: Oh no no, you knew I was a snake when you picked me up…

  3. Perhaps Sister Keehan ought to familiarize herself with Matthew 4:1-11. It’s in this book called the Bible.

  4. Somebody from our side needs to make Boehner cry for a change.

  5. Propose a surtax on Man Tan and Kleenex. Then you’ll see Boehner get his game on.

  6. Happy is cherry-picking from the cited article. The good Sister is on the same page as the USCCB.

  7. Because he’s a moby.

  8. Yes, yes he is.

  9. This is what the Catholic Church gets for playing patty cake with the welfare state for the last fifty odd years.

  10. The Catholic Church was the welfare state for a hundred years or more. And still is in many cases.

  11. I tried to post this comment over at this total bullshit poll article.

    This is one of the lamest justifications for weighting a poll to the Left that I’ve ever seen. The 2008 turnout was D+7? How about 2010? Any recollection of that little election? And instead of saying “that is the real partisan breakdown”, which it is not, you justify the lie by showing that al the other leftist media outlets tell the same lie.
    Rasmussen has the true US likely voter partisan breakdown as 35.7 Republican, 33.8 Democrat

    I posted through Disqus, and saw “Comment hidden due to abuse reports. ”
    Abuse of the echo chamber.

  12. Signs that some members of the Catholic hierarchy are having an it-getting moment with respect to Leviathan.


  13. Yeah, motionview, I’ve started getting that on some websites with Disqus. I guess the #TwitterGulag isn’t just on Twitter.