June 12, 2012

“Private Jobs Down 4.6 Million From January 2008; Federal Jobs Up 11.4%” [Darleen Click]


The Wisconsin recall election was about liberals’ zeal to maintain government employees’ privileges far and above those of struggling private sector workers who pay their salaries.

Payroll change since January 2008

Total: -5.01 million -3.6%

Private: -4.61 million -4%

Government: -407,000 -1.8%

Federal Government: (excluding post office) +225,000 11.4%

Sources: Labor Department, Datastream

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman declares “The real story about this economy is that the cutbacks at the public sector are what’s hurting the recovery.”

Posted by Darleen @ 7:43am

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  1. Paul Krugman declares “The real story about this economy is that the cutbacks at the public sector are what’s hurting the recovery I couldn’t find my own ass with two hands and a roadmap.”

    I’ve tried to parody Krugman on occasion, but I find that he’s always one step ahead of me.

  2. – They sound more and more like golddiggers, or kept rich debutante daughters, begging their sugar daddies not to cut off their allowances. using the same old “world owes them a living” arguments.

    – You can bet there’s a quiet stampede among the public teat jackles to find some safety net. Its what parasites do. Several have left MSNBC this week, and CNN looks to be on its last legs.

    – Apparently, just sitting and back-bitting your rival, Fox who holds 70% of the viewing audience, just doesn’t represent a viable substitute for nonpartisan journalism anymore, now that the coffers of other peoples money has run dry.

  3. – Troglydites like Krugman will be the last of the cult, left to distribute cyanide pills and burn the bodies and bunkers.

  4. Former Enron adviser Paul Krugman has been doubling down on wrong for almost two decades and he is still considered an expert. Why should he stop such a good paying gig now?

  5. Double down Krugman, forget Obama’s Magic Unicorn Energy economy, tell us about the Alien Invasion economy.

    BTW Kruggie here’s those imaginary cutbacks in the public sector you made up.

  6. plus these fat-ass piggy piggy federal government worker whores get a shitload of vacation and holidays

    parasites the lot of them

  7. That line of argument the administration and their media lickspittles have been pushing —that public sector jobs (especially the inviolate trinity of teachers, cops and firefighters) create private sector jobs— is, I think a telling one. For them the private sector consists of the wealthy who exist to fleeced, and the service sector, who exist to, well, serve, the real workers in the government.

  8. Aren’t teachers, cops and firefighters municipal workers and funded by said municipality? I’m unclear about where the Federal Government is involoved in their pay scale. Surely fighting fires or policing NYC pays better than doing the same in Tiny Town.

    And, how many times does the “teachers get paid peanuts!” myth need to be busted?

  9. The private sector jobs are doing fine, it’s the state and local gubmint workers that are hurting, because of the decisions that elected officials (like that evil sonofabitch Scott Walker —implied) have made, is what Obama said (paraphrased), and what the toadies have been trying contextualize away.

  10. “. . . liberals’ zeal . . . ”

    Would that writers cease using the term liberal to describe these people, the progressives and authoritarian statists, in all their stripes. Such use is itself a swindle on intellectual honesty, as there is nothing liberal about the people to whom the term is attributed, nothing liberal animating them at all.

  11. Obama is going to have one hell of a time walking that faux pas back.

    So today we have:

    Eric Holder being held in Contempt by Congress (vote pending)
    Stuxnet, and Joe Biden claiming that it was the dirty Jews Israel who mucked up the code
    Drone strikes personally picked by the President, civilians be damned
    Unemployment up
    Stagflation flashing its ankle at us
    European Union on the verge of crumbling monetary stability world-wide

    I say the only answer is to re-elect the One! Yessiree, Bob!

  12. Not true sdferr. They’re extremely liberal with other people’s money

  13. “I say the only answer is to re-elect the One! Yessiree, Bob!”

    Obama 2012: The Job’s Too Much For Me – So Re-Elect Me

    Yeah, that makes sense in bizarro world.

  14. – And in a related story…..

    – Spreaking of the uncontrollable urge by the Obama base to throw gasoline on a raging fire, the unlearned lessons of Wisconson continue on unabated.

    – These are the intelligensia that pretend to teach our children. People who are so indoctrinated in the Liberal nannystate mantra they can’t see their noses on their faces.

  15. Mikey, the last president to say the job was “too big for one man” was Jimmuh Carter.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  16. Ferret-face is SO proud to point out his Nobel prize.

    I can only imagine how proud I’d be to have my work honored by the same group that honored Palestinian terrorist Yassar Arafat with a “Peace Prize”.

    Kind of puts it all in perspective, eh?

  17. The peace prize is bullshit. The other prizes have merit.

    A Nobel is based on the work up until the time it is awarded, and not on what happens afterward. If a winner comes unhinged and starts spouting gibberish, there is no much one can do about it.

    Denigrating the Nobel Prize in general won’t get you very far.

  18. A Nobel is based on the work up until the time it is awarded, and not on what happens afterward.

    Maybe it used to be. Obama’s was for what?

  19. . Obama’s was for what?

    The same thing Carter’s was for.

    Or was it Gore?

  20. – The Nobel was started by a guy who died pennikess, prompted by an unlivable guilt from having invented a ‘stixk’ that could kill people 1000 times faster than a plain stick.

    – Too little too late, but I suppose it was ineviyable, and at least he tried.

  21. leigh: Funny thing is, I remember the editorials that, in complete seriousness, actually advocated having a domestic president and a foreign policy president because the job was too big for one man. And once Reagan was president those editorials ceased. And the concept has now resurfaced.

    It isn’t too big for one man – it is too big for that man. And that makes all of the difference.

  22. – Send a community organixer to do a commander in chiefs job and what the hell do you expect?

  23. – North Dekota has so much money from the oil boom they don’t know what to do with it all.

    – As a result they’re holding a vote to eliminate all property taxes.

    – Local pundits say that it will probably fail because: (drum roll)…..

    – State administers are afraid Obama will shut down the boom because it makes a total farce of all of his public versus private economic arguments

  24. – From the “See, I knew this was going to be their fall back position” File……

    – So now we see the “Moscow in DC” press has been given its marching orders in anticipation of Onamacare crashing and burning.

    – Namely to start floating agitprop non-stories premoting a massive expansion of SSI/Medicare. These Euro-trash socialist misfits are going to keep on trying to screw the US into the ground until the bitter end.

  25. – Heres the link.

  26. “Let’s begin by imagining”

    That’s the way all utopian schemes begin — hence it’s needless of Greenfield to specify the act. Just ignore any and all political context and voilà! A miracle appears.

  27. – Holder replies with a “Fuck you, the prez has my back“.

    – If this goes forward, and it looks like it will, Bummblefuck will no doubt throw Holder under the bus. He already has indicated thats the plan by not claiming executive privilege to cover Holders ass.

    – But then ~O~ is such a busy man, don’t you know.

  28. When I referred to the Nobel and why it’s awarded, I was not talking about the piece of shit peace prize. The peace prize is based on nothing. I expect better from you guys.

  29. Screw it. Nobel prizes suck, right? Richard Feynman, Nobel winner? Apparently, a piece of crap.

  30. Cranky, have a cookie, man. I knew you were talking about the peace prize.

  31. – Richard Feynman is/was my idol. He would stand in the Pantheon of science if the Nobel did not exist.

  32. The thing is, leigh, I wasn’t talking about the peace prize when I said:

    A Nobel is based on the work up until the time it is awarded, and not on what happens afterward. If a winner comes unhinged and starts spouting gibberish, there is no much one can do about it.

    and yet that was a jumping-off point for Nobel PEACE prize hate.


  33. – Leigh, heres one you might find amusing. I’m guessing the groom probably hopes he’ll have enough time to even get her undressed before the honeymoon is over.

  34. Philistines.
    No we’re generally pro-Israel.

  35. – We don’t have too many Philistines around here.

    – I keep a jawbone from an ass on my patio.

  36. Leave Lady Gaga alone!

    runs away sobbing

  37. These people found their message, it’s about teachers, fire and policemen. Your point about FEDERAL jobs is beside the point, because they know you’ll have a harder time making your point than they will making theirs.

    As usual, the conservative position requires thinking, the liberal position requires feelings.

  38. Ha! Couldn’t happen to a nicer gal, BBH. I told you, this will launch her on the Judy Garland trajectory.

  39. Philistines.

    Hey, now. That’s what I get for multi-tasking.

    I agree with your point about the Nobel committee not being responsible for recipients going crazy.

  40. “In a memo for the think-tank Democracy Corps, Carville and Greenberg write: “We will face an impossible headwind in November if we do not move to a new narrative, one that contextualizes the recovery but, more importantly, focuses on what we will do to make a better future for the middle class.”

    – How demoralizing. to even have slick Willie’s clintonestas ragging on your ass.

    – Whats a proud Proggy to do.

  41. Lie, Spin, Rinse, Repeat. It’s what proud proggies always do.

  42. “…one that contextualizes the recovery…”

    Ignore what you see daily, and believe the nice man on tv. Even Carville has to realize – probably does – that this is a loss and he is trying to make sure that the gilding sticks to the turd long enough for the check to clear.

  43. – Things are not promising to get much better for Bumba and his happy pack with the summer duldrums comming on. Might expect to see unemployment edging back up as a new crop of kids join the wotk force.

  44. First, I think the creation of Homeland Security should be separated from how much the federal government has grown during the current president’s term.

    Second, One of the reasons the federal government spending has increased drastically due to outsourcing especially with regard to the DoD.

    Third, Not all federal government employees are fat-ass piggy piggy workers (reference happyfeet says June 12, 2012 at 8:44 am) though it is true that the union that represents them is no better than most teachers unions.

    Fourth, I have met no one with a bigger sense of entitlement than the yellow caricature which comments on this site.

    Fifth, I could go on but don’t want to kill the thread.

  45. I could go on but don’t want to kill the thread.

    …aaaaaand done.