January 30, 2005

Scenes from my driveway, continued x 51

Deadbeat neighbor: “If you’d like to stop over later for a few minutes to celebrate the Iraqi elections, that’d be really nice.”

Me: “Oh, so you were following those, were you?  Good for you!  Sure, I’ll stop by for a little while.”

Deadbeat neighbor:  “Fantastic.  I made falafels and a lamb dish with saffron and mint.”

Me: “Sounds great.  And I’ll bring the Ted Kennedy pinata I made last night out of a brown paper bag stuffed with little bottles of airplane scotch and 20 or so Matchbox 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88s. 

“Oh.  And there might be some Hooters’ chicken wings in there, too, but I can’t be sure. All the excitement of the last 12 hours or so has left me so flustered!”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:10pm

Comments (5)

  1. I’d like to take a few swings at THAT pinata.  Should be an easy target despite the blindfold given the size and the stench.

  2. He may be a deadbeat, but your neighbor is a fundamentally decent palooka.

    And apparently has an adventurous palate.

    Take a thwack at the Kennedy pinata for me, Jeff.

  3. Remember, it’s against the rules to simply chuck the pinata off a bridge and into a river.

  4. Wow, what I wouldn’t give for neighbors like that!

  5. Glad to see yall are getting along better.