June 6, 2012

“5 possible summer surprises from Obama”

Shockingly, not one of them has him officially coming out and  running off with Matthew Broderick to start a Broadway-themed candy store in Vermont.

Which, now that I think on it, probably won’t happen until 2013.  In the spring.  When the earth awakes and hope and change intoxicate the senses.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:53am

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  1. Nah. Obama’s style is all about doubling down on teh stoopid and not backing down in the face of criticism. He’d be admitting error in a way, after all, and the Global Narcissists Club would pull his card. Can’t have that.

  2. Perhaps Democrats need to punch themselves in the head twice as hard.

  3. Hmm, didn’t see my particular favorite Obamaprobable on the list, i.e. nuclear attack on Pakistan’s nuclear weaponry to end the global dominance of nuclear threat and ex post validate his Nobel Prize. He’s such a peaceloving man, our Barry, almost as much so as any native Chicagoan.

  4. ok I saw an article entitled “EPA using drones to spy on Nebraska and Iowa ranchers” — and I was too chicken to click on it. Please somebody tell me this isn’t happening.
    It’s stuff like that that makes me waver on not voting this year.

    But no. I’m sticking with it. The EPA can spy on my dog farting and I won’t vote for anyone from the establishment GOP.

  5. Drones? True and not just EPA. DHS has them too for domestic use.

  6. Big, bold, and populist – and a sharp contrast with Romney whose housing plan merely calls for speeding up foreclosures so the market can clear.

    If true, that’s the best thing I’ve heard from Romney in many moons.

    And recall it was the whiff of a homeowner bailout that birthed the tea party movement.


    Drones? True and not just EPA. DHS has them too for domestic use.

    Yeah, and pretty soon the Department of Education and TSA, I’m sure.

  7. But no. I’m sticking with it. The EPA can spy on my dog farting and I won’t vote for anyone from the establishment GOP.

    My advice, based on the exit poll fiasco in Wisconsin last night, is that even those who do plan on voting for Mitzi Romneycare should tell pollsters they don’t. And perhaps everyone they know as well, though that might be a bit much.

  8. – We shouldn’t be to harsh on them. The Left may have lost the support of Al Qaeda, but they’ll always have MSNBC.

    – That, and Roseanne is lobbying for her own news show on Fox, runored to be called “Croutch talk”, so all is not doom and gloom for the Clan of the Marx bears.

  9. Four more. I’m thinking a UN-controlled Internet might be fun.

  10. I so did not read that article. Unless he’s going to frog-march Eric Holder to a federal prison, I don’t much care what tricks they try. He can’t have anymore money, so his natural inclinations won’t work. He sure as heck won’t cut taxes, so that’s out. None of the usual lib moves that cater to one or more of their interest groups will work because frankly, they’ve all been tried already!

    I’m sorry, I’m looking at this every which way I can, and I don’t see an outcome that does not include his loss in November, most likely by large numbers. Unless he quits, which he won’t.

  11. carney barker

    Asked about conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s mockery of the president as “Barack Hussein Kardashian,” Obama press secretary Jay Carney shot back: “Two words: Donald Trump. Next question.”


  12. God the EPA is allowed to spy on us with drones and we allow it. I’m continually amazed and more certain that we are looking at our own demise here.

    Also — yesterday I got my neighbors mail incorrectly delivered to me. (I tore it open because it was a fundraising letter from the Romney campaign, and then I realized the envelope wasn’t addressed to me)… I threw it in the trash.

  13. Are we allowing it, missfixit? We aren’t supposed to know anything about it.

  14. The real weakness of the Obama administration is that it is all spin and no substance. Initiative, honesty and competence are not wanted at the White House. The Vanity Fair article described President Obama’s boredom with details. “Obama’s energy secretary, Steven Chu, may have a Nobel Prize in physics, but that counted for little when he once tried to make a too elaborate visual presentation to the president. Obama said to him after the third slide, as one witness recalls, ‘O.K., I got it. I’m done, Steve. Turn it off.’”

    The moral of the story is that you should never show the President anything longer than two slides. You will bore him. Why give him War and Peace if the Cliff Notes version is available? Or maybe the Classics Illustrated version? Supply that instead. This is where the “57 states”, “corpse-man” and “Polish death camps” fiascos come from: the group of miserable and doltish advisers which surround him.


  15. I’m pretending the Russian love match chick wouldn’t either abandon me or knife me after getting her green card.

  16. Now, she’s gone.

  17. At least you escaped the stabby, cranky.

  18. But she looked really hot. Maybe she would only cut me a little bit.

  19. No worries, cranky. She probably has a younger sister up for bid.

  20. Michelle Obama requires photo id at book signings. White House fails to note hypocracy.

  21. Don’t be silly cranky, the Russians aren’t stabbers, they like poison. Something nice and slow and painful. In a few hours you could look like your avatar. Including the orange color and bulging eyeballs. And you know how those Russian girls are. She might be hot now, but in ten years she’ll probably look like this.

  22. One thing we won’t be surprised by this summer is those hard hitting investigative journalists at MSNBC.


    I gotta go find a wall to bang my head against for awhile.

    Night all.

  23. What I wanna know is when do we get to see David Sanger in thumbscrews — the smug finally wiped off his face — happily spilling his guts on the scumbags that sourced his book?

  24. I guess the Russian Love Match ad I was referencing earlier is on a long rotation. I haven’t seen it again.

  25. – In other news:

    – Hanoi Jane asserts she was “never a hippie”. We never thought you were grandma, just a run-of-the-mill limo Liberal, cashing in on the peace movement.

    – Michelle ~O~ demanded photo ID at her book signing. The irony was lost on the WH. Holder was unavailable for comment,