May 17, 2012

Politico, Boehner, and the value of trust [bh]

Politico says the House Republicans are planning on saving multiple aspects of Obamacare.  Other folks are reporting otherwise and include firm denials from key players.

So, is this something?  If you don’t trust Politico and you don’t trust Boehner then it’s hard to say, isn’t it?

Update: Here’s Levin on the matter.  (Thanks, mc4ever59.)


Posted by bh @ 3:49pm

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  1. Kinda like the future, that way, where human things are concerned. Un-befucking-knowably unknowable.

  2. Girls’ Summer fail.

    I blame Tom Maguire. (Well, him and the screen-cap still).

  3. even if they kept some stuff they’d be far exceeding my expectations

  4. Better be real careful splitting them hairs John. You’re a better orange tinted cigarette smoker (that can also hit range balls) than you are a leader.

    Just keep that in the back of your head.

    Keeping ANYTHING in Obamacare should have been tweaked, re-packaged, and delivered to our side by Paul Ryan in a language that would make progressive heads go ‘splodey.

  5. Levin says if this is true that Boehner needs to go…

    I think this Boehner douchebag has officially set a new last straw world record

  6. These House Republicans tell me these denials about the accuracy of the story are equivalent to the House GOP semantically arguing it was living up to its Pledge to Nowhere requirement for $100 billion in cuts that actually amounted to something like $34 billion. Conservatives in the House of Representatives tell me explicitly to go with Politico on this and be very wary of the House GOP Leadership when it comes to repeal.

    It is a sad time for the Republican Party. The base must treat its leaders as if they are Soviets — trust but verify their statements. And lately, it is harder and harder to verify their statements. The work of the Tea Party must continue or within a decade I honestly do not believe the GOP will be one political party.

  7. I do not trust Politico or Boehner.

    But we can go with Reagan’s Trust but Verify.

    Because you never know what a literary agent may do to fuck up your reelection changes.

  8. …within a decade I honestly do not believe the GOP will be one political party.

    From Erick’s lips to God’s ears…

  9. I’d rather we put the bullet to the gOldp just after the election in Nov. Squid. Why prolong the creature’s misery?

  10. Lookee here Elizabeth Warren’s recipes from “Pow Wow Chow.

  11. what’s “imported mustard?”

  12. that actually looks kinda good though and it doesn’t have any carbs … I might can try it with the fake stuff this weekend

  13. it’s confuzzling though cause of it says it’s”tomato mayo dressing” but there’s no tomatos in the ingredients

  14. what’s “imported mustard?”

    any mustard sold in the cherokee nation

  15. ok now explain about the tomatos

  16. *tomatoes* I mean

  17. its a typo like this link

  18. The tomatoes are in the chili sauce. Heinz makes it and sells it by the ketchup. Imported mustard? Dijon, maybe.

  19. tomato mayo dressing?

    Not chipotle?

    I thought it was all chipotle nowadays.

    “Imported mustard” must be Grey Poupon made in China.

  20. The cookbook is about 20 years old. Too old for the chipotle craze.

  21. I’d rather we put the bullet to the gOldp just after the election in Nov. Squid.

    Better a bullet to the head than another five to the chest…just watching the GOP bleed out in front of everyone and their mother.

    But it’s gonna be a hard fight, that one.

    Reflexes die hard.

  22. Ok that’s good to know about the chili sauce… I stopped and got the shallots on way home

  23. newrouter at 5:17 PM;

    Thanks for that link. I have been seeing those “TED CRUZ IS A CHICOM AGENT !!!” commercials for a while now. Not being native to Texas, as an extended visitor I didn’t know who or what to believe as to what’s going on. This will help to increase my education.

  24. Could be for many, Lamont, but they’re — they are — already dead to me.

    These things are human creations, these political parties. They’ve no natural life of their own. We speak this way, “die” and “kill” entirely metaphorically. Nevertheless, I’m determined to end all association with this particular creature, because the thing simply doesn’t act for the purposes for which it was built. It is broken. So, in simple terms, it’s time to build a new party that does act properly.

  25. I couldn’t agree more, sdferr.
    It is ‘inevitable’.
    Gotta duck out for an hour. Season finale of “Person of Interest”.

  26. They’ve no natural life of their own.

    Oh, but they do. Pigeon hole it to just Washington, or just find me a US Congressman or Senator who has not become a millionaire while in office.

    You get no argument from me sdferr. I’m on board with a Malcom Reynolds “I Aim to Misbehave” Party that carries our torch. Serve a term or two and come back home to work in their community and go back to running his/her businesses or whatever.

    The Founders put the Capitol in a malaria infested swamp for a reason.

  27. I say we confiscate their air conditioners. In the interest of historical accuracy.

  28. Looks to me as though you are confusing human beings with artifacts — that is devices, like the parties — created by human beings to serve human purposes Lamont. The humans have natural lives, or are living beings. The parties have no natural life and are not living beings.

  29. Boehner: Keeping any parts of Obama health law ‘unacceptable’

    orange man must go

  30. Isn’t it so typical of happyfeet to have the sudden urge to try an innocuous who gives a fuck recipe because it was provided by someone who turns peoples’ stomachs here? He’d probably boil potatoes in nishi’s dirty bath water if she gave him the opportunity.

  31. Texas is sorta the wrong place to look at certain politics. Various reasons (especially when you get local).

    Then again, it’s also the best place to look. If you have their political structure, legislative calendar, and basic voter attitude? Then you can change the phrase, “As goes California Texas, so Goes the Nation”. Think wealthy, sound economy.

    We’d all be like one of these and just not give a shit.

  32. it doesn’t have any carbs Mr. Froman and it looks super-fast and easy…

    and that helps America!

  33. You’d find better uses for your culinary ninja skills if a good Christian soldier had provided the recipe. True this.

  34. I have all my mom’s annual Southern Living cookbooks plus like a good dozen church cookbooks Mr. Froman, but lately mostly I just been eating chicken and vegetable juice and salad cause it’s easy to stay stocked up with that stuff ready to go

    tonight though I’m doing fish with liberal sprinklings of Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend and those super hot peppers sliced thinly on top and also some sliced lemon on top of that… let’s see i am to bake it for 19 minutes at 375

    I’m hoping there’s some left over for lunch tomorrow but then comes Saturday and I can go get the rest of the ingredients to make the tasty crab dish of the native american peoples

  35. is “pow wow chow” ok with the cultural marxists?
    how about “fried chicken for the ghetto gals”?

  36. also I have The Homesick Texan Cookbook what omg I still owe a thank you note for

  37. Adding to the newrouter@6:06.

  38. Looks to me as though you are confusing human beings with artifacts

    I swear. I read that and immediately thought of Indiana Jones opening that big book to explain the Ark to the Feds.

    I still disagree a bit, in that I do think the “parties” have “lives”. From birth to death, damn near everything a human (or a collective of humans) creates is a “device”. It’s how we’re wired. An artifact “sounds” old. It’s not an artifact if you live in it everyday (this site is a testament to that)

    So, of course they’re human constructs. In every sense the Republic is a human construct. The fact that we are a Republic (hanging by a thread, as it were) offers the possibility of a new party.

    Sometimes through history humans are good at determining what is and is not “of use”. And, then, they come up with something better.

    Somewhere Ben Franklin is giggling.

  39. The best community cookbooks I ever scored were in PA. One by Dutchy farmwives and one by Italian nonnas. Good stuff once you decipher the Dutchy/Nonna speak.

  40. i usually like those community ones best cause they have the casseroles

  41. but that was before me and carbs broke up

  42. An artifact in the sense that sdferr is using it, is a data point that looks similar to the population/whathaveyou that you are studying, but is in reality a fluke.

    An artifact as you are using it, Lamont, is an antiquity.

    So if you’re talking about the GOP: same thing.

  43. A Pennsyltucky cookbook sounds dreamy.

  44. Only if you like starchy as hell foods, Abe. My former in-laws were PA Dutch and Pennsyltucky sums them up quite well.

  45. If this is a trial balloon being floated by Boehner, I’m going to be looking for a Christopher Robin. Otherwise, there will be Pooh all over the place.
    Apologies to Milne.

  46. It may sound odd Lamont, I think I get it. But still, the distinction between animate, living beings, and inanimate, non-living beings is one I believe we ought to carefully preserve, if only for the hope that on such a basis our politics will one day return to a semblance of sanity. In any case, how we use the term natural is an especially sensitive topic in American politics, being, as it is, or was, built on a natural right theoretical basis. Yes, I’d heartily agree, this amounts to a sort of nit-picking. But again, I think it’s necessary if we’re to have any avenue of escape from the progressive program whatsoever.

  47. Ah, I forgotyou went to college up the road from where I lived for a time in Reading. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

  48. They’re basically Germanic hillbillies. I don’t really remember the food there except for some silly donuts that they make a big deal about around Easter.

    I kind of like polka music though. God knows why.

  49. “Trough” was supposed to be “throughout”.


  50. If it’s any consolation, I read it as throughout despite how it was spelled.

  51. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Is the R leadership so far out of touch that even the suggestion of a national health care program doesn’t throw them into paroxysms of rage?
    I know, I know. R does not equal Constitutional conservative.
    But this really is the final straw. Craven power-starved professional politicians.

  52. in Chicago around easter you can get paczki but I’ve only ever just heard tell of it

  53. Fastnachts? Those things are gross, but must have with the dutchy set. They dunk them in some syrup that isn’t quite molasses or cane syrup. Blech.

    You like polka music because of Oktoberfest parties.

  54. Yeah, those are the donut things I was thinking of, Leigh.

    The thing about polka bands is that in all my years of going to Bethlehem’s ginormous Musikfest, the polka tent is always the most fun. The people dancing get so into it that it’s kind of infectious. I feel like an alien visiting Earth just watching.

  55. Not polkas, exactly, but still, mostly in 2, and mostly joyful dances in their way.

  56. Nah, I get you sdferr. And “Natural Rights” were the cat’s meow from the word go. It’s when we go quiet and let our “Representing Party” go full-on SkyNet, shut us up, and squelch any and all meaningful input.

    I’m OK with a 3rd party done right (though I think it will wind up back to two).

    To drag out the term “Republic” again…the one thing no man or woman on this site will ever stand to be called is a “subject of the (insert fascists’ name here) …”.

    We get all fussy, trigger fingery, and shooty over that kinda thing.

  57. “I’m OK with a 3rd party done right (though I think it will wind up back to two).”

    Entirely. I have no aim to see a third party in any sense, but to see the end of the current pretending republican party, replaced by a seriously Republican principled party, though what it ought to be called? I’ve no idea.

  58. you polka peeps are the racists

  59. now do dat rap jive yea. hip hop crackers!

  60. Or at least we all used to.

    BTW, pretty sure the armadillo still has the sniper rifle.

  61. and do the fabulous gay “marriage” you “god damn amerikkka” bitter clingers.

  62. though what it ought to be called? I’ve no idea.

    Darleen? Jeff? (when you’re done not sleeping, and changing poopy diapers), that is a whole new AWESOME post.

    “Rename the New & Improved Republican Party”

  63. Isn’t it already called the TEA Party?

  64. Yep. It sure is. Is that how you’d have it? I mean, it’s cool by me (as a name), but then so would a formal declaration of opposition be, and the entailed intentions that go with it. To date, we don’t see anything like that, though I have no idea what sort of discussions along these lines folks are holding in their living rooms and elsewheres.

  65. it would be nice to have a relaxing year or two of non-rapey normalcy but I don’t think it’s in the offing necessarily

  66. N-e-s-t-l-e-s, Nestle’s makes the very best.

  67. tea party suggestion: burning orangeman festival

  68. We’ve got a good ten years of Sturm und Drang to endure, I fear. Unless there is a major leap in technologies that totally changes the job and market landscape. (I am unaware of any such development, even in the beta state, as yet.)

    A wrench in attitude adjustment to our leftie interlopers would be good too. Thankfully, they are of a non-childbearing bent. We can take them down with sheer numbers if we get latinos solidly in our camp.

    Union busting (schools) and getting our young’uns a classical education and keeping score in sporting events for little ones would be good, too.

  69. some syrup that isn’t quite molasses or cane syrup.

    Sorghum molasses maybe. I had it all the time as a kid. Still, like it on occasion.

  70. that be the evil white dudes. ax calypso louis?

  71. It wasn’t that strong, geoff. It was a special syrup made somewhere in dutch country specifically for dunking those fastnachts in. I’d almost say Golden syrup, but it wasn’t British. It was caramel colored and very sweet.

    I like sorghum in coffee sometimes. It becomes a Creole coffee.

  72. The Constitutional Conservative Congress Party.
    Whaaat? CCCP already been taken?

  73. They sell sorghum at my brew shop for making gluten free beer.

    It occasionally crosses my mind to give it a try for the hell of it but then I never do.

  74. It might have just been homemade inverted sugar.

  75. Never heard of the beer. My dad always had it on biscuits, toast, crackers along with butter. Stronger flavor than regular syrup but less than molasses. An acquired taste at least for my part.

  76. my dad liked karo syrup on his pancakes and I always wanted to like karo syrup on my pancakes too

    every once in awhile I give it another go

  77. OT; for ‘feets. From the season finale it appears that Amy Acker is going to be on “Person of Interest” as a major “bad guy” in the upcoming season.

  78. Karo is best used to make Pecan pie.

  79. that is very cool I didn’t know that

    I haven’t seen Cabin in the Woods yet even, and last I checked it didn’t do super-well

    but I heard The Avengers did ok so I imagine Mr. Whedon doesn’t feel too bad

  80. i think chess pie too, no?

    am i confuzzled?

  81. only sometimes it says

  82. I don’t understand people who eat their fermentables.

  83. leigh, just caught you @ 8:11 up there.

    You said “fluke”…as in Sandra.

    You slut.

    If anything smart happened, sdferr did it.

    Or maybe newrouter.

  84. Yes you are.

  85. that looks so good Mr. geoff this opened in my neighborhood recently

    it’s very very hipster hipster and I haven’t tried any pie yet but I aim to

    I’ll probably find an occasion to buy a whole pie for some thing or another…

    but also they have quiche which is intriguing cause quiche isn’t necessarily super-easy to just find… I might get a whole one for the office someday when we have company

  86. Have to make one of those soon.

  87. To eat a Fastnacht the proper Pennsylvania Dutch way, slice it crosswise, as you would slice a bagel. Spread with butter (optional), plus table syrup such as “Mrs. Schlorer’s Turkey Syrup®” or “Golden Barrel Table Syrup®”. Replace the top and ENJOY!

  88. it doesn’t look hard really does it

  89. I saw Cabin in the Woods and it made one of the stupidest mistakes I’ve ever seen in a movie.

    There’s a twist but the title sequence actually tells you what it is before the movie even starts.

  90. ohnoes

    that’s like in The Sixth Sense where shylamalama gave it away in the first scene when that chick goes down in the wine cellar and shivers melodramatically

    that made for a long long movie

  91. No harder than Pecan which is easy.

  92. You said “fluke”…as in Sandra.

    You slut.

    If anything smart happened, sdferr did it.

    Or maybe newrouter.


  93. This was more like a Charlie Kaufman movie than a schlamalong gimmick movie so it still worked on that level but the tension and “what’s going on here?” factor were totally lost.

  94. I like the cast though so that will help

  95. pecan must be easy cause my grandma made it and she wasn’t one for the kitchen

  96. I don’t understand people who eat their fermentables.

    In the 20s you would have fit right in with the Purple Gang.

  97. Have I imagined myself as a beer brewing Walter White before? Yes. Yes, I have.

  98. it is on this evening that the website “Hot Air” performs the rare valuable service as they draw our attention to the not-at-all curious case of dashing playboy and financial risk-taker Mr. Eduardo Saverin

    the following jumps out at one, as it comes to us from the vaunted thinkings what are thunk at one Richard Lowry’s National Review

    Mr. Saverin, you are certainly free to leave. I would merely ask that you never come back. Your very presence dishonors the memory of the men who died to create the refuge you so desperately needed when your family fled here almost two decades ago.*

    That is quite specifically a quote from noted nobody “David French.”

    Perhaps the empathetic reader can take Mr. French seriously.

    Myself I cannot.

  99. And here I thought Saverin acted in his own self interest. Never did it cross my mind that by doing so he was disrespecting past and present servicemen and women.

  100. Perhaps the empathetic reader can take Mr. French seriously.
    schumer shit

  101. Well, French is in the military, so it ain’t like he doesn’t have standing to feel that way. And I don’t know what happyfeet is so bent about, the guy certainly isn’t a nobody in the same way that someone who hurls his own feces to get attention is.

  102. no he does not have standing Mr. Froman – he’s fighting for so people can be free – not for so they can get their ass taxed to hell and back for so failshit America can squander their monies on food stamps and disability checks

    it is his not to make reply

    it is his not to reason why

    it is his but to do and die

  103. You have a keen mind, Mr. Yellowstain.

  104. here is the eloquent response to Mr. French what arises, treacherously, from within the same ranks of Richard Lowry’s National Review what noted nobody “David French” himself occupies

    I give you Mario Loyola:

    The fact that people have given their lives to defend our shores in the past doesn’t make up for the failings of our own generation.

  105. It is always an improvement when you link to arguments which you’re too illiterate to make for yourself, but the fact is that there is ample truth in both of their sentiments. The problem is you’re a very difficult person to take seriously when you characterize anyone as being foolish or a nobody. You pretty much epitomize both.

  106. Schumer salivates. Also I just learned that even if you move and renounce you are still taxed for ten years by the IRS so this will effect his capital gains on the IPO but income will still be reported and taxed. That seems odd.

    Just can’t let the slaves escape since all that money belongs to Chuckie and company.

  107. Mr. geoff it’s profoundly unamerican, these wanton taxings and takings, and the troof of the whole dealio is that to whatever degree expatriation has become a “problem” it’s a problem what president fruitless has exacerbated exponentially

    I think we can all agree on that

    moving along we come to one of the more interstinger ikea hacks to arise in many moons

    check this out

    note it only really works if you have hard wood floors or somesuch, but that’s a neat neat idea

  108. *hardwood* I mean

  109. Mitt decides that his side should unilaterally disarm. The shades of McCain still live and shamble on.

  110. Mitt decides that his side should unilaterally disarm.

    realing in the years.

  111. When will California take up the call to tax those who leave? Maybe border posts where your all can be confiscated for the good of the union pension funds.

    And/Or they can emulate Tennessee.

  112. Mittens is too desperate to be president for his public pronouncements to be taken at face value this early, I think. McCain’s sense of honor was kind of cartoonish in this day and age.

  113. yes indeed what happens when both the federal government and state governments decide to punish the exact same egregiously wealthy people at the same time?

    it’s run run run for the border if you live in california

  114. I think it too early to go nuke. a steady drip drip drip until after the convention will work just fine. Plant the seeds of doubt, constantly control the narrative.

  115. The Republican party leadership is obviously too stupid to understand that a significant chunk of their base is quite a bit larger than a few independents who won’t vote for them anyway. Alienating them is more than folly. It is delusional. This party is headed for the deepest part of history’s shit heap. FAST too. Head first. Then next twenty years are not going to be fun.

  116. “When will California take up the call to tax those who leave? Maybe border posts where your all can be confiscated for the good of the union pension funds.”

    They’ll have hidden exit tunnels like the Mexican border currently has entrance tunnels. Nevada and Oregon will make a fortune too.

  117. I’m starting the BADEA Party to replace the Republican party in American politics.

    Betrayed and Disappointed Enough Already. Our mascot is Porky Pig cheerfully pushing Elmer Fudd, Wile E. Coyote, and Yosemite Sam off a oceanside cliff to some passing hungry sharks.

    Badea..Badea… Badea…that’s all folks!

  118. Wives know things.

  119. “newrouter says May 17, 2012 at 7:50 pm
    is “pow wow chow” ok with the cultural marxists?
    how about “fried chicken for the ghetto gals”?”

    I’m white as Orson Welle’s Armpit on a cold day and I will EAT THE SHIT out some fried chicken. Most people in the south who lived through some small portion of the 70’s before the ‘great heart attack panic’ occurred would! Ethnic insult my ass. It’s just good food. And it’s cheap too if you fry it yourself. If you don’t eat it now and then you are missing out. Same thing with fried shrimp, enchiladas, pizza, smoked beef ribs, german “farm” sausage, polish sausage, and many other wonderful dishes.

  120. I’m more inclined to believe that the Republicans will be forcibly made to change over the next few elections whereas the Democrats will cling to their bitter progressive roots and fade out for some decades until the present generation of [D] dies off.

  121. It’s just good food. And it’s cheap too if you fry it yourself. If you don’t eat it now and then you are missing out. Same thing with fried shrimp, enchiladas, pizza, smoked beef ribs, german “farm” sausage, polish sausage, and many other wonderful dishes.

    Amen brother, preach it.

  122. ” geoffb says May 18, 2012 at 12:13 am
    Wives know things.”

    Michelle’s home country is the planet Qo’noS. She’s got that tell tale prosthetic forehead look.

  123. Okay, she’s not a Klingon. I apologize. She’s more like that salt vampire monster that appears as someone you love…only with a REALLY big forehead. And one of a kind designer clothes. And football player shoulders. And takes 20 vacations a year.

  124. Hannity, with Klein on Wright and Obama, at TRS.

  125. Mitt says NO!

  126. Headline over at Ace “Edgy but safe” of Spades:

    “Oh, Dear: 1991 Promotional Material Circulated By Obama’s Literary Agency States, In His Bio, That Obama Was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”

    The headline refers to:

    Oh no! Breitbart’s site has gone birther! Somebody warn Mitt! It’s a trap!

  127. One thing that is being overlooked in all the demogoguery (imagine that) is that Saverin has lived in Singapore for the past three years, and because of oppressive US Tax code has to pay taxes in both places.

    A lot of ex-pat Americans have been driven to renounce their citizenship because of this, Saverin happened to draw attention because he is about to become a gazillionaire.

  128. When the knee jerk emotion is removed, both sides of the Saverin situation have their points.
    On the one hand, you have the sacred blessing of American citizenship being reduce to a tax write off.
    On the other, the idea that why should Saverin submit to handing over an inordinate chunk of the fruit of his labor on the say so of the King of Theives, Uncle Sammy.
    At the end of the day, it points out just how out of control, and damaging, the tax code is.

  129. That would be ‘thieves’.

  130. Alls I know is Singapore is gonna make out like a rock star.

  131. This ain’t so bad a place for the PW’rs who like to drop music around here.

    Listening to a pick & sing while drinking my coffee.

  132. “On the one hand, you have the sacred blessing of American citizenship being reduce to a tax write off.”

    And why should this bother the Left? They’ve spent 50 years telling anyone who would listen about how America and her citizens were nothing exceptional; indeed worse than most. Why are they surprised that more people believe it?

    Chickens coming home to roost….