May 13, 2012

ObamaCare sends out Mom Day cards … [Darleen Click]

… using the White House’s own site.

What other Obama policy can be anthropomorphized? Maybe Earth Day cards from CAFE Standards?

Suggestions welcome.

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  1. to shove a hyper-idealized silhouette of the female body in the faces of womens what have just given birth is insulting and ridiculously patriarchal and even cruel

  2. Isn’t it great that the big banner at the top resembles a sanitary napkin?

  3. So, everyone gets to pay the same rates as those with pre-existing conditions and/or the possibility of becoming pregnant. We all pay more. Progress!

  4. RTO

    HA! … glad I put down my cup of tea before reading that (and you’re right, it does!)

  5. I never knew pregnancy was a pre-existing condition. Don’t you have to be a co-sponsor?

  6. I know it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between serious and parody with the left, and the internet features all sorts of spoofs, but I would have sworn this was a joke. I mean, it is, but apparently they’re serious.

    Egad! Next year’s White House cards will simply read “Happy Mother’s Day, America! Thanks, and you’re welcome!”

  7. Diana at 1:42 PM;

    Heh. Unless you can prove ‘Immaculate Conception’.
    I hear there’s a big discount for that.

  8. If only we could get Obama to claim immaculate conception. Then it wouldn’t be automatically racist anymore to disagree with him.

  9. McGehee says May 13, 2012 at 3:11 pm
    You’ve got to be kidding.

  10. mc4ever59 says May 13, 2012 at 3:06 pm
    “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Didn’t you know abortion is a constitutional right? I read that somewhere.

  11. Heh, constitutional rights are for libs/progs only, Diana.
    Back to the pit for us!

  12. He’s only black because of his father.

  13. It always cracks me up that people who are 1/2 black and 1/2 white are always considered ‘black’. Are you proud of your heritage, or only 1/2 proud?

  14. Don’t you know that whites are not allowed to be proud, only ashamed? PROCTOR! Another one for Room 101!

  15. In 2014 it will be illegal to charge women more than men for health insurance.

    Well, ain’t that peachy. After accepting all my life that men pay more than women for auto insurance.

    Is that going to change any time soon?

  16. It always cracks me up that people who are 1/2 black and 1/2 white are always considered ‘black’.

    Usually there’s a good reason for that. Imagine that you’re 1/2 black, and, as is typical, you look like a black dude. People just assume you’re black. How much time and energy are you going to spend explaining that you are 1/2 white?

    It’s related to why the gay movement can’t claim to be like the civil rights movement. You don’t know someone is gay unless they tell you. Black is readily apparent.

  17. But wouldn’t that be….racsist?
    In a profiling kind of way.

  18. It’s really a hoot browsing through the census records …. the gubbmint needs to know where you drop(ped). Labels … that’s what we want. Oh wait … there are bumperstickers now. Who thinks these things up?

  19. Lee … um …. nope. There are actual facts and statistics to support the discrimination.

  20. ^ LBascom says May 13, 2012 at 4:47 pm

  21. There are actual facts and statistics to support the discrimination.

    that wymens are charge more for health insurance

  22. He’s got a Jeep backing him up. Maybe he’s wearing short pants. It’s hard to tell.

  23. Pablo;
    When I first saw that, I thought it must be a photo shop joke of some kind. Good God.
    I imagine the member of the PR crew who came up with this ‘please kick me’ moment must be having his nuts cut off with a dull, rusty butterknife as we speak.

  24. Oh, come now, mc4ever59! These people are masters of the photo op!

  25. Do occupy cultists wake up wondering what the most pointless and idiotic thing they can do today is?
    RIP Donald “Duck” Dunn, bass player supreme of Booker T. and the MG’s, died this morning at age 70.

  26. Heh, great catch, Pablo. All it needs is the cast of Monty Python dancing across the screen singing the lumberjack song.

  27. Well, time for me to log off. A goodnight to all, and again to all the moms here at PW,a very happy Mother’s Day. Leave those dishes alone!
    Right now, it’s…

  28. “Being a mom isn’t a pre-existing condition”

    Of course not; its a punishment ya dummies, everyone knows that!

  29. those 1.1 million of females between 19-25 just shifted their cost to their parents employers because they can’t get a job.

  30. I wonder if Obama thought his children were punishments.

  31. Dear Mothers, we here at the Affordable Care Act, now that we have been voted up and signed into existence by a very narrow Congressional margin and against the wills of he voters who blasted many of us out of power in retaliation for it, are about to fuck you over sideways to the tune of trillions, and ruin the rest of your children’s lives with debt, all so we can bust out/bankrupt/collapse the entire health care industry as you have known it, blame it on Republicans, and then have you beg us to rebuild it as a centrally planned, rationed, single payer sate run entity that operates with the same kind of rationing that made Canadians and UK subjects who could afford it come to the US for treatment! Yes to get 10 million people who probably mostly didn’t want to buy health coverage because they are young and healthy, enrolled we’ve forced a stupid bloated doomed fisco on ALL of you.

    Yes it’s the very same kind of system that Canada and the UK ae now trying to move away from only on a larger scale and without our OLD medical system to fall back on! So Happy mother’s day. Say, those are nice kids you mothers have there. It’d be a shame if something happened to ’em. Maybe you should let US raise them in case you know…mistakes are made and such. Waddya say to four more years huh?

  32. C’mon all you Moms out there! Do it for Julia!

  33. “The fact that they are insisting on maintaining their ability to have free and unfettered access to our property does not even come close to meeting our minimal conditions,” said UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof. “All they needed to do was agree to work with us to coordinate activities.”

    “All they needed to do was agree to work……”?


  34. I never knew pregnancy was a pre-existing condition.

    Taking advantage of Diane’s comment to whip out my personal responsibility fetish for a sec.

    It’s a pre-existing condition if first you get pregnant, and only then apply to get a third party (like an insurance company) to pick up the costs.

  35. We used to drop ’em in the fields and get back to work. It’s not rocket science.

  36. My great grandmother gave birth to one of her children under a cottonwood tree. My grandmother had all three of her children in Company housing (her husband worked for an oil company), which was little more than a shack. Midwives? Those were for rich people. Doctors? Don’t make me laugh.

  37. leigh, you’re the only person I (sorta) know who brags about their po’ white trash roots.

  38. Please, Ernst. My relatives were pioneers. Later relatives were po’ white trash. Trailer houses and everything.

  39. Me? I’m descended from minor nobility.

    I don’t know that for a fact, but there’s no harm in playing the odds

  40. Heh. My dad’s family claims to be minor nobility, as well, but Germans are liars. We supposedly had a “von” in front of the family name before we beat it for Russia so mein grossvater (plus two or three greats in front of that) could escape conscription. Then, things got ugly there and we came to the USA.

  41. Googled: reason women charged more for health insurance

    Had to go to page 4 to find a link that stated this:

    “Insurers say women under the age of 55 cost more to cover because they use more health services. From maternity and reproductive care to contending at younger ages with cervical and breast cancers. Women also use more prescription drugs.”

    Many of the headlines on the first three pages started something like this:

    “From dry cleaning to haircuts, women often pay more than men due to gender pricing.”

    I am not sure why the concept of charging what it costs to dry clean a pair of men’s slacks vs a woman’s pleated skirt or trimming a 1/4″ off the top vs a feather cut for long hair is so hard.

    As for the insurance. Since the company I work for (2/3) and I (1/3) share the cost of insurance how does that make my (non existent) wife and existent daughter pay more for insurance?

    Face palm… I completely forgot about the 50 year war on marriage.

    Never mind.

  42. Heh. Well, TR, maybe you just forgot that they get you coming and going.
    And everything in between.