April 30, 2012

Juice Extractor 54 Bucks [Dan Collins]

That’s cheaper than a Colombian hooker, guys.

I’m all about the helpfulness.

If you need a 5 hp juice extractor, I can’t help you.

Posted by vermontaigne @ 7:04pm

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  1. that’s a great price where were you this morning?

  2. I might suggest that you check parts availability on any appliance you buy, before you buy it. Because if replacement parts aren’t available, then you’ve found a ‘use it, break it then trash it, and buy another one!’ product. A thing not worth owning AFAIC.

    From Dan’s link, we find that the product is a Hamilton Beach Model 67650. Parts are unavailable.


  3. That’s cheaper than a Colombian hooker, guys.

    they were gov’t employees. they didn’t shop around.

  4. Dudes obviously didn’t know how to haggle, either.

  5. she was probably one of the cutest colombian hookers ever I bet

  6. She certainly has a healthy opinion of herself, that’s for sure.

  7. something tells me she’s better off than she was four years ago

  8. newrouter says April 30, 2012 at 7:22 pm…

    Holy poop! What are the chances the nitwit doesn’t even know? I bet the people who came up with this know. Someone needs to ask Screamin’ Jay Carney about it, I’d love to hear how he spins it.

  9. jdw, you have a point, but might I suggest that this would be a good way for someone to explore the Harness the Power of Juice Lifestyle before committing to a way-expensive machine that might otherwise end up alongside all the abandoned breadmakers at Goodwill, or in some equivalent of the giant holding facility that holds all those NordicTrack Classic Pro Skiers?

  10. i been harnessing the power of juice for almost 24 hours and I’ve really enjoyed it

  11. You’re probably enjoying it more than Roger Clemens is, I’m guessing.

  12. Dan, if one is going to do anything, best do it in the highest (read: costliest) style. If you’re going to buy a doorstop, buy the BEST! doorstop monies can buy!

  13. HAPPY MAY DAY~! You know who you are.


  14. jdw, a lot of people seem to enjoy the doorstop lifestyle. Judging by Goodwill, a lot more than the bread machine lifestyle.

  15. Keeps our Capitalist society moving forward at a nice clip, Dan. And, helpful for tax-time, if you’ve retained donation receipts… )

  16. Poor little bread making orphangs. I guess I just don’t have room enough for them in my heart.

  17. you can’t put a price tag on the power of juice

  18. you know for all the rinsings and rinsings and more rinsings you have to do, harnessing the power of juice is a really a lot resource-intensive pursuit I’m noticing

    but so rewarding

  19. I for one am tired of all our jobs going overseas to Columbian hookers.

  20. 54 bucks!? I’d have to stage — successfully, mind you, which is the dealbreaker — six and three-quarters reiterations of my one and only successful tipjar-rattlethon back in whenever the hell it was.


    2003, it was. My heyday.

    I peaked way too soon.

  21. […]the giant holding facility that holds all those NordicTrack Classic Pro Skiers?

    My basement holds exactly one. Sure, it’s not wind sprints but if you really crank the music up you can almost achieve puking levels of exercise.

  22. Geez McGehee, YOU set the price right there on the header.

    Maybe you shoulda put $54 and Mcgehee’s value priced opinions…

  23. Oh, that title came later, after I’d come to terms with the fact that I would never be in that rarefied tax bracket ever again.