April 28, 2012

“Our task is to win the moral rhetorical battle.” [Darleen Click]

“The great moral dividing line is about the size of the State.”

Dennis Prager’s Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse:

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  1. Dennis Prager is the best!!

  2. Still listening… was just struck by his comment regarding the greatest atrocities in history having been committed by secular governments.

    I’m reading a book by Jay Winick called “The Great Upheaval.” I never really thought to long or hard about the french revolution. At this point though, I now understand that the great genocidal acts of the 20th century are all the bastard children of the french revolutionaries. These people killed their king, killed their priests, killed each other over the slightest of disagreements.

    They thought they were enlightened and progressive. They slaughtered women and children in the streets, dragged people to the guillotines for the crime of being affluent or religious.

    They were evil, in the end, because they could not imagine themselves as being wrong, and there was nothing to stop them from any act. No set of laws, no moral code, no tradition. Nothing.

    The language of communism and fascism comes from the french revolutionaries. As does the language of our current left, I might add.

    Ok, back to the vid…..

  3. I know the vid is a bit long …but there are SO many good quotes!

  4. No, Darleen, not too long at all. Prager is awesome. I’m reading his new book out, “Still the Best Hope.” One of the best books I’ve read in a while, and I read a lot of conservative/partisan books!

  5. I like the one about equality vs. dignity. Spot on!

  6. Finished… I think he does shrink away from suggesting leftists continue to have warm feelings for 20th century genocidal movements. Certainly an argument could be made that the abortion industry is genocidal, and we know how much our lefties love abortions.

    So yes, there are leftists who are simply ignorant of the harm they do, but they share a place at the table with the butchers of history, including our own, and their guilt is not mitigated by the fact that they don’t understand.

  7. The bigger the trough, the more swine you attract.

    That’s why big gubmint ends up being hugely corrupt.

    AND big biz. It’s important that we be pro-free-market, not pro-business. Big biz, as he notes, becomes pretty corrupt too, and they slam the door on the smaller businesses wherever they can.

  8. One thing you have to understand about Prager is that when he talks about “liberals,” he’s talking about the New Yorkers he was raised among, not the hard-leftists such as Barack Obama and Van Jones and Bill Ayers.

    Because for them, you can explain their beliefs with one phrase: “I ought to be in charge.”

  9. dicentra says April 28, 2012 at 3:02 pm…..

    Right, I get where he’s coming from, I’m just not willing to accept that the soft libs can’t see the consequence of letting their harder brethren have the keys to the bus.

    I think we all know the type. Prager identifies they well, they want to feel good about things. Fine, but you can see for yourselves that the brutes you put in charge don’t care about the poor and the downtrodden, they care about having the power. If you can’t see that, shame on you for your ignorance, and that is the crime for which the feel-gooder/do-gooders must be held accountable.

  10. @7:46 in the tape … a quote that ought to be billboards across the country

    We measure morality by what happens, not what is intended

  11. But that right there is a defining difference between conservatives and moderates, and liberals. For liberals good intentions can excuse the worst of outcomes. Look at the “war on poverty”. With the very best of intentions they’ve consigned entire generations to poverty in the inner city ghettos by creating the circumstances — “no man in the house” rules & such — that have destroyed their families, by consigning them to wretched educational institutions, and by creating a set of perverse circumstances that almost guarantee rampant crime, because criminal activity is the most rewarding economic opportunity available for many. But their good intentions excuse the outcome. Caring about the poor makes them moral. That they continue to advocate programs that actively screw over the poor is of no concern.

  12. I’m just not willing to accept that the soft libs can’t see the consequence of letting their harder brethren have the keys to the bus.

    I really don’t think they see it. If they did, that would tear their world to pieces, and few people are in a position to let that happen.

  13. Thanks for posting this Darleen, I would likely not have seen it otherwise.

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