April 25, 2012

WHAT and Skittles…? [McGehee]

For some, life isn’t all beer and Skittles.

Doctors say teenagers have a false belief that prescription drugs give a safer high than illegal drugs. Many teens think it’s alright to eat them with candy until they end up in the hospital.

It’s becoming all-the-rage for teens to have Skittle’s parties, also called pharm parties — pharm being short for pharmaceuticals. The sugar load isn’t the problem. It’s when teens bring prescription drugs to the party and put them in the candy bowl then eat the mixture by the handful.

Somehow I doubt this is limited to Chattanooga.

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  1. Hand-sanitizer makes for sure the better crunk.

  2. This is an evergreen drug story.*

  3. How the hell do you huff a Skittle?

  4. I wonder what role tea might play in one of these parties.

    Apropos of absolutely nothing.

    How the hell do you huff a Skittle?

    Probably not too differently from how you snort a Good & Plenty.

  5. The coolest thing about hand sanitizer is that it’s like napalm-lite.

  6. That’s beer and skiffles. Skiffles was a type of music that was popular with the Liverpool set pre-Beatles. Ringo was in a Skiffles band.

  7. The Red Army, poor souls, had to make do with boot polish.

  8. Skittles in vodka has become more popular lately.

  9. Kinda like the false dichotomy between natural & man-made.

    Every time I run into this I tell people that if I made a salad out of everything growing in my flower garden, it would either kill them or make them sick. (Yes, I grow Digitalis purpurea, among other things.)

    Botulism? Anthrax? Blue-ringed octopus venom? Totally natural; totally deadly.

  10. Totally OT but have any of you seen this video? A regional administrator for the EPA compared the agency’s tactics to Roman crucifixions and the resulting ease of controlling others afterward.

    Sickening, but, it’s good they’re admitting who and what they are.

  11. N.M., The Prince, Chapter XVII Concerning Cruelty And Clemency, And Whether It Is Better To Be Loved Than Feared

  12. Better than taint snorting

  13. another baracky strawman

    The rate will revert to 6.8percent in July if Congress does not extend the temporary rate reduction that was enacted in 2007.

    This proposal is likely to garner support from college-age voters as well as former college students — both graduates and dropouts — currently paying off their student loans. But the latter group may not know that the interest rate on their federal loans will not be affected by Obama’s proposal because it only applies to new loans.


  14. i believe it’s ICED TEA and skittles what the kids are getting jiggy with these days Mr. McGehee, with oft-times tragic results for example for awhile they thought American president Barack Obama’s son had been shot but fortunately it turned out it was just a kid what looked a lot like him… but still that sort of thing really drives it home how precarious it all is and how much we take for granted

  15. IIRC, it’s better to be feared than to be loved.

  16. It’s a pleasantry to think of the day coming soon when none of us — not one — hears Barack Millhouse Obama’s voice looming out from some device or other. (That right there is neither love nor fear. I like to call it contempt. )

  17. Skittles related.

    Reuters has come out with a piece that shows George Zimmerman in a much more favorable light. Why and /or why now are good questions.

    I believe the answer is that they suspect that there might be a big lawsuit coming and since they were the “mouthpiece” for the storyline that was invented by the lawyers Crump and Parker, a storyline that catapulted the case into national prominence, they just might want to try a late CYA to save a few bucks later.

  18. Heh. It’s CYA of the first order. I saw Alan Dershowitz dishing with Megyn Kelly this afternoon and his advice to the prosecutor? “Hire a lawyer.”

  19. Jim in kc, you just know I’m going to check out that napalm thing.

  20. A regional administrator for the EPA compared the agency’s tactics to Roman crucifixions and the resulting ease of controlling others afterward.

    The EPA is occasionally challenged in court, aren’t they? This seems like it could be problematic at some point in the future for them.

  21. JIF that is a very good find. Stunning and banal.

  22. “Better than taint snorting”

    BJTex just rolled over JD ;)

  23. Business Insider offers a good ‘executive summary’ of the Reuters piece.

  24. …and the Business Insider writer promptly is told he should be ashamed of himself.

    We need the SMOD to split the planet in two, with the proggs on the left half and the rest of us on the half that doesn’t fall into the sun.

  25. They had a meeting at a local school I heard about on the radio the other week. $140k or so in Federal Grant money they were trying to figure out how to spend to stop high school kids from drinking.

    I figured buy them all a bunch of weed and blow.

    That would work for a day or two, ya know?

  26. $140k or so in Federal Grant money they were trying to figure out how to spend to stop high school kids from drinking.

    The most effective way to do that? Stop trying to stop them and leave it to their parents. The best way to get a kid to do something is to keep telling them they shouldn’t.

    Where’s my $140K?

  27. Gonna have to disagree with you there, B Moe. Give a kid some weed and he’s high for a day. Teach a kid to grow weed…

    I’d probably have made a fantastic teacher.

  28. Skittles get stuck in my teeth and take a hella lot a toothpicking to get out.. I’d just pick out the Rorer 714s cause they’re easy to spot.

  29. Orange Skittles taste just like St Joe’s aspirin for children.

  30. This is a bullshit urban myth, like rainbow parties and razor blades in Halloween candy.

    Why is it that all the fun stuff ends up fake?

  31. No kidding, LMC. I tried killing off one of my brothers with Pop-rocks and Coke when we were kids. He’s still here.

  32. Tell me about it. I’ve licked so many fake tattoos my tongue is a permanent shade of off-blue. Still can’t fly.

  33. It’s a little known fact nothing is allowed to become an urban myth until it’s been tested in Chattanooga.