April 16, 2012

Obama, paraphrased: “How dare you plebes accuse me of ‘jetsetting’ or being ‘out of touch'”

“I’m pretty sure that’s racist — and besides, I work plenty hard:  I mean, it’s not like golf balls  just drive themselves, you know.

“Now.  If you’ll excuse me, I have vacations to scout.  For freedom!”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:58am

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  1. So much for tourism in America. Anywhere but for Barry and Meesh.

  2. heh, just got this in the email from the Obama


    closing line: “P.S. — Tax fairness is one of the most important issues we’ll be fighting for in the next seven months. We need to keep growing this campaign from the ground up to reach as many voters as possible”

    Tax fairness.

  3. oops, meant to put that in the tax thread just below.

  4. I got that email mt_molehill and wrote back asking for a calculator that tells me how much the 58 million pay who don’t pay taxes so I can compare that Romney.

    I got a form letter back asking for a donation.

  5. Well, mc4ever59 I guess we should count our blessings that they haven’t decided to close down the Smithsonian during tourist season, so they can take the tots on a field trip. Or go on a tour of New England when the leaves are turning or Colonial Williamsburg.

  6. I’m quite sure President Obama was joking, however, it’s just another little check mark in the “not the sharpest tool in the shed” column. Talk about an ill-timed remark.

  7. This guy makes Ratbert look like a sooper-genius.

    PS: “How’s this for fair? You stop withholding from my paychecks, and I promise that I’ll pay my taxes in full every April. Deal?

    What, you don’t trust me?…”

  8. I got a form letter back asking for a donation.

    You’re lucky you didn’t get a visit from the Secret Service asking you about your threatening message. Apparently they are too busy dipping their Praetorian wicks.

  9. The boss works for tax fairness, his minions just work the fair sex.

  10. Was this before or after he took a shit on Cameron, and mis-identified the Maldives?

  11. Someone tell Obama that they don’t speak Arabic in Colombia, even if it is the 57th state.

  12. He really is a bit thick for a suave, globe-trottin’ dude, isn’t he?

  13. What you’re all missing is the IMMACULATE CREASE IN HIS PANTS!

  14. Speaking of racism, on Ace of Spades a guest reviewer ‘JJ’ writes about “No Matter What, They’l Call This Book Racist”, by Harry Stein.

    “Definitely a must-read for all you ‘rons and ‘ronettes out there, especially in light of what is happening now. It’s crucial, I think, to not be silenced about what’s going on here and have the courage to speak honestly and openly about this issue. If we can take away the race card from the left, they’ve got very little after that.”

    And yet Derbyshire was indefensible. Silence for thee but speech for me.

  15. And yet Derbyshire was indefensible. Silence for thee but speech for me.

    Situational ethics of the dextrosphere. And then there is the mildly humorous practice of referring with irony to its denizens as “morons.” Why did this become “‘rons and ‘ronettes?

    Humor: Leave it to professionals.

  16. Derbyshire defended.

    At NRO!!

    h/t Geoff B.

  17. I just love the mixture of political incorrectness and political pragmatism at AoS. And the comically misleading Mencken quote is great too.

  18. I commented over there.

    Like I said at the time when the Derb thing broke, the “pragmatic” right is always going on about the need to defeat political correctness and take away the power of the race card, etc. Then when presented with an actual opportunity to do so in fact rather than in theory, they can’t climb over “indefensible” rightwing “racism” fast enough on their way to the moral high ground.

    And we wonder why we have Romney.

    Let loose the dogs of war my ass. More like hide the conservatives, they’re embarrassing us!

  19. Derbyshire defended.

    At NRO!!


    He says Derbyshire’s less than 1,500 word article is too long and meanders. His piece is over 3,600 words.

  20. Barackonomics? The perfect conflagration of Socialism, client statism, and eternal Cloward-Piven debts?

    Yep. Asymptotic.

    “There is no subtler, surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”

    -John Maynard Keynes, Sorceror of monetary extremes

    Welcome to Thunderdome.

  21. are fiat cars better than fiat currency?

  22. newrouter, I can tell you from bitter experience that Fiat cars require a lot of fiat dollars to keep on the road.

    Basically an asphalt version of the definition of a boat.

  23. so fiat cars are worth fiat currencies.

  24. Zimmerman thinks it’s a mistake because he’s not guilty. But as Kafka might have told him, guilt or innocence has little to do with it. Zimmerman wasn’t indicted on charges of shooting a man, but of being a racist, of being the living embodiment of American inequality, NRA lawmaking and a dozen other sins. These are not charges that he can ever shake, because they are not legal crimes, they are political crimes.

    The true charges against Zimmerman are ‘class charges’, they indict him as the representative of a class, white racists, gun owners and the entire heteronormative patriarchal class of men who quote Edmund Burke, carry guns and feel entitled to trail troubled black teenagers in their community. Lynching Zimmerman is not about putting one man away, it is about putting everyone away. It is about the absolute triumph of the system and its ideology and about putting the individualist in his place, in a small cell and an orange jumpsuit.

    The original title of “The Trial” was “The Process” and we are always in the middle of a process. The process begins before we are born and ends only when our bodies and estates are disposed of to the complete satisfaction of the system. The point of Kafka’s book was not whether the defendant was innocent or guilty. The point of the process was the process. The purpose of the trial was the trial.

    We are all on trial under the system. That is the nightmare that Kafka anticipated. It is a reality that was already taking hold in the Soviet Union even while he was writing. The purpose of the trial is the absolute power of the system and its ability to snatch up anyone, examine them and then dispose of them. The theater of the trial informs everyone who lives under the system that they are at its mercy.

    The very randomness of choosing Zimmerman, the contempt for the basic facts of the case, has become part of the message. The message is the same. The facts don’t matter. The decision making process doesn’t matter. Leave your evidence and your Burke quotations at home and watch how the wheels spin, the gears grind and the blood flows. The message is that the system is absolute and there is no escape.


  25. I left two links in the other thread from Commentary Magazine. The first on Derb’s firing & the second a Freakonomics book review by James Q. Wilson. The book review mentions things very similar to what Derbyshire did.

  26. Heh, at least prior to the hockey game during warm-ups, Caps fans behind Timmy Thomas’s cage have plastered the glass with dozens of boogie-man Obama photos to try to spook Timmy. Won’t work, of course, but funny as all get out to see, nevertheless.

  27. newrouter, I can tell you from bitter experience that Fiat cars require a lot of fiat dollars to keep on the road.

    Fix It Again, Tony.

  28. He says Derbyshire’s less than 1,500 word article is too long and meanders. His piece is over 3,600 words.

    An irony he readily acknowledges.

    Your comment killed the AoSHQ thread, Jeff.


  29. newrouter says April 16, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    “We are all George Zimmerman”


  30. Neighbors Say Zimmerman Had Bandages To Nose, Back of Head After Martin Shooting…
    Jorge Rodriguez, Zimmerman’s next-door neighbor, told Reuters that when he saw Zimmerman the day after the incident, “he had two big, butterfly bandages on the back of his head, and another big bandage…on the bridge of his nose.” He was talking to a police detective in his driveway.

  31. John O’Sullivan had better be prepared to do penance. This could get him drummed out of the country club:

    As best I understand him, he believes (following Darwin, incidentally) that different races have different skills and qualities as well as the same ones in differing degree. Each race, having evolved by adapting to its specific environment, is superior in some activity but inferior in others. No one race is best at everything. So there’s no racial hierarchy and no racial right to rule. Hmmnn.

    Well, intelligence then? Derb is notorious for being interested in that. Does I.Q. serve as a kind of proxy for overall superiority in his worldview? If so, he is an unusually altruistic kind of racist — namely, a cheerleader for another race. He believes that North Asians are at the top of the I.Q. tree, with whites struggling along in mid-field. So he should be worried that his part-Asian kids don’t seem to agree with him on “the Talk.” What do they know that he doesn’t? Whatever else, though, he’s not a white supremacist.

    I note liberals love to put the Darwin four-legged fish badge on their Subarus and Toyota Piuses.

    He’s right on the money here:

    Moreover, I fear that Mark Steyn is right in saying that Derb’s departure will further narrow the already narrow limits of acceptable debate in American intellectual life. The tumbrils are already rolling, with Elspeth Reeve at the Atlantic Wire denouncing Victor Davis Hanson on obscure grounds and calling for a campaign to drive “racist” writers from their jobs.

  32. “We are all George Zimmerman”

    That was a depressingly trenchant observation newrouter quoted.

  33. I would very much enjoy the politically correct mental midgets to try taking on the likes of VDH and Steyn.
    Their tears would be delicious.

  34. In the grand tradition of off-topic comments, here is a good post by the usually level-headed Peter Robinson. Mr. Electability has a row to hoe here. Let’s hope he can break that plain or it’s another four years of President Straw Man.

    The fact that it’s Ricochet posting something other than sheer Pollyanna musings about Mitt is refreshing. Practical politics indeed.


  35. Going off of Mr. Robinson’s premise, and playing “if I had to bet on it right now”, I’d say Mr. Electability ain’t gettin’ elected.

  36. By Jonathan Gilbert in Buenos Aires 3:50PM BST 16 Apr 2012
    President Obama erred during a speech at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, when attempting to call the disputed archipelago by its Spanish name.
    Instead of saying Malvinas, however, Mr Obama referred to the islands as the Maldives, a group of 26 atolls off that lie off the South coast of India.
    The Maldives were a British protectorate from 1887 to 1965 and the site of a UK airbase for nearly 20 years.


    The Telegraph must be still wearing its kneepads because the subhead to the article reads:

    Barack Obama made an uncharacteristic error, more akin to those of his predecessor George W Bush, by referring to the Falkland Islands as the Maldives.

    The “Nittaly Lions,” corpse-men in 57 states, 10,000 not actually killed in a Kansas tornado, an Auschwitz in Poland not Germany, the ‘Cinco de Cuatro” holiday, native speakers of “Austrian,” and the non-Arabic speaking peoples of Afghanistan object to the idea that this is uncharacteristic.

  37. In which case, 2012 may be the last constitutionally-based elections we have in a while.

  38. It’s all good enough for government work, George.

  39. RIRed; I’ve been saying that if Barry wins in November, that among his other assaults on the constitution would be amnesty with immediate voting rights for illegals. Yesterday, he makes a speech promising he’s gonna fight hard for amne-*cough*- immigration reform next year.
    Let the pidgeons loose.

  40. ‘Morons’ is pretty much just a new iteration of ‘lizards’.

    “We’re a community. We can kid each other and we have this umbreall we al fit under, our own lingo. It’s nice. Unless you piss me off. Then you’re a crazy conspiracy troll sent by the enemy and you don’t belong. “

  41. If’ you’re not a vetted purely” non-purist” moron who “wants to win” then you must be a secret moby from Stormfront or something. QED.

  42. You’re not being very helpful, Palaeomerus.

  43. Despite Obama charm, Americas summit boosts U.S. isolation

    (Reuters) – President Barack Obama sat patiently through diatribes, interruptions and even the occasional eye-ball roll at the weekend Summit of the Americas in an effort to win over Latin American leaders fed up with U.S. policies.

    He failed.

    The guy who was going to repair all our international relationships and regain respect for America around the world? Yeah, that charming sonofabitch.

  44. ‘Morons’ is pretty much just a new iteration of ‘lizards’.

    tribal/collective/ in group -ism

  45. Amazing what a committed liberal idealogue can accomplish in only three years. I don’t think a committed conservative could do as much in the opposite direction because said conservative would want to, you know, play by the rules.

  46. More of those damn white hispanics.

    Oh, well, at least Obama can be proud of the peace and stability he has brought to the Middle East.

  47. Well, now we know what kind of services the Secret Service was trying to keep secret, don’t we?

  48. Just for that, if you don’t re-elect me, we’ll just leave this as is. Win-win.
    -The (Petulant) Won

  49. Something to keep an eye on: The return of Diplomad.

    Diplomad is taking apart the pathetic foreign policy of the Obama administration from an insider pov.

  50. RI Red and motionview, that is exactly the problem. These people are psychopaths:

    “Whatever else he may be, this man is convinced he can beat the entire universe because he’s hungrier and more ruthless than anyone else in it. He’s counting on that. He expects us to be the good guys and back away rather than accept the blame for the cost of stopping him.

    “But if we don’t back away and he presses his button, we will be to blame, Ma’am,” Cardones said quietly. Honor’s eyes flashed, and he waved a hand quickly. “I don’t mean it that way, Skipper. You were right; the decision will be his. But by the same token, we’ll always know we could have let him walk and avoided it.”

    He’d said “we,” Honor thought, but he’d meant “you.” He was trying to make it a group decision, to give her an out—to protect her.

    “We’re not going to consider that, Rafe,” she replied softly. “Particularly not since we can’t be sure he won’t do it anyway.” She rubbed her temple and shook her head. “However relaxed he may be trying to appear, he has to hate us for blowing away his fleet and his private little kingdom. He’s already demonstrated how casually he’s willing to kill an entire town, and he knows exactly how to punish us by using our own principles against us. The moral side of it wouldn’t even occur to him, and what he’s already done will earn him the death penalty from anyone who ever captures him. I offered him an option there, but he prefers to go for complete victory rather than accept prison as an alternative, so the threat of ultimate retribution won’t deter him either. As he sees it, he’s got nothing to lose, so why not do whatever he wants?”

    – David Weber, Honor Among Enemies

    Until they are killed, the Left won’t stop, because they have nothing to lose by continuing.

  51. I would very much enjoy the politically correct mental midgets to try taking on the likes of VDH and Steyn.

    What, you missed Steyn’s sojourn in the Canuck Kangaroo Court? It took so much out of him he had to spend several months on walkabout to recover.

  52. What’s going on with people after VDH? Link?

  53. As an aside, next time you hear one of those smug newsreaders pronounce the Colombian city as “kar-ta-HAY-nja,” go ahead and laugh at them. There’s no ñ in Cartagena: just the plain old n.

    Pretentious morons.

  54. Here, I think.

  55. Until they are killed, the Left won’t stop, because they have nothing to lose by continuing.

    Very few want to say it, but the Left is the enemy. Decent Americans will either separate from them, destroy them, or be destroyed/enslaved by them.

  56. Dicentra; and as I recall, Steyn won. And he’s been as good- and as big a pain in the ass- as ever since then.
    As to VDH, again, if they want to square off with him, it’s their funeral.
    Hanson is lethal in a debate. Brilliant, well informed and educated on a wide variety of topics, and you can’t rattle him. I’ve yet to see any liberal goe the distance with him.
    StrangernFiction; yes , the left is literally the enemy. Only far more dangerous to this country than the likes of Al Quada and co could ever be in their wildest dreams. There are now individuals and groups supposedly on the right and ‘on our side’ who I am thinking of as the enemy every bit as much.
    They enable our enemies to the point that if they win in the end, the first thing they should do is give a big thanks to these so called conservatives. Because they couldn’t have done it without them.

  57. What’s going on with people after VDH? Link?

    This maybe?

  58. geoffb, I got about halfway through. It’s a step by step copy of the dem/lib playbook. Fake outrage, make accusations , call names.
    The guy’s name is ‘nob’? Well, he should go polish one.

  59. The [Secret] League of Extraordinary Peacekeepers*

  60. Oh no, you’re not out of touch Barry, not at all:

    Because this bill circumvents a longstanding and proven process for determining whether cross-border pipelines are in the national interest by mandating the permitting of the Keystone XL pipeline before a new route has been submitted and assessed, the president’s senior advisers would recommend that he veto this legislation,” the White House said in a formal “statement of administration policy” Tuesday afternoon.

  61. Oh no, you’re not out of touch Barry, not at all:

    peeps got to be paid

    Did Buffett Help Obama Kill Keystone Pipeline to Reap Financial Gain?