April 6, 2012

Obama’s ‘Stimulus’ rife with fraud? Say it’s not so! [Darleen Click]

Who would have thunk it?

In what is shaping up as another troubled chapter in the saga of the Obama Administration’s economic stimulus program, the Justice Department is investigating whether billions of dollars worth of federal highway and transportation programs are rife with fraud and abuse.

About $48 billion of the $825 billion authorized by Congress and the administration under the 2009 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) went to support existing highway and transit infrastructure projects, like the massive Fulton Street Transit Center project in lower Manhattan. Eighty-eight percent of those funds have been spent, and nearly 80 percent of the projects have been completed as part of the government’s efforts to create new jobs.

But federal investigators have uncovered widespread financial management problems with many of the projects. As of early March, federal authorities were investigating 66 cases of alleged false statements, bid rigging, fraud and embezzlement, according to a report by Calvin L. Scovel III, the Department of Transportation’s inspector general. Justice Department lawyers are scouring 47 of those cases for potential prosecution, according to Scovel.

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  1. Heh, it seems to me “rife with fraud” is a relative step up in morality from “is a fraud”. I think I’ll stick with the latter characterization.

  2. ‘Obama Fraud Rife With Stimulus’

  3. This is not puzzling once you realize the object of the stimulus was never stimulus.

  4. well it stimulate some baracky cronies

  5. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to stimulate Barry’s cronies if we bought them hookers and blow?

    Oh, yeah… I guess we did.

  6. “Join Michelle and tell Barack You’re In. ARE YOU IN?”

    Criminal enterprise, right up front. Wanna drive the getaway car?

  7. The object of stimulus is response. Stimulus, response. Stimulus, response.

    Thinking is for the little people.

    Or something.

  8. My one hope is that our children are allowed as much fraud imprecise bookkeeping in repaying these monies as our “good men” have allowed themselves in spending it.

  9. The Justice Dept is investigating TARP fraud? Are we talking about the Holder Justice Dept? What’s the catch?

  10. Who sent you?

  11. And don’t forget, that glorious, ethically-pure Federal machine is all lean muscle now, with not so much as an ounce of fat they can afford to cut!

    Not. An. OUNCE.

    (For the record? When ol’ Joey Hairplugs says that budget cuts would be stealing food from the mouths of cops and firemen, I totally believe him. I am fully convinced that Joe will fight tooth and nail to guarantee that he and his get every perq and privilege to which he feels they’re entitled, long before any first responder sees so much as a dime.)

  12. Who sent you?

    Who’s asking?

  13. We don’t want nobody that nobody sent.

  14. I ain’t from Chicago, if that’s what you mean.

  15. “I ain’t from Chicago”

    Ha, as if Barack and Michelle didn’t know that already? Well greased criminal enterprises like the Obama administration need to know your bona fides, and questions like “who’s asking?” alone gives the game away, nevermind those other questions about the Holder Justice dept.

  16. You think I could maybe lay low at your place for a bit?

  17. Silver Whistle — “The Justice Dept is investigating TARP fraud? Are we talking about the Holder Justice Dept? What’s the catch?”

    The catch is all the money was stolen in California and the Boswash Corridor, and all the prosecutions will be in Texas and Wisconsin.

  18. “You think I could maybe lay low at your place for a bit?”

    Ceutianly! Though it’s gettin’ hotter than hades here, with hurricane season on the way right after tornado season bugs out just as soon as fire season ends. Me, now that winter’s left up north I’m heading straight to the Mag Mile to get a nice chunk of that sweet sweet Obamacash. Bring your gat though: the German tourists down here are tough buggers when it comes to givin’ up their wallets.

  19. There’s no way any prosecutions arise from this investigation, not while Dear Leader is shining his trouser seat in the Oval Office, Richard.

  20. Obama’s ‘Stimulus’ rife with fraud?

    Bill Clinton Knew Obama Was Ineligible

  21. newrouter, Kevin and his Merry Band are a buynch of rumormongers who leap before they look. Take his posts with a large spoonful of salt.

  22. O/T, but this fits in well with Jeff’s thesis about liberal guilt:


  23. What are the odds of any of these investigations looking into the good (friend of Obama and) Mayor of Sacramento?

  24. Woyuldn’t you know it? The first mayor of my hometown to have my first name, and all he does is reinforce my decision not to use my first name openly on the internet.

  25. We’ll always have Sacramento, Kevin.

  26. In other News:

    Water is Wet. Special Report at 11:00PM.