April 6, 2012

Friday news of the day open thread

Whatever nasty GI virus my son had he passed on to me. So I’ll be spending most of my time today purging my body of whatever it’s taken in over the last day or so.

Not by choice, either.

If I start feeling a little better or can find some time in between emergencies, I’ll try to post some things later on today. But word is, this thing sticks around for quite awhile and won’t go away no matter how badly you want it to.

Like a Kathy Griffin interview. Or a Democrat presidency.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:42am

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  1. I had food poisoning last weekend. Lost 8 lbs. my sympathies ….

  2. Strap a bucket to your ass and EMBRACE your new normal.

    If Republicans (or the Supreme Court —take your pick) didn’t hate people like you, you might be eligible for a FREE colostomy bag, and someone to change it for you FOR FREE.

    But no….

  3. Any Occupiers in your neck of the woods, Jeff? I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be when I had a case of the Hershey Squirts. You could help ’em paint some cop cars!

  4. York has an interesting piece up on the dichotomy between OBarcky trying t sway the Supreme Court with his unprecedented to overturn a law passed with strong majorities while his DOJ was arguing to the Court to overturn DOMA.

  5. I saw it coming, but I did not know it had already started.

    TSA is now setting up checkpoints on Tenessee highways.

  6. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, questioned TSA’s VIPR program – which stands for Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response.

    In late 2011, Tennessee reportedly became the first state to implement an extensive VIPR program. Under VIPR, TSA, state highway patrol and other law enforcement officers can spent hours at a time searching trucks and trailers and questioning truck drivers in an effort to prevent terrorism.

    “Based on what you’ve seen from VIPR teams and their ability to prevent specific threats, have VIPR teams ever pulled over cars, vans or SUVs?” Blackbrun asked.

    “Not to my knowledge,” said Chris McLaughlin, TSA assistant administrator for security operations.

    “I’d love to know,” Blackburn said, “because to my knowledge there is no terrorist that has ever driven a semi truck.”

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) questioned the use of the new roving security checkpoints known as the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response program that has expanded TSA searches to highway rest stops, train terminals, and bus stops. She wondered if the agents had received proper training to perform the kind of invasive searches they are conducting around the country.

  7. I just had to turn off Fox News because some Damned Liar was claiming that Scalia’s refusal to read the ObamaCare law was horrible, but the fact none of the members of Congress who voted for it read it was perfectly okay.

    Remember that scene in The Ten Commandments with the Angel of Death taking the firstborn sons but skipping the houses marked with sheep’s blood (I think it was)? Might be that the righteous need to find places to get sheep’s blood in time for next Passover.

  8. It is not sundown yet McGehee (passover starts them). Mark that door transom!

  9. Huh. I thought Passover was the Thursday before Easter, but EBL is right — it starts tonight and lasts quite a while.

    Cranky? Squid? You still have any in stock?

  10. Bad link, EBL.

  11. Jeff, get some Gatorade or Powerade, something with electrolytes (it’s what plants crave!™) so you don’t get your system too out of whack and dehydrated.

    Feel better!

  12. Looks like Romney may go party establishment on Veep choice. That made me throw up a bit.

    McGehee, the Orthodox church does that (it makes sure Easter always falls behind Passover), but the Western and Roman church goes just with the lunar calendar and depending on the year Easter can fall before, after, or in this case with Passover starting on Good Friday (at sundown).

  13. me too! I was working from home and had a conference call on mute when I swear I had a prolapse…

    … at least I hope I was on mute.

  14. At the risk of repeating myself, I couldn’t care less who rides shotgun on the Etch-A-Sketch Express (cue Simon & Garfunkel) — I fell for it in ’08 and once is enough.

  15. EBL — don’t look at it as Romney sticking with an establishment candidate. Look at it as Romney not destroying anyone good.

    The country *might* still be around in 2016; it would be nice to have someone worth running it left.

  16. The way I see it, if Chicago Jesus wins, then if there is a 2016 election, it will be for show only. He’ll give amnesty to 20 million illegals, and the right to vote overnight. The election will be as legit as Iraq’s were when Saddam ran things, and he ended up with 99% of the vote.

  17. the cronyism will continue until morale improves

  18. So, Derbyshire hit the third rail.

    Clearly, he is not a good man. We are a Nation of Cowards, after all.

  19. What I haven’t yet seen is any substantive argument with his facts. Perhaps it will come. But I suspect there’ll just be lots more hand wringing and cries of “RAAAAACIST!!!”

  20. It’s about time. Of course, Derbyshire will now have to sit in the corner with Charles Murray.

  21. Racist fired.

    Will there be anyone else to follow? We can safely doubt it.

  22. Clearly, he is not a good man. We are a Nation of Cowards, after all.

    national review: our mittens are clean.

  23. “Friday news of the day open thread”

    I heard it’s Good Friday! A somber day. Bittersweet at best.

  24. Oops. Forgot to multiculturalize. For those who aren’t Christian, it’s Friday!

  25. i’m waiting for the nro “intelligentsias” reply to the former mayor of dc thing with aisans? there be “a chink in the armor”!

  26. I love watching these NRO tools going into a Captain Renault routine over Derb’s article.

  27. It did need to be said. While honest discussion of race relations is sorely needed in this country, telling your children not to help people in distress based on their skin color and advising them that black politicians are more corrupt than white ones is downright crazy talk.


    The first comment there is awesome, if I do say so. Me, I’m with Whittle. And I’m dismayed that PJ Media no longer has that post available. #NationOfCowards

  28. The Daily Caller has obtained a compilation of the late Trayvon Martin’s tweets.

    The social media scan, executed on PeopleBrowsr and supplied to TheDC by the individual who performed the search, contains tweets from the last month of Martin’s life, dating to the beginning of 2012.

    Martin tweeted under the handle “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA,” an account that was closed shortly after his death.

    The image attached to the Twitter account when Martin died matches one that has been widely distributed. That photograph of Martin depicts him smiling, gold-toothed, into a camera in front of an electronic dartboard.

    TheDC is publishing these tweets in exactly the form it received them, with the sole exception of partially redacting Martin’s telephone number in one tweet.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/26/the-daily-caller-obtains-trayvon-martins-tweets/#ixzz1rJqPBXGe


    baracky? just asking cowards.

  30. There’s a lot of stoopid in that link, Pablo. Although the first comment is awesome.

  31. Mathematics is very important. So important, the Greeks stole their mathematics from the Africans and pretended to have made them up themselves. At least, that’s what Molefi Kete Asante tol’ me.

    Turns out, on reconsideration, stinking statistics are from straight out of hell, burning with the hot fires of racism. Cursed numbers. Better we should disaggregate.

  32. Pablo,

    I kept getting “page not found” errors for that “The Talk” link.

    Tried Google and it returned 4 pages none of which had anything to do with it. Bing worked finally though the page at Takimag was very slow to load and buggy. Did finally find it. Thanks for the link.

    John Derbyshire is a true gentleman. Our host here is another, just so you can know my meaning of the term. My personal opinions, YMMV, but shouldn’t.

  33. Holy moly throwbacks, look what just happened in Ohio.

  34. Crosby, Stills & Nash.

    No relation to Sidney.

    No Young neither, yet.

  35. Derbyshire only said what Andrew Sullivan promoted when he was editor of TNR So what’s the problem?

  36. Crawford, you are a glass half full guy! Thanks. That might even cheer up McGehee.

  37. http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/04/john-derbyshires-talk.html I did a post on Derbyshire’s post. Dan Riehl’s reaction was well stated.

  38. I’m reassured to see that people who’ve been able to read the Derb’s piece are resisting the witch hunt. I’ve been unable to open Takimag at all and I refuse to join a witch hunt based on secondhand knowledge — I want to preserve my right to citizenship, see.

  39. It took me quite a few tries to get the page to load. However, Pablo’s link to a reply piece reprints the article in its entirety a way down on the age (at the end? I forget).

  40. Derb has always been a rationalist, this piece was just completely unfiltered. I don’t know how anything he wrote could be the least bit surprising to anyone who has read him over the years.

  41. Barry Rubin penned a piece that spills over into a number of stories we’re seeing bruited, possibly including the Derbyshire bit, echoing as it goes a theme we find here at pw nearly everyday: “Why is the Political Situation so Bleak? Because the Elite Fears Being Unfashionable More Than Being Wrong”

  42. Derb’s article is “controversial” in the same way Juan Williams noting that he gets a bit frightened on a plane when he sees Arabs in the row in front of him tugging at their vests.

    Eric Holder said we’re afraid to talk about race in this country. Derbyshire proved he isn’t. And his comrades are crawling over themselves to gain distance.

    Some of what Derbyshire said I didn’t agree with; but the article was set up as a talk he’d have with his kids about race, and the opinions he’s formed — and that he’d pass on to his children — were his, and the reasons he’s developed them he sourced w/ links.

    That his article brought out some unsavory types in the comments — WHY WON’T DERBYSHIRE TAKE ON THE KIKES? — has less to do with his article and more to do with certain people who read it and commented on it.

    It was a brave article, whether you believe Derbyshire is a racist or not. And given that it was written in the context of bounties on George Zimmerman, or Spike Lee sending out addresses, or Al Sharpton — who is invited to Easter breakfast at the WH — actively working to incite violence, well, it expresses a kind of anxiety that exists in the culture right now.

    Derbyshire set his article up by noting that in any large population, there will be trends; he sought to take a look at the trends and reach conclusions based on them. Whether or not you believe the conclusions he reached are valid or not is almost immaterial. Because what was truly important about his article was the citation of the trends — which, sad to say, we’ve been taught studiously to ignore. Funny how people who yell “SCIENCE!” and want to put conservatives in re-education camps fear actual data, isn’t it?

    That many on the right are hurrying to run away from Derbyshire is completely predictable. These are the people who are giving us Mitt Romney, and who — while they talk about the evils of identity politics or the ruse of “multiculturalism” as a social ordering mechanism — haven’t the courage of their convictions.

    Me? I already know I’m not a racist, and so I just feel sorry for those who think they can hurt me by calling me one. I’m not afraid to talk about this stuff, and in fact I’ve been saying we need to for years now. So much the government has done — mostly from the left, but some of it on the right — to “help” blacks has been all about helping themselves secure a voting bloc. And even if we allow that, early on, intentions were good, there’s simply no excuse for not reviewing how our policies have worked or not worked, or what has been the trajectory of the black experience in the US since the end of slavery. I’ve often recommended America in Black and White to readers — the “progressives” HATE that book and its numbers and its approach — because it give lie to the entirety of their racialist agenda and shows the outright failures of their policies, which often times had the precise opposite effect of what was intended by their implementation.

    At any rate, Derbyshire should be commended for broaching the subject, even if you wish to condemn him for the opinions he draws from the data. And of course, all the typical caveats exist — anecdotes aren’t data, etc., — just as what is also true is that Derbyshire was writing an article, not a dissertation or monograph or scholarly journal piece.

    (meh, screw it. I’ll make this into a post so you can all discuss while I’m recovering from my illness)

  43. McGehee,

    Sent to your listed email.

  44. Received and skimmed, geoffb — thanks.

    I can see why some people are uncomfortable with some of Derb’s remarks, but as I expected they are far from witch-hunt-worthy.

  45. Funny that every thing you said there Jeff, including making that a separate post was what crossed my mind reading the entire Derbyshire post and the associated links. It all does go back to everything you have posited here since I started reading in 2002.

    Interesting that many of the commenters at the Derbyshire piece seem to understand the concept but still so many push for the status quo. Maybe that means there are more out there that get it or perhaps it means that they want to reaffirm what they believe is the right mind set but still think the current “electable” one is the answer to their prayers.

    It does remain to be seen.

    Get well soon.

  46. Great! Open thread! I gotta link this… “Scientists rewrite rules of human reproduction

    Researchers at Edinburgh University are working with a team from Harvard Medical School in Boston to be the first in the world to produce mature human eggs from stem cells isolated from human ovarian tissue.

    Until now, it has only been possible to isolate a relatively small number of mature human egg cells directly from the ovaries of women who have been stimulated with hormones. This technical limitation has led to an acute shortage of human eggs, or “oocycts”, for IVF treatment as well as scientific research.

    The scientists want to fertilise the laboratory-grown egg cells with human sperm to prove that they are viable. Any resulting embryos will be studied for up to 14 days – the legal limit – to see if they are normal.

    These early embryos will not be transplanted into a woman’s womb because they will be deemed experimental material, but will either be frozen or allowed to perish. …

    For half a century, a dogma of reproductive biology was that women are born with their full complement of egg cells which they gradually lose through life until they run out when they reach the menopause.

    “This age-old belief that females are given a fixed ‘bank account’ of eggs at birth is incorrect,” Professor Tilly said.

    “In fact ovaries in adulthood are probably more closely matched to testes in adulthood in their capacity to make new germ cells, which are the special cells that give rise to sperm and eggs,“ he said.

    ”Over the past 50 years, all the basic science, all the clinical work and all the clinical outcome was predicated on one simple belief, that is the oocyte pool, the early egg-cell pool in the ovaries was a fixed entity, and once those eggs were used up they cannot be renewed, replenished or replaced,“ he added. …

    ”I think personally [fertilising the first eggs] is do-able. I see no hurdles why it cannot be done this year,“ he added.

    Yes, but would these newly-minted ‘humans’ have souls? Would they be, you know, ‘really’ human, or, as atheists and Democrats believe humans to be, merely soulless animals, a collection of tissues that are temporarily useful, then easily discarded, as is, say, a 8 1/2 month old fetus?

    If they are the soulless animals that I’m thinking they would be, why, what a boon to the Democratic Party! That’s all they’d need: a plethora of LeftLibProggs grown in vats.

    Now, if only they can be trained to vote Democratic, like the rest of the mindless, lazy creatures who are so easily ‘Community Organized’ in this failing Republic.

    We could call these vat-developed life-forms DemOrcs, I suppose, because ‘Morlock’ is already taken.

  47. Yes, but would these newly-minted ‘humans’ have souls?

    If God so decides.

  48. Yes, but would these newly-minted ‘humans’ have souls? Would they be, you know, ‘really’ human, or, as atheists and Democrats believe humans to be, merely soulless animals, a collection of tissues that are temporarily useful, then easily discarded, as is, say, a 8 1/2 month old fetus?

    I don’t think G-d would allow that to happen. If it’s possible to create a viable baby in that manner that would survive to term, it will have a soul.

    As to your other point, I have no illusions about possible ethical concerns with respect to these artificial humans, given how poorly my fellow humans have treated each other in the past. It’s quite possible they would be disposable, especially since a good chunk of people think they’re disposable in their current methodology of creation, as you noted.

  49. We had this same argument back when IVF first was used. Does Louise Brown, the first “Test Tube” baby from the UK, have a soul? Do her children who were concieved the old-fashioned way, have souls?

    It’s a silly argument.