April 5, 2012

It isn’t ‘racism.’ It’s a black thing. And you wouldn’t understand.

— Because you’re racists.

Reached for comment, several DC-area crack-peddling hookers just kinda shrugged, muttered a few platitudes about pork lo mein, then offered to blow me for $50 “or maybe 5 packs of menthols…?”



updateSee? I told you it was a black thing and you wouldn’t understand.  Why are you being such racists?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:36am

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  1. Wasn’t that short, dreadlocked guy walking in with Barry the same guy that was hawking the kill George Zimmerman teeshirts?

  2. Oh. Maybe not. Be-dreadlocked short guys are looking alike to me, possibly.

  3. The two Barrys, Marion and Obama are perfect for the second-rate banana republic that DC has become.

    Fact: The Metro bus drivers in DC make more, lots more, than the pilot of the last commercial jet you flew on.

    All the two Barrys are missing now is the snappy white military uniforms with lots of medals.

  4. I don’t think we should be dissing on Marion. I’m sure he was high on drugs of some sort when he said that stuff.

  5. At 10-12 sec you can see a well trained Community Organizer taking action.

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  7. Marion Barry is a self-made man. He must be awfully proud.

  8. Fact: The Metro bus drivers in DC make more, lots more, than the pilot of the last commercial jet you flew on.

    Well, they are more likely to be shot…

  9. Shelby Steele has an excellent article about the “Poetic Truth” of racism in America.

    And this points to the second tragedy that Trayvon’s sad demise highlights. Before the 1960s the black American identity (though no one ever used the word) was based on our common humanity, on the idea that race was always an artificial and exploitive division between people. After the ’60s—in a society guilty for its long abuse of us—we took our historical victimization as the central theme of our group identity. We could not have made a worse mistake.

    It has given us a generation of ambulance-chasing leaders, and the illusion that our greatest power lies in the manipulation of white guilt. The tragedy surrounding Trayvon’s death is not in the possibility that it might have something to do with white racism; the tragedy is in the lustfulness with which so many black leaders, in conjunction with the media, have leapt to exploit his demise for their own power.

  10. Hey! Why don’t DC black folks open some stores?! Problem solved!

  11. Marion needs to borrow Jay Carney to explain how that’s not what what your lying ears heard.

  12. Boy, was I spot on or what?

  13. “The bitch media set me up.”

  14. Boy, was I spot on or what?

    Dog whistle.

  15. Keep digging, Marion. Keep digging.

  16. Shorter Marion: “This is crack’a bullshit. I clearly said I only hate some of them dirty, slope eyed, chinky, moon faced, hard workin’, tax paying gooks. Now pass me that pipe and ask me about Trayvon™”.

  17. “. . . taken out of context & construed as disparaging . . . ”

    Well sure. That’s exactly what our President and all his men say happened to him last Monday when he made remarks parsing as precisely the opposite of what he was thinking . . . and that mistake is perfectly attributable to the ignorance of the people listening, since we all know Obama’s knowledge is all encompassing and never failing.

  18. “. . . taken out of context & construed as disparaging . . . ”

    He meant “Dirty Asians” as an endearment, I sure.

  19. I guarantee you that if e.g. the mayor of San Francisco were to state publicly that what they really needed to do was to get rid of those pesky black shopkeepers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be there so fast that the air collapsing behind them would leave a trail of broken windows most of the way across the country.

  20. Marion S. Barry, Jr.@marionbarryjr
    Finally, many people commenting don’t even live here & don’t have to experience the plexiglass barriers between them and the store owners.

    Ah! Dere’s da problem. Just ’cause they’s been robbed a few times is no excuse for treatin’ folks in the ‘hood like crim’nals. The sight of them barred windas and security grills could give some poor chil’ a complex. Make ’em feel downright disadvantaged!

    Besides, threatenin’ to stir up the homies to do a little righteous burnin’ and lootin’ just don’t carry the same power when you’s dealin’ with people who’s prepared and might fight back. How’s a man to get that new flat panel he promise his squeeze when they got some giant Chinaman guardin’ at t’ door? It’s unsportin’, that’s what it is. Not neighborly a’tall!

    Okay, okay, I denounce myself….

  21. I think hizzoner has a problem with the dirty Asians shooting back. They should just shut up and take it like the other merchants did before they moved on to greener pastures.

  22. $50?! What the hell? That’s anal out here in trailer country.