July 29, 2004

protein wisdom’s Democratic National Convention coverage, 13

Smoked a fatty with a clatch of Willy Nelson roadies during an early afternoon sound check, and I’m happy to report that there really are two Americas.  There must be.  Because weed of this quality doesn’t come from any America I know of, that’s for damn sure.

Off to find me some snacking chips.  Or maybe a Mallow Pie.  Developing…

update:  Time for a nap. 

Posted by Jeff G. @ 6:46pm

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  1. Cheetos.  They provide the, um, induced desire to crunch something, and a bit of flavor to go along with snapping your teeth.

    P.S. Joe at Cold Fury (Happy Joe?).

  2. Willie Nelson roadies….now that conjures up an image and a half.

  3. Scenes from American Beauty: “That’s the only kind of America I smoke.”

  4. Hi, Rae !

    Hey, how did you know I’d read this post ? I’m glad you’re here – and we’d better go get Bill, too, ‘cause it looks like Jeff needs another one of those intervention things … and it’s always around convention time, you ever notice that ? Yup, he gets a little delegate-envy, and it’s right back on the drugs and the hookers again – I mean, Eleanor Clift, for cryin’ out loud. He’s gotta be way out there this time. I just hope we don’t have to post bail again – I bet he still hasn’t paid Bill back for the last time.

    And I swear, if I see Jeff’s lame Marlon Brando imitation one more time, Mr. ‘I coulda been a delegate’, I’m gonna hurl.

  5. And he hasn’t posted since…

  6. Good old Willie Weed, always the top quality.

    It is another America: Texas. Something in the dirt AND water.