July 29, 2004

protein wisdom’s Democratic National Convention coverage, 11 B

Got viciously drunk on Edwards’ optimism last night and am quite hungover this morning as a result.  Head feels stuffed like a Sandy Berger trouser leg.  To make matters worse, I found a message scrawed in Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow lipstick on my bathroom mirror just now that reads, “the monkey loveses the spanky!” So I think I’m going to be sick.

update:  my room smells a bit like Greta Van Susteren.  But then so does cherry Pez.  So I’m not going to read too much into that.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:16pm

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  1. Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow is eyeshadow.

    The super-lustrous lipstick was Revlon Cherries in the Snow.

    G. van Superlustruousen

  2. Well, that would explain the Pez smell.  If it were true, I mean. 

    Which it isn’t.

  3. Jeff, you have to get out of there, now.  It could be Helen Thomas tomorrow. 

    Just imagine Adorn hairspray and Polident in your nostrils Friday morning…

  4. Mmmmmmm … Helen Thomas … Alzheimer’s is so Goddamned sexy

    I actually ran into Helen Thomas on the street once (seriously). She had a handler, and was very confused. She still gets to ask questions of the President, though.

  5. What I’d like to see is some serious one on one Helen Thomas and Janeane Garofalo action.

    That ought to keep me bulemic at least a month.

  6. “the monkey loveses the spanky!” OMG

  7. ”…smells a bit like Greta Van Susteren.”

    Jeez, I never knew ugly had a smell.  Although, I have smelled some ugly-ass shit in my life.  (Think Seoul subway in the middle of the summer as the kim-chi funk seeps out of all the passengers on an overpacked car.)

  8. avatar and naruto are my best choices.

  9. i watch Naruto series after going to school. i love the action and powers of naruto.:.’