March 17, 2012

Obama loves me! Michelle told me so …[Darleen Click]

This cult of personality thing just keeps getting creepier:

From: Michelle Obama []
To: Darleen
Subject: “I love you back”

Darleen —

I see this happen a lot:

Someone in a crowd yells at my husband, “We love you, Barack.”

That’s when he interrupts himself, smiles really big, and says, “I love you back.” And he does.

That’s why Barack’s dinners with supporters mean so much to him — because they give him a chance to show it and to say thanks.

I can say from experience you won’t want to miss out on the next dinner. I hope you’ll consider donating $3 — or whatever you can to support the campaign — and be automatically entered today:

Thank you,


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  1. I keep waiting for the giant posters/murals on the sides of abandoned buildings and at hubs of transportation.

    Kind of like North Korea.

  2. Leigh, this what you’re looking for?

  3. I don’t want politicians loving me. They always mean it carnally.

  4. Heh. Pretty much says it all, eh Blake?

    I really really don’t like that guy.

  5. I think there’s a mistake in this US News article. The writer accidentally let some truth slip into his article.

    I’m quite sure referring to emails from the Obama campaign as “desperate” will get the writer some negative feedback from the administration.

  6. leigh, as much as I despise President Obama, I also remind myself that Obama is merely the end result of decades of fecklessness on the part of the electorate. And that includes me.

    It’s only in the last few years I’ve come to realize just how much the GOP was party to the corruption in Washington.

  7. *sigh* yeah, I know Blake. I count myself in there, as well. My husband is just starting to wake up about it and it’s like the seven stages of grief around here.

  8. I know this is Rove but the editorial is good.

    There are other troubling signs. Team Obama’s email appeals don’t ask for $10, $15, $25 or $50 donations as they did in 2008, but generally for $3. Nor are the appeals mostly about issues; many are lotteries. Give three bucks and your name will be put in a drawing for a private dinner with the president and first lady.

    This is clever marketing, but it suggests the campaign has found that only a low price point with a big benefit can overcome donor resistance among people who contributed via mail or the Internet in 2008. It also points to higher-than-expected solicitation costs and lower-than-expected fund-raising returns.
    The final financial challenge facing Mr. Obama’s campaign is how fast it is burning through the cash it is raising.

    In January 2012 the Obama campaign spent 158% of what it raised, while the Bush campaign spent 60% in January 2004.

    At the end of January, Team Obama had $91.7 million in cash in its coffers and those of the DNC. At the same point in 2004, the Bush campaign and Republican National Committee had $122 million in cash combined.

    The Obama campaign’s high burn rate doesn’t come from large television buys, phone banks or mail programs that could be immediately stopped. It appears to result instead from huge fixed costs for a big staff and higher-than-expected fund-raising outlays. These are much tougher to unwind or delay. Left unaltered, they generally lead to even more frantic efforts to both raise money and stop other spending.

    So when will we have a 96 hour telethon with Hollywood stars answering the phone banks on stage and Castro length speeches from “The One” begging for money? Must-See-TV!

  9. When politicians speak of love what springs to mind to me is an abusive relationship.

  10. They “love you long time”, charles.

  11. geoffb, thanks, that’s the article I was originally thinking of, but couldn’t remember. However, I thought the wording in the US News article was somewhat surprising.

    Anyway, a key sentence in the end of the article you link: “The president’s difficulty in raising campaign cash is evidence of this. He is working a lot harder than he thought he would to raise a lot less than he had hoped.

    Our president has lead a gilded life and never actually had to work. I’m quite sure Obama is shocked that he can’t just mail it in this time around.

    The campaign meltdowns could very well be spectacular this year, because rather than being the obnoxious and cocky hunter, Obama will the hunted, looking over his shoulder, and won’t have the cover he once had.

    President Obama has always had brittle veneer over his faux “above it all” persona. Someone like Santorum or Gingrich could easily push Obama over the edge. Romney doesn’t have the balls to really go after Obama.

  12. Everyone has seen the movie “A Face in the Crowd” with Andy Griffith, yes? I’m waiting for Obama to have an epic meltdown of Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes proportion, complete with applause machine and yelling from the balcony.

  13. I read elsewhere, perhaps at Ace of Spades HQ, that the $3 price tag is not necessarily an act of desperation, but rather a way to harvest a bunch of names and addresses which can be employed to hide foreign contributions.

    I wouldn’t put it past these crooks.

  14. Darleen,
    Was this litle flirtation pre or post-GDB comic production?

  15. I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth….

  16. Totally off-topic.

    Could somebody tell me, what the hell is the matter with people today?

    I’m doing some spring yard work and minding my own business when the frau says to me that she wants to take the kids to some parade before we go to early Mass so I should go find something appropriate to wear. Now, I hate early Mass, and I’m not much for parades. Hell, I didn’t even know there was a parade today. But whaddya gonna do, right? So I go I find a clean pair of khakis and a black polo shirt and we head downtown to this parade thing.

    Well, anyways, we get there, and people start staring at me. Angry eyes, crazy eyes even. Next somebody starts swearing at me. Then somebody spits at me! Now there’s a whole crowd around shouting and the kids are crying and somebody threatens to punch me in the mouth! Finally a couple of cops show up and the crowd starts thinging out, and I’m starting to think everythings going to be okay, when they threaten to arrest me for disturbing the peace! What the hell did I do? I want to know. They tell me to get the hell out of there. So the wife is steaming and the kids are balling and and she grabs me like I’m one of the kids and we start walking out of there, and the parade hasn’t even started yet.

    At least I got out of church.

  17. jeez ernst you landed in #ows zone

  18. Is that why everybody was wearing green? I thought those bastards wore purple.

  19. The Black and Tans (Irish: Dúchrónaigh) was one of two ad hoc paramilitary units, composed largely of British World War I veterans, employed by the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) as Temporary Constables from 1920 to 1921 to suppress revolution in Ireland (the other body being the Auxiliaries[1]). The unit’s nickname arose from the colour of the improvised khaki uniforms initially worn by its members. Although established to target the Irish Republican Army, the Black and Tans became notorious through their numerous attacks on the Irish civilian population.

  20. Wow. I guess I got lucky. This could have been as bad as that time I wore an orange polo into Murphy’s Irish Pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

  21. Have a drink Ernst.

  22. Now see. If I can walk into Murphy’s and order a “Black and Tan” (which I can) you’d think I’d be able to toast Oliver Cromwell on his birthday.

    But you would be wrong!

  23. That Obama’s campaign has outspent its donations by 158% tells you everything you need to know about his time in office. If team R doesn’t use it as a talking point, they are gob-smackingly stupid.

    Which is why you probably won’t hear much about it.

  24. Ye just be addin’ to the Troubles, Ernst.

  25. leigh and blake, when I first saw O’s phiz on Old Glory, that’s the first thing that came to mind – Kim Il Barack. Could it get any more cultist? Even the gray-scale in the pic they used is creepy

  26. Seth, that’s why they call it the Gob-Smackingly Stupid Party.

  27. Red, if you read the DNC’s release regarding the O Flag, they saw absolutely nothing wrong with the flag and were surprised by the controversy.

    I’d suspect this was a publicity stunt if there weren’t articles like this.

  28. Argh. Is it just me who is bothered by the fact that the president says stuff like “gotta”? You’d think that a fellow who attended a pricey prep school and two Ivies would have a better command of the language.

    If he tosses off an “irregardless” on the stump, we’ll know for a certainty that his CV is a big fat lie.

  29. Problem being, Blake, I’m afraid that O expects women to faint and grown men to tremble at his sight. He’s a member of his own cult.

  30. Were you wearing Nikes, Ernst?

  31. Thanks to the effects of his policies I don’t have an extra $3 to send him or the madness it would require to want to sent it.

  32. I hope they specify that you write a $3 check and mail it in an envelope with a first-class stamp. ‘Cuz PayPal and the like are just killin’ the USPS…