March 17, 2012

First Annual Andrew Breitbart Coming Out Day [guest post by Gene Alexander]

My name is Gene Alexander. I was motionview. I can no longer remain anonymous, in part because I have been outed, though the outing is surely even more obscure than the work I’ve been doing at Fire Fifty, Atheists For Santorum, and protein wisdom. More importantly, I have come to accept the reality that if we will not stand up publicly and say the true things we know about Barack Obama and the rest of the Socialists in Democrat garb, the American Experiment is concluded.

I picked today for the First Annual Andrew Breitbart Coming Out Day because I understand Andrew liked to hoist a glass or two, and today is certainly a good day for that. So have a couple of beers, gird your loins, and sing it sister.

I’m out there baby, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:03am

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  1. Sit tight, the black helicopters are on their way.

  2. Osama plotted what he could but was not seen as a serious threat.

    The Obama administration only feels you’re a serious threat if you’re a Tea Party Conservative, or Breitbart, or Limbaugh, or Sarah Palin. Or a fetus.

    So yeah, sit tight.

  3. On a related note, I find myself in agreement with this:

  4. The black helicopters work for the IP industry now. If you put a bigs bunny cartoon on limewire (or whatever the kids are using today) then they’ll nab you. otherwise you only need to dodge union poops and a few secret acorns

    Man, why they gotta be BLACK helicopters? That’s racist man.

  5. Fairness in the face of unfairness IS for suckers. But if the other side is being fair then it’s a good idea to return the favor.

    The other side hasn’t really been fair in my lifetime though. 40 years of unfair. What a bummer.

  6. Debt is the symptom of the inherent insolvency of fiat reserve.

  7. Jeff

    tech question … how did you get that to embed? Word Press wont let me use either “object” nor “iframe” (the two YouTube codes). When I try to save the draft, it strips out the code.

    argh …

  8. In one of the links above I’d written That is the charge, right? No sane person can believe that Barack Obama is a lying socialist. The Meme Team effort. Conservatism itself is just crazy, much less telling the truth about Dear Leader.

  9. Gene

    great video … !

  10. Thanks Darleen, I sure hope it meets the high aesthetic standards demanded by our recent visiting betters.

  11. “I sure hope it meets the high aesthetic standards demanded by our recent visiting betters.

    Double Heh!

    Keep firing Mr. Alexander-view!!!

  12. “Purple Hayes” was the first Jim Hendrix song about a president. #BarackObamasPresidentialFacts


  13. Greetings Gene Alexander! Know that by giving up anonymity you gain credibility.

  14. I wouldn’t be too concerned re outing, Gene. I suspect that there are about 330 million little files being maintained on US citizens:

    I may have to do a little test research in a subsequent post. Like list a number of “sensitive” words. See if I hear rotor blades.

  15. And, truth be told, most every poster here has dropped enough info about his/her/its background that a half-assed lib oppo-researcher (yes, I’m talking about you, assholes looking over our shoulders) would have an easy time outing anyone.
    Not that I’m trying to creep anyone out on this fine Saturday night.

  16. And after reading the “fairness” piece linked to by GeorgeO (thankyouverymuch), and because I’m feeling particularly feisty on this fine Saturday evening, I say,”The gloves are off, bitches. Bring it.”
    Must be the corned beef.

  17. “And, truth be told, most every poster here has dropped enough info about his/her/its background that a half-assed lib oppo-researcher (yes, I’m talking about you, assholes looking over our shoulders) would have an easy time outing anyone.”

    I ain’t scared.

    I am armed though…

  18. The Founders knew exactly what they were doing with 2 Am, Lee. After all, they had just been through it and suspected, given their knowledge of history, that it would be needed again. And again. And again.

  19. I suspect that “2 Am” and variants are “sensitive” words for the NSA.

  20. Hmmm. Can’t tell if that’s an MH-60 or a UH-1H in the distance.

  21. Well Red, my crazy gay stalker is targeting my current employer. Also, at one time I was in academics, a Lecturer and Sr Research Engineer at Stanford, and I’ve founded, venture/angel funded, built, and sold a couple of companies. I used to think that at some point I might go back into academia. Unfortunately, that would require mouthing support for lies, embracing the double-think, and I just had to say goodbye to all that.

  22. mv what a cv! good luck.

  23. A little light reading for your evening pleasure. Sweet dreams.

  24. Part of the essence of the post-totalitarian system is that it draws everyone into its sphere of power, not so they may realize themselves as human beings, but so they may surrender their human identity in favor of the identity of the system, that is, so they may become agents of the system’s general automatism and servants of its self-determined goals, so they may participate in the common responsibility for it, so they may be pulled into and ensnared by it, like Faust by Mephistopheles. More than this: so they may create through their involvement a general norm and, thus, bring pressure to bear on their fellow citizens.


  25. Do you care to comment on the whens, wheres and hows of your outing?

  26. Slarti – US adults have been conditioned to believe that a huge proportion of the population is gay. In surveys, the consensus is 25% (!). The usual “well informed” answer is 10%. For fifty years the Left has been pushing that Big Lie.
    According to the CDC, which has had to look at the actual data, it is closer to 2.5%.

    Telling the truth cuts gay political power by a factor of 4 to 10. Gay power is part of Prog power. Therefore that is a truth that can not be spoken, and those messengers must be destroyed.

    Note the Santorum face made completely of gay porn.

  27. And thanks nr

    I have already talked about the political potential of living within the truth and of the limitations on predicting whether, how, and when a given expression of that life within the truth can lead to actual changes. I have also mentioned how irrelevant trying to calculate the risks in this regard are, for an essential feature of independent initiatives is that they are always, initially at least, an all-or-nothing gamble.

    All in.

  28. Good on you, Gene! I have used some of your data at your site to argue with my gay agenda loving “friends” and have been met with the screeching “homophobe!” “Hater!” &c.

    With friends like that…

  29. I feel comfortable speaking for most Christians in saying; the gay co-worker is no more problematic to my faith than the office gossip, or the dude that pads his expense account. Or my own bad habit of draining too many Bud Lights every night. We all have our crosses to bear.

    As with all vices, it really becomes a problem when it becomes accepted as normal. That is why there is a huge cultural push for same sex unions to be described as marriage. Does love require marriage? No. But family, as a lineage of parentage, does. That is an important aspect of society as biologically and civilly evolved. The petition for same sex marriage is about normalizing gay behavior. The act itself, normalized, and accepted as a legitimate foundation for society.

    Christians don’t hate gay people, they are bound by a standard of conduct, as presented by God. Not through fear of punishment, but by the inspiration of love displayed in the life of the Christ.

    Buddhists may view acceptance of homosexuality as enlightenment(I haven’t a clue, just speculating), atheists as an accepted(or not) natural course of events, and Muslims as an evil that must be extinguished on discovery. Christians view homosexuality as a sin, an unnatural compulsion that separates you from God, same as stealing, lying, and cheating.

    If a gay person is denied human rights, I’m right there fighting with them, same with a Muslim, Jew or Nazi. It’s not for me to judge what they think, only what they do.

    As part of “we the people” under the law I mean…

  30. MV/Gene – You have a crazy gay stalker? I was hoping for one of those crazy hetero ones that ball your eyes out and then jump out of bathtubs at you.
    Seriously, that sux. And it’s why the castle doctrine is a good thing.