March 15, 2012

Hub lift, 45#

Nailed it. Both hands.

And I’m coming for you next, 90# York Blob. Fear me.

update: 47.5# w/ each hand. Add on maybe 2# for the loading pin, carabiner, and hub apparatus. Good day.

And the best part? Obama can’t do a damn thing to take it away from me.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:37pm

Comments (23)

  1. 17-min Obama hub lift, the Statist Blob.

  2. And I’m coming for you next…


  3. kathleen sebelius will get to you eventually

  4. Obama can’t do a damn thing to take it away from me.

    Diana Moon Glampers would dispute that.

  5. Harrison Bergeron chains are on the way to make us all equal just as soon as Harry Reid can get the Senate version on the floor!

  6. I’m pretty sure you could hurt yourself with that equipment. I think it would be a good idea for the government to take it away from you, for your own good.

  7. Statist flab.

  8. Jeff, not that Obama won’t try…

    Anyway, congratulations.

    I get hand cramps just doing traditional 12 oz curls…

  9. mittens thinks you are being severely conservative @ #45

  10. Heh. Just saw a South Park last night, the one where the TSA (Toilet Seat Administration) requires all toilets everywhere to be equipped with safety belts and manned by groping screener TSA goons. Can’t be long before dumbbells require licenses and weight equipment is sold only proof of certification in Picking Things Up, available at city hall with a hefty permit fee and six months of orientation.

    Of course, banning fat, salt, carbohydrates, cruelty-linked protein, forks, knives, and club soda may be easier. And already on the way.

    Lotsa CO2 in club soda, bad for Gaia.

  11. Pub lift, 16oz. Both hands.

  12. You may be moving too far from the average. Not sure HHS will allow this much longer.

  13. If you think someone addicted to cocaine is scary then try and take away my soda. If I have to then I will learn to MAKE MY OWN soda.

  14. OK, so Media Mutters crows over the dead air during Rush’s broadcast on WABC. Then, the New York Times duly parrots the Media Mutters report. Both miss a teeny, tiny leeetle fact. What goes out over the online “Listen Live” feed that Media Mutters was monitoring is not what goes out over the air, aka “the broadcast”.

    So, was there dead air during the broadcast? No. What was there? Among other things, an ad for the New York Times.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  15. I will start a soda smuggling cartel.

  16. I will be like the scarface of rootbeer, cola, lemon-lime, and grape soda.

  17. OT: Meghan McCain likes sex. It’s pretty impressive how someone who has achieved less than Snooki is putting together the media run she is.–abc-news.html

    Please, I’m a giver….Jeff is the lifter.

  18. Does she like steak and being entertained too? How about vacations and luxury items? She likes nice things that most people like? Wow!

  19. Jeff is obviously one priviledged with ample grip strength. So…time to institute an affirmative-action program for those who were not born into priviledge.

  20. Please be careful, Jeff. Carpal tunnel is no joke. Painful as hell. I still do physical therapy for mine.

  21. Meghan McCain likes sex. It’s pretty impressive how someone who has achieved less than Snooki

    Hey now, hold on a minute, bucko. Snooki has never had the family lineage or fecklessness to make a mockery of her political heritage.

    Johnny Mac must be so proud.

  22. Went to Jeff’s link to watch the video. Though it would only take a few minutes then I got sidetracked into watching the entire Pumping Iron movie on You tube.

  23. I honestly don’t know which one Snooki is. Somebody told me that she gets an eye poke in the new Three Stooges revival movie though. So I guess maybe I can eventually identify her that way.