March 13, 2012

Joe Biden – National Treasure [Darleen Click]

I got nothin’ more to add …

Vice President Joe Biden addressed 87 wealthy Democrats last night attending a fundraiser at the home of Sen. John Kerry in Georgetown. As they dined on grass-fed New York strip steaks and white truffle mashed potatos underneath a outdoor tent, Biden criticized Republicans for being out of touch.

“These guys don’t have a sense of the average folks out there,” Biden said according to the pool report, “They don’t know what it means to be middle class.”

87 guests paid a minimum of $10,000-per-couple to attend the dinner.

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  1. …did a re-enactment of the Monty Python troupe’s “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch break out as well?

  2. I’m sure grass-fed beef seems very middle class when you’re accustomed to wagyu.

    And hello, mashed potatoes!

  3. Dan Quayle just called to say they spelled potatoes wrong.

  4. It’s the Kerry version of the rubber chicken fundraiser meal.

  5. Have you seen our new flag with just one star.

  6. Just a little trivia for those who might not know:

    Quayle was given a stack of cards prepared by a teacher with spelling words to ask the kids. Potato was spelled “potatoe” on the card.

    I might have missed that one, too, under the circumstances.

  7. Joe Biden still thinks he’s a kid in Scranton. Which he might be, but he’s busy rubbing elbows with one of the single wealthiest demographics in the country: congressmen, and their contributors.

  8. We all know that story, bergerbilder.

    And since Dan Quale and Bush 1 was our super-most favorite administration EVER, this has what to do with Lunch Box Joe pretending he, and his administration AND the people in that crowd, are in touch with the middle class.

    You see, the reality of the situation is that Joe, and the administration, and everyone in that crowd knows better than the middle class. The middle class can’t be trusted to invest, or decide it’s medical care, or even deal with their own banks and employers one-on-one. We need “daddy-government” to help us out from cradle to grave.

  9. Have you seen our new flag with just one star.

    It being Florida, I’m sure someone could substitute an image of Che Obama with Mickey Mouse ears and no one would bat an eye.

  10. We need “daddy-government” to help us out from cradle to grave.

    Wouldn’t “daddy-government” tell us to get off our lazy ass, get a haircut and go find a job before we find ourselves kicked to the curb?

  11. Wouldn’t “daddy-government” tell us to get off our lazy ass, get a haircut and go find a job before we find ourselves kicked to the curb?

    Well, that depends what kind of family you came from.

    You have the hard-working, take-no shit daddy.

    Then you have our current government-daddy, who simply knows so much better than you do.

  12. I was starting to wonder if you meant something like government sugar-daddy.

    If we agree to take it up the ass, daddy will buy us a new present.

  13. Yes – sugar daddy would work too.

    But, though, too many just look at the government as their paternalistic protector.

  14. Most people look to their dad in that way, but then they reach 18 and decide they can handle it from their.

    I do see, though, that there is an increase in young adults who never reach that point. They want it both a ways – free do do what they want, but still want/need their dad to help them out.

    I worry that as a society, we’ve become -just overall – less truly independent.

  15. too many just look at the government as their paternalistic protector.

    I tend to favor the maternal analogy myself. Government does so much for you, why don’t you appreciate it more? And you need to stop hanging around with those Austrian economist hoodlums and their English natual law theorist friends because they’ll only get you in trouble and that would break your mother’s heart.

    I guess maybe that’s because there’s a Democrat in the White House.

  16. You’ve got something there … there’s this one “Ain’t nobody happy if momma isn’t happy”

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  19. Sexist pigs. Your analysis assumes that men and womyn are different in some fundamental way when you argue about mommy-government vice daddy-government.

    “I don’t want to grow up.” When I was a teenager some 35 years ago a statement like that would have got you strange looks from your peers. Now it elecits nods and responses such as, “Me neither.” Our government is doing little more than giving people what they want, without being all judgmental about it. We can note until the cows come home that what they want is neither sustainable nor in their best interests, but it doesn’t matter. They’ve come to look forward to the pronouncements that chocolate rations have been incresed to 20 grams!

  20. “I don’t want to grow up.” When I was a teenager some 35 years ago a statement like that would have got you strange looks from your peers. Now it elecits nods and responses such as, “Me neither.”

    I recently saw a Facebook repost of a poster saying, “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.”

    Well, growing up may be optional, but nobody likes a snot-nosed brat with false teeth and wrinkles. (I’m looking at you, Ted Turner!) Immaturity is only barely tolerable even in the young.

  21. I can’t say, as a middle class person, that I’ve ever distinguished beef as “grass fed”.

    Maybe it’s an eastern thing…

  22. After months of eating fast-food burgers almost exclusively at Hardee’s, where the beef is advertised as 100% Angus-with-a-g-thank-you-very-much, today I had one at Burger King where the only way you’re likely to encounter the word “Angus” is if a Scottish immigrant is working behind the counter, I definitely noticed a difference in taste.

    Can’t say whether either cow is grass-fed, grain-fed, or nourished intravenously, but I had been skeptical of claims that Angus beef tastes noticeably better. I was wrong. It does.

    Also, regular cleaning of the grill probably helps…

  23. He meant “average folks” in the evolutionarily useful sense of the term.

    He doesn’t care what the #@#$ing bourgeoisie definition that exists only to keep people down is.

    Biden threw away his materialist empirical lens because it impeded his perception of the real historiographic dialectic at play. Material reality must be subordinated to party control of the dissemination of information so it cannot mislead the proletariat.

  24. McGehee, I’ll go out on a limb and say most beef cows are grass fed, in that they are raised in pastures. What you feed them definitely will affect favor though, like in feed lots where they’re fed hay, and maybe cornmeal or something. Naturally that’s more expensive, and personally I see it as only a difference in flavor(and a subtle one), not necessarily better or worse. I think the cut and preparation has way more to do with how good it is.

    Burger King is, well, not very good. Carl’s Jr makes a pretty good burger. Even at that, I’ve noticed marked differences of taste between the same burger at the same chain but different locations.

  25. Or maybe I should have said: “marked differences of taste quality between the same burger “…?

    One was better than the other is all I know.

  26. I miss Carl’s Jr., and when I learned Hardee’s was owned by the same parent corp I had very high hopes. It’s taken a while but I now trust at least a couple of Hardee’s locations to serve my burger the way I want it. I just wish they hadn’t discontinued the Carl’s Jr.-style western-bacon.

    It’s a little startling to someone whose first experience of Hardee’s in the early ’90s closely preceded with a very bad gastrointestinal bout, to find that they’re now better than BK. That may be why I’m leery of the hundreds of other Hardee’s locations I could visit in the area.

  27. I miss Roy Rogers, which is no longer in the PA/NJ/DE region afaik. Dunno if they still exist elsewhere.

    Best fried chicken (way better’n KFC), and the Double-R Burger was a genius move, sorta like the pickle on a Chik-fil-a.

  28. Best beef I’ve ever had came from Corriente steers that had been “exercised” by cowboys chasing them around a rodeo arena with ropes. When they learned to dodge the rope and became unusable as rodeo stock they were put in a feed lot and grain-fattened for a couple of months. Even after the fattening they were very lean and the meat was noticably tough, but extremely flavorful. I suspect that the exercise improved the taste at the expense of tenderness.

  29. Some people prefer the flavor of gamey meat. That’s not at all unusual.

  30. It’s extremely hard to find a better burger than at In ‘N Out Burgers. They don’t mention anything about what the cow ate though…

  31. I almost feel like a traitor since In-n-Out has been my fave fast food burger but Five Guys is better!

    And I used to think the grass v corn fed thing was a lot of hype but then when we were in Ireland last year the difference in taste, including cream and cheese, is very noticeable.

  32. Onion grass feelings hit hardest.

  33. It’s all grass fed until they fatten ’em up on the feedlot.

  34. “It’s all grass fed until they fatten ‘em up on the feedlot.”

    Not at all $10,000-per-couple democrat fundraiser dinners. Especially if Ms Obama is there…

  35. Typically fattened up on corn, which we all know now is more vital to our national security as a biofuel, so the tragically hip have decided plain old “grass fed” is now cool.

    Idiots being idiots.

  36. Joe is middle class at the core you see, none of that Y-goo Japanese crap for him. Bring on the grass fed stuff, like the little people eat!

  37. the tragically hip have decided plain old “grass fed” is now cool.

    The cost of beer adds up, as does the labor intensive massaging, so we can’t have wagyu every night.

  38. On the other hand, more veal for us barbarians.

  39. From Austin:

    Five guys has really good fries. The Burgers are just burgers though. Decent but they don’t drive me wild. I dunno. Same with Culver’s and a local place obviously intended to beat Five Guys to the punch called Mighty Fine.

    Hat Creek is okay. Fudruckers is GONE. Burger Tex is okay.

    I like Short Stop’s burgers best. My friends all prefer Hut’s or some other ‘local flavor’ place like the night Hawk Frisco shop, Top Notch Hamburgers, Dan’s. Fran’s, Nau’s drugstore on Enfield Rd, Waterloo Icehouse, Hangtown grill, Rocket Burger, EZ’s, Sholz’s Biergarten, or Dirty Martin’s Kumback. Shady Grove is decent. I’m not sure if we still have a Holiday House in town or not but if we do they were okay. Gaylord’s was pretty good but they are gone now. Backyard Burgers is gone. Katz’s is gone. (They Klosed after all). Players is good. Steak and Shake is alright if you order the sourdough melts. PJ Terry’s, Green Mesquite, and Hilbert’s are all okay. Red Robin was a bit disappointing. I tried Elevation Burgers and they were a bit sad and expensive too.

    I was brought up in the ‘greasy salty’ 70’s though and I know what I like. And it’s Short Stop which tastes the way that WhataBurger used to back in the day, only with better bread. Fajita Flats was good but they’ve been gone since 1988 so me even bringing that up is just BITCHING. I might as well whine about Blue Nehi soda while I’m at it.

  40. I have to say if I just want a burger it’s In-N-Out for me, since their burgers also frighten me the least about death by E. coli.

    I mean they’re also the tastiest but after that one Robin Cook novel I am terrified of dying with my organs melting because Burger King screws it up, while In-N-Out seems most devoted to food safety.

    Also I have no idea wtf Biden is talking about, since I’ve never had white truffle mashed potatoes myself and don’t identify with people who go to dinners featuring them.

  41. Don’t feel bad, Pellegri, Biden probaably doesn’t know what he’s talking about either.

    White truffle mashed potatoes? Not only are they racist, but probably made with truffle oil which is one of the most disgusting substances on the planet, tastes nothing like truffles and is sold in over-priced tiny bottles to suckers who think they’re being gourmands.

  42. Learned that the hard way, didn’t you?

  43. Just finished a book by Giorgio Locatelli that had a great description of truffles’ flavor. Don’t remember it verbatim but it was something like “sweaty human”.

    (Not a bad book, btw. Sort of a cook book but also takes a great deal of time just talking about ingredients, concepts, and techniques. If you’re a novice Italian cook — like me — it’s pretty worthwhile just for all the remedial explanations.)

  44. Nope. I don’t care for truffles much and they are too expensive for my budget. Cook’s Illustrated did a breakdown of different fancy-pants ingredients and what they were made from and how they reacted to heat, freezing, &c.

    I love chemistry and cooking is chemistry.

  45. Towards burgers, we’re entering into the season where I grill almost every night. So, the best? Served at my place.

  46. I don’t care for burgers. I never have and they have always upset my stomach. My little brother on the other hand, was like Wimpy when he was a kid. It was family joke that no matter where we went to eat as a family, he would order a hamburger and then pronounce it “the best hamburger I ever ate”.

    I grill almost every night when the weather is nice, too bh.

  47. Nothing better, leigh. Turn on the radio, open a beer, start up the grill. It’s like a little weekend at the end of every day.

  48. I dig In-N-Out burgers and it’s a mandatory stop for me every time I’m in Cali. But the best burgers I can recall were at Erik Erickssen’s in Ventura, which was a barefoot, almost-a-dive beach, greasy, delicious burger place back when I lived there. It seems it’s gone frou frou.

    The one burger on the menu is $13 and there’s a $32 steak. I suspect the enormous bucket with beer cans on ice is gone.

  49. I love bucket beer.

  50. Hey, anyone else link this yet:

    The caption that Adam added to one of the Barcelona pics, “Pretty drunk”. Is this the part where I’m supposed to pay for your condoms, Adam? You know, because traveling between L.A., D.C., and New York, and vacationing in Barcelona, Italy, etc., is pretty darned expensive. I get it. Did you piss off your uber-wealthy parents to get cut off from your trust fund? You and Sandra must need some government subsidies. Idea: mock hearing. Brilliant!

  51. My wife and I discovered Culver’s a couple summers ago on our trip to the Black Hills; the closest to us, alas, is in <strident chord> Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

    We have Five Guys hereabouts too, but it’s not a place I dare go by myself because if my wife finds out I went without her there’ll be hell to pay. Last year we took her mother to the one near her in Chattanooga and now she’s hooked too. Of course, she’d been accustomed to getting her burgers at BK…

    Speaking of that Black Hills trip, that’s also the last time we had a chance to eat at Fuddrucker’s, at the mall in Rapid City. When we moved to Georgia in 1999 one of our first dinners was at a Fuddrucker’s in Peachtree City that is now long gone.

    We also like Red Robin, but they took the chili cheeseburger off the menu and frankly I have trouble thinking of a reason to eat there anymore. I mean, aside from the free refills on their french fries.

  52. After watching Adam’s audition video at that link I can’t believe Sandra really needs birth control at all.

  53. but they took the chili cheeseburger off the menu

    hubby is ticked they took the Blacken Bayou burger off so we just don’t go there much.

  54. Everytime I see a travelogue about Atlanta, they tout the Varsity. Is it any good or just legendary? That could be the answer to your chili dawg dilemma.

  55. B Moe

    looking at the pic of Adam dressed up as a green condom … I just couldn’t bring myself to view the video …

  56. Varsity? Had it for lunch on Monday. ;) 2 chili dogs, rings and a frosted orange. Standard order.

    Legendary. There’s a reason we locals call em “rectum rockets.”

    Still, it’s a must stop when the daughter comes home from college. Ditto Waffle House. Can you believe the closest WH to Charleston is 40 miles away? Poor child gets the DTs.

    For the best burger in Atlanta – Vortex. Five Guys is a close second.

  57. I love the countermen, “Whattayahave? Whatttayahave? Whattayahave?”

    I love Waffle House. My boy eats there all the time in Norman, OK (he’s at OU). I don’t know what he’s going to do when he moves to the left coast next fall.

  58. It would take several truck loads of testosterone just to get him within sight of beta male, Darleen.

    I think Sunny has it pretty well figured.

  59. This is going in a different direction but there is that class of dude who makes your gaydar go into the red but then he’s… straight? And then Sandra? Sorta the same thing but with lady parts.

    If you’re super-liberal and living in gay-friendly land, why the need for these dual beard relationships? (Coming from rural Wisco, I actually do recognize the utility of pretending. Gayest guy in the world used to make out with a slut by my locker and I never rolled my eyes or told one joke because I could understand it. Why not just make out with some random slag once in awhile to not get teased/bullied for four years?)

    But, in their world? Just be gay. Sure, there’s less of a reproductive health angle to exploit then but at least you don’t need to explain to all your friends how you dig chicks but are dating a guy who digs guys. How does that conversation go?

  60. On the food side, I’m pretty meh on all of them (Five Guys? That’s a decent side of fries.) but the Waffle House. Every time I’m south of Illinois I stop in a couple times and get three or four separate plates. If this was available all the time, I would weigh about 310.

    My favorite sort of eating that way was out in Oklahoma where this one joint always had the option of putting sausage gravy on top of everything on the plate. Any meal. Anything. Burger and fries? Yep. Omelette and toast? Yep. Pie? Probably, never tried it.

    Kinda like the drinking man’s breakfast at any time of the day. Which, as a drinking man, I appreciated that flexibility. Should I get hammered in the middle of the day? Well, I do know a place to go for lunch then.

  61. I’m writing novels now in the comments apparently.

  62. I found my novels do better if I write them in LibreOffice. YMMV.

  63. You know what really sux about not having Waffle House in Charleston? Rolling in after 7 hours on the road at 10:15 at night and driving around for 25 minutes looking for somewhere to eat that doesn’t have a drive thru window IYKWIM. Shoney’s – Closed. IHOP – Closed. Bob Evans – Closed. Penn Station – Closed. And nary a greasy spoon in sight.

    Did that last Thursday and finally ended up at Applebee’s for 1/2 price appetizers and drinks… which was fortuitous, but seriously – a state capitol on an interstate highway without a decent 24 hour stop and slop?

  64. When I am dieting, you guys suck. Especially bh

  65. JD, I was dieting til the daughter came home. The Varsity is not where you go for low carb high protein dietary fare. Or Waffle House. Just try ordering a ham and cheese omelet without your mouth taking over and adding an order of hash browns scattered, smothered and covered. Can’t be done!

  66. And Stephanie. She sucks too.

  67. Easiest way to diet is to grill. It’s all chicken breasts or planked trout and roasted vegetables. You flip them over and then you run wind sprints in the back yard. Then you flip again and repeat.*

    I’ve covered this, right?

    * I’ve again added smoking a cigarette and that’s just really dumb. Don’t do that.

  68. the tragically hip have decided plain old “grass fed” is now cool