March 13, 2012

To those who care about such things

Just hit a new high on the hub lift, which mimics lifting old York barbell plates by their inside hubs. Pulled 42.5 lbs with both hands, on my way to an actual 45# York plate hub lift. My previous high, which I hit last summer, was 40#.

For a while I’d been regressing on this particular lift — while I was fighting off injuries over the winter, I was lucky to pull 30 lbs — so I’m pretty stoked right now. And I felt like sharing. Because I’m strong like bull.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled rightwing hate site and all the intolerance contained therein.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:01pm

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  1. In my health news, I’ve decided that tonight’s dinner shall be “Momma’s Pancake Breakfast” at Cracker Barrel.

    Partly because I don’t give a damn anymore, partly because I have a craving for pancakes.

  2. I now return you to your regularly scheduled rightwing hate site and all the intolerance contained therein.

    Just wait until Romney bench presses 2000 pages of Obamacare. He’s got trick wrestling move to make it hit the mat. Just ask Hugh Hewitt.

  3. As part of our accustomed right wing hate, you might appreciate this:

    From Paul Rahe, quite out of tone with the rest of the usual chatter at respectful, moderate Ricochet.

    More Rahe, less Kübler-Ross.

  4. Note to self: Make sure insurance premiums are paid up before shaking Jeff’s hand.

  5. B. Obama cares, and wants to know: this does what to lower gasoline prices?

  6. What’s a hub lift?

  7. I just ate a record of 8 tacos. Now I just gotta hold them down!

  8. A hub lift is pickup up a plate by its hub, using your fingers. A hub is roughly 3-4 inches in diameter, and has about 2 inches to grab onto. You would grab it like you grab the top of a coffee cup, with your palm over the coffee.

    I think.

  9. I bench pressed 200 lbs 13 times, and 150 lbs 17 times this morning. Personal bests, by a bunch.

  10. Toward the end.

  11. I just lifted a very nice dirty martini……..several times. I’m pumped!!

  12. I wasn’t able to make George Orwell’s link work so here’s another to it.

  13. Republican moderation is an approach that wins the election by losing the argument. Republican strategists strategize which argument their candidate will concede from the start to show what a centrist moderate he really is. Should he be a social issues moderate, an economic moderate, a social safety net moderate, a foreign policy moderate or all of the above.

    While this strategy still has some future in state politics, it has no future in national elections. If moderation no longer wins you a wink from the media, what does it really get you besides the chance to be a graceful and grateful loser? And even the Republican establishment is likely to get tired of good loserdom if Romney pulls a McCain. They may even decide that the best way to win an election is to win the argument. A truly novel idea.

    The media complains incessantly about the rightward drift of the Republican Party, but that drift is entirely the result of a leftward drift by the Democratic Party. Had the Democrats not gone so far to the left, anyone to the right of Che would not have suddenly found themselves homeless. The majority of the Democratic Party’s base has no idea what its party stands for, if they did, they would be gone in a flash. That includes most of the minorities.


  14. Or maybe this one as Rahe has two up today.

  15. Sort of both geoffb, since the second is directly linked (argumentatively) to the first.

  16. In 2006 the Democrats emphasized (falsely but that’s another thing) a conservative outlook on earmarks and sexual morality and won back the House from Republicans who had slid, over the previous 12 years, the the left of their conservative victory in 1994.

    In 2010 the Democrats having shown that their “conservatism” of 2006 was just a sham and a scam by moving to the far left, lost to the tea party conservatives of the Republicans.

    Both Parties have to at least appear conservative to win national elections, and then they both move left after winning till they lose power. You would think this lesson would sink in to their thick skulls, but noooooooooooo.

  17. “. . . Virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone that renders us invincible. These are the tactics we should study. If we lose these, we are conquered, fallen indeed . . . so long as our manners and principles remain sound, there is no danger.”
    Patrick Henry

    “Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.”
    Also PH

  18. Here’s the hub. I think mine was made by Warren Tetting, but it’s nearly identical. Here’s a traditional York hub lift. The 45# plate is the benchmark for the old time strong man.

  19. “You would think this lesson would sink in to their thick skulls,”

    vote buying is so much easier

  20. that pic makes my fingers hurt

  21. I bench pressed 200 lbs 13 times, and 150 lbs 17 times this morning. Personal bests, by a bunch.

    That’s awesome, JD. You’re almost ready for next year’s NFL combine!

  22. Yeah. Add about 25-30 to each total.

  23. My 5.8 40 yd dash, and 11″ vertical likely preclude me from consideration.

  24. Perhaps I could do a 25 lb one.


    10lbs, definitely.

    Weak grip, and I keep backsliding on exercising.

  25. One of my exercises is juggling these: link.

    Set timer for 1 minute after warming up..go!!

    I juggle with some 6 lb balls too. Hard to grab and hard to get started. I can’t do those for a minute, yet.

  26. Wow, Jeff. That’s impressive. I’ll bet you come in handy when the “Jelly of the Month Club” entry arrives!

  27. The GOP won in ’00 and ’04 because the dems put up lousy candidates, just like in ’88. The last election I remember that actually got people out to vote was ’02, and that was because of Perot (sorry, GHWB, you wouldn’t have won without Perot, because those people would have just stayed home.)

    If the GOP can’t put up someone that will bring new people out to vote, they are in trouble. I don’t see a huge swell of non-voters showing up to vote against an incumbent. I have been pretty faithful to the 11th commandment, and I think that’s what turned me off to Ace of late. So I won’t say here who I think will turn out the most votes for the GOP. But I don’t think it’s the guy who, by the current conventional wisdom, is least likely to “scare” the moderates.

  28. How big are those things, Blake? Like softball size? Bigger? I throw and catch (and do shoulder holdouts) with these, from Stronger Grip. But I could use something like a weighted softball, because I like to toss stuff up to myself when I’m watching TV. It relaxes me.

  29. I just chopped my old couch in half with a Yoshi knife. I think that’s a notable accomplishment. It’s like I’m manufacturing open ended love seats!

  30. Steel-toed gym shoes I hope?

  31. Jeff, the 4lb balls are maybe the size of a large grapefruit. The 6 lb balls are the size of honeydew melon, perhaps.

    I can palm either of them easily, but I’ve got a fair size hand.

    Both weight balls are sand filled. The 4 lb one is a little easier to grab, as the skin is tight on the sand, whereas the 6 lb has a little air space.

  32. Oh, and in the process of learning to juggle these weight balls, I’ve dropped them several times and they’ve not exploded, so, they’re relatively rugged. Considering I’ve missed catching when one of them is 7 ft in the air or so, should give you some idea as to whether or not they’ll hold up.

  33. That is pretty awesome. Strong like bull. Smart like tractor. [/badrussianaccent]

  34. My brother used to juggle a cantaloupe, an orange, and a golf ball just for grins. Sometimes it’d be a grapefruit, a golf ball and a ping-pong ball, just to keep him on his toes. 3 cantaloupes, on the other hand, is just about a workout.

    Me, I can’t juggle to save my life. But just tossing around a 4-6 lb ball is probably a fun way to keep arm/hand fitness, depending on how you do the catch.

  35. In the Bay area, drove past Tesla and Solyndra.

    The former hub of adventurous entrepreneurism becoming a tax farmer haven. Starting to get a Detroit feel.

  36. I just started P90x “2” yesterday.

    Did the first workout, then ran 4.5 miles.

    Then I about died.

  37. How do you like it, Carin? I’m not allowed to start until my wife can start with me, and she’s at 34 weeks.

  38. Well, I feel like I did when I first started the first one. “These moves are IMPOSSIBLE.” lol

    I imagine I’ll eventually be able to do most of them, but the day one (Core) was hard.

    It’s a bit different than the first. The phase one is mostly core work – doesn’t seem to be a lot of strength. These are the titles of phase 1:

    1. Core
    2. Plyocide
    3. rest
    4. Total body
    5. Yoga (which is shorter than the other one)
    6. balance and power
    7. rest

    I’ll review it as I go along.

  39. Nice little summary of SociObama from G.O.’s link:

    “Consider what Barack Obama has done. He has unmasked the tyrannical potential of the administrative entitlements state, and he has once again demonstrated the defects inherent in Keynesian economics. He promised us that the stimulus would bring unemployment down dramatically. He acknowledged that if it did not do so he would be unelectable. He attacked religious liberty, attempting through a court case to interfere with a Lutheran church’s ability to choose its own religious teachers as it saw fit, and threatening to make Roman Catholics, the Roman Catholic Church, and Christians and Jews who regard abortion as murder complicit with that act by forcing them to pay for abortifacients. He jammed through Congress a bill designed to undermine the health insurance industry and to institute healthcare rationing. He brought our government to the edge of fiscal insolvency. At a time of rising energy costs, he blocked the building of a pipeline that would bring petroleum from our northern neighbor and friend Canada to the United States and reduce our dependence on the Middle East”

  40. On the strength front; I benched 265 5X on my last set. Should be setting a new personal best somewhere north of 315 in a month or so

  41. I ate 7 Trefoils with my coffee this morning. All y’all are slackers.

  42. Another day on the induction phase for me. After my body adjusts to burning ketones in another day or so the exercise regimen begins.

  43. Note to self: add Danger to my ever-growing list of people not to fuck with.

    I know from recent experience that I could do maybe a couple of reps at 200lb, but probably not much more than that. I never touch the free weights, though; it’s all bodyweight exercise for me. The ability to control e.g. the ground during pushups doesn’t translate well to a weight bench and bar.

  44. All right Slart, I gots a question. You ever do the Insanity? I’m looking for a workout I can do in a hotel without exposure to too much MRSA. One of my sons friends did Insanity to get ready for Marine boot and it looked like it worked (seriously, we called that kid “Shaggy”, he was like 6’1″ and 85lbs, carried his head around his belly button, now he looks like, well, a Marine). I can get it off of his Dad for nothing, and I’m intrigued.

  45. I’ve got a friend that’s doing it; I’ll ask him.

    I tend to be more sedate where it comes to exercise. I’m just trying to reach some maintenance level where I can do maybe 20 chinups and then 100 pushups. But I’m a ways away from that: 10 chinups followed closely (this is important) by 40 pushups. But I’m doing that twice a day, so you could make a case, if you were feeling like bullshitting people.

    It doesn’t matter if you can do 100 pushups fresh. It matters if you can do 100 pushups when your arms already feel like they’ve got cinderblocks tied to them.

  46. I’d go ahead and give it a whirl, though, if you’ve the time and inclination. The P90X people haven’t put out anything useless, as far as I’ve been able to tell.

  47. I can’t do regular pull-ups. Not sure why. It just isn’t in me. Maybe it’s a technique problem, I don’t know, but I can’t do them.

    Instead, I do mine on a Total Gym at the highest incline and then add 140# to the mix. These I can do. And I’d bet lots of people who can do pull-ups wouldn’t be able to.

    It’s strange. I did P90X, advanced to the point where I can now bend steel and rip phonebooks, and yet I still struggle with pull-ups. Ironically, one of the reasons I did P90X to begin with is because I’ve always struggled with pull-ups, and I was sure by the end I’d be great at them.

  48. I can do pull-ups, as long as my grip is wide. If I try with a narrow grip, palms out, no way. I also can’t do get-ups with a kettlebell.

    And the thing that really burns me is the overhead press. I do clean and press complexes, but I can’t get 135 up over my head. I can do 90, I can do 100, I even have done 120. But if I put those 45’s on the bar, forget it. I can’t get it overhead without a jerk. I don’t have room for that.

  49. I’m not really good at the overhead press, either. I don’t do it much with a barbell, just with dumbbells. I can probably do it with a pair of 60s, but I don’t have a pair. And besides, I find that doing them with one hand completely free is better, anyway: it forces you to use all sort of stabilizer muscles in addition to just doing the press.

  50. I have trouble with overhead press, too. It’s just uncomfortable as hell. Which wrecks handstands for me, pretty much. I also have a hard time with the wide-grip pullups, but I think those problems may go away as those muscle groups develop. Something in the shoulders just hurts like crazy, but it might be lack of use.

    Wide grip is something like 36″ separated, I think. I do chinups with hands about half shoulder width apart. I haven’t tried moving hand positions around much; I’ll do that once I get to over 15.

  51. I got my son the “perfect pullup” thing last Christmas for like $9.99 at Big Lots. He’s got it hanging in a doorway at the top of the stairs. You can use a ton of different grips. Whenever I go by and am not carrying laundry or paint or febreeze I do a couple pull ups. It’s really helped. The parallel grip is by far the easiest on my shoulders.

  52. I have one of those bars that you mount in your doorframe, and it’s cool and all, but it smashes the trim a little, so the wife has forbidden me to use it.

    So I went and bought a power tower. Every time I take the dogs out, I do some leg lifts and chinups.

  53. If you can only do pullups on a Total Gym, Bruce Lee will still be able to kick your ass.

    Even zombie Bruce Lee.

  54. Pull ups suck. I do them on rings hanging from the bar. I am jacked when I get 3 sets of 5. Regular pull ups, palms out, are way more difficult than neutral, or palms in.

  55. Ima try reversing the grip tonight and see how that works. It might be that it totally kills my ability to do the exercise, but it might not. Chinups probably involve the biceps more,

    I’d say that my lats are plenty strong enough, so the difference would have to be in teres major and supporting muscles in the shoulders. As I said, I can only do a few wide-grip pullups (palms-out, but grip is angled downward), so there is definitely a difference.

  56. Narrow-grip & palms out, it turns out I can only do 6. Just a data point.

  57. Hardest workout of my life this morning. 50 pullups, 50 reverse pushups, 5 min TRX plAnks, 50 combo pull over and crunches with 50 lbs plate, and 50 squats on bosu ball with 100 lbs overhead.

  58. TRX is kind of a new thing on me, JD. It sounds a bit like what The Rock describes as equipment for one of his muscle-pumping exercises, except he uses a low suspended bar, starting in pushup position over the bar and then extending the bar forward. At some point, the torque becomes brutal.

    JD’s workout just might kill me, depending on how many days I could take to complete it.