March 12, 2012

Remember back when many Americans saw the soul crushing enforced uniformity of communism as a bad thing

— and not as a pseudo-intellectual playground on which to play out their fantasies of rubbing elbows with radicals?

It was Beaver Cleaver’s oppressive Eisenhower America. Not like now, where the promise of socialist Utopian transformation has provided us with unprecedented liberty.

Provided, that is, we only want shit that is granted us by the State — and provided we embrace the identity narratives assigned us by our self-styled leaders.

And honestly, what kind of an ungrateful citizen would ask for any more than what the State determines he absolutely needs?

Anyone who’s read Stanley Kurtz’s book on Obama’s school years already knows who Obama is, who his friends and political allies really are, and what his goal is for the US. They know how, as a political player, he was manufactured and packaged for public consumption, taking the tack (post 1972) that the way forward for socialism was to hide advocacy for socialist causes and to disguise socialist ideology as populist pragmatism, to work incrementally for changes to our institutions that it would prove impossible to roll back, and to bring employ a long term strategy of class warfare and envy politics in order to destroy the “middle class” and create a bifurcated nanny-state society run through the practices of liberal fascism: a ruling class working in conjunction with big business to create ersatz “free” markets stoked by crony capitalism, and to solidify in place a pervasive administrative state beyond the reach of voters whose role it is to destroy individual liberty and autonomy and replace it with State dependency.

“Fundamental transformation” involves removing the last vestiges of Constitutional restraint — and the project has been a long one, beginning in a sense with the usurpation of language and the granting of power to politicized interpreters to rework a real, ratified document into a kind of open document into which has been read any number of revisions posing as interpretations. The long march through our institutions is all but complete. And now, it is the last stand of our compromised mainstream media to do their job and provide the propaganda necessary to carry the progressive coup over the November 2012 finish line.

After that? We’re done.

And we will have been defeated because we were afraid of being cast as conspiratorial fools. Which, as the Soledad O’Brien interview of Joel Pollak — an exercise that didn’t hide its brush strokes well at all — made abundantly clear, is precisely what the activist media is counting on.

Lucky for them, the right seems to have no shortage of those more concerned with how they appear to the left than with pushing back against the very narrative in which they’ve been so thoroughly inscribed.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:37am

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  1. The Fear Of Looking Stupid[TM] should be listed as the cause of death on the GOP Death Certificate.

    Just need an attending physician to officially mark the hour. The EMTs called it in 2008 but the corpse hasn’t gotten the message.

  2. So Don Surber should pull his head out from whatever dark place he’s been keeping it, and smell the coffee colored truth?

  3. Well, Jeff, that just about nails it.
    Now what?

  4. Ah, poor Jeff. Posting a fundamentally unserious and unhelpful video from some “Breitbart” group. National Review would never bother with such trivial and dare we say paranoid concerns. We have a Republican to elect, and if we have to overlook a little Marxism to do it, so be it.

    Also, it might help if we can program Romneybot to say “You have nothing to fear from a second term of Obama.” It reassures the swing voters we so desperately need.

  5. Well, Jeff, that just about nails it.
    Now what?

    Ratchet up the push-back, starting with defining Communism for what it is and Communists as its constituency.

    And in the case of Nebbish Grinning Little Touchy Communist in the clip, as such.

  6. sdferr,

    There is that hidden, unknown, and unknowable expiration date in everything said or written by the left. The use of lies demands that the past be changeable as per the Arendt paper “Truth and Politics”.

  7. Nebbish Grinning Little Touchy Communist

    Who knew members of the Inner Party would be balding, vaguely effeminate whine-machines?

  8. The Fear Of Looking Stupid[TM] should be listed as the cause of death on the GOP Death Certificate.

    Not fear of looking stupid, so much as fear of having to acknowledge publicly just how stupid they actually are.

  9. Surber, geoffb, apparently doesn’t notice that Soledad’s urgent declaration — “move on” — as indicative of anything in particular, like a fear of exposure, perhaps. Foolishly, he prefers the adage “When in doubt: punt!”

  10. Thank Gaia Romneybot is on the same page as Don Surber. Both believe Obama is a great guy, just in over his head. Can any of you think of a more devastating critique?

  11. The Fear Of Looking Stupid[TM] should be listed as the cause of death on the GOP Death Certificate.

    I think of it more as “The fear of not getting the invites to all the good parties that my spouse expected as her due for putting up with my ambitions”. There’s the real “sex-strike“.

  12. Lucky for them, the right seems to have no shortage of those more concerned with how they appear to the left than with pushing back against the very narrative in which they’ve been so thoroughly inscribed.

    On the other hand, there’s a large and growing number who don’t care what the left thinks of them and are ready and willing to lay them bare. You’re one, the videographer here is another. #war

  13. This is what I’ve been up to these past months, as I’ve been working on a book about Obama that will appear in early August. Among other things, my book will show that the differences between ways of criticizing Obama aren’t as clearly drawn as they now appear to be.

    There are many aspects of Obama’s current policies that the public knows little or nothing about, and seemingly familiar things that are still poorly understood. When you put the total picture together, the links between Obama’s present and past can be drawn much more convincingly than many now imagine. At any rate, that is what I’ll be arguing in August.

    I believe that many of the things I’ve dug up, along with the dots I’ve connected about Obama’s transformative ambitions–past and present alike–will be genuinely disturbing to voters far beyond the Republican base, including moderates and independents. Sweeping judgements about how best to criticize Obama are premature.


  14. Surber:

    The job before us is to show that the last 3+ years have sucked and 4 more years of Obama — a red-blooded, true Christian American who was born in Hawaii — will suck even harder.

    Has anybody thought to ask Surber how he’s going to accomplish the second part without explaining the whys and wherefores of the first part?

    Because it seems to me that a red-blooded true Christian American born in Hawaii might be deserving of a second chance. What with things getting better everyday (with the unemployment numbers and consumer confidence indices to show it!), and the liklihood of a blue-blooded, weird sorta-Christian* descendant of a Mexican immigrant** as his opponent.

    *apologies to Di
    ** if I remember that piece of anti-Romney gossip correctly

    But I’m just a visigoth, and a hairy-footed one at that. So I don’ know abowt dese tings.

  15. You know what I noticed, is who was getting all hate speechy and physically threatening?

    That’s right, the white guy. I’m telling you those people just can’t help themselves.

  16. The thing is, Obama is *not* a “true Christian American”. He’s a fricking socialist totalitarian, and the “church” he attended is as “Christian” as a Klan rally — the trappings may be there, but the sense of it’s completely gone.