March 10, 2012

“I find most liberals who are critical of Fox news don’t watch it.” [Darleen Click

They have a perspective informed by clips they see on The Daily Show, or the most outrageous thing that they’ve ever seen passed around that Sean Hannity said, but they’re not watching the day-to-day news coverage which is really thoughtful and the probing debates on some of the hot topics of the day. In truth, I get to go on and fight hard for what I believe in. No one tells me what to say. Frankly, I feel like I get to fight harder on Fox than I did on other networks because at Fox they like their punches pulled. If people really tuned in and watched they would be impressed by how engaging, interesting and provocative the shows are.

So says Sally Kohn, “Fox’s newest feminist, progressive commentator”.

Slyly, reading the rest of the short interview, one can fathom why Kohn is on Fox News — her usual knee-jerk, giggle-worthy, progressive “thought” will be fully on display.

What is going to be interesting is what comments will be posted … I’ll be checking back.

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  1. “. . . why Kohn is on . . . fully on display.”

    And paid, let’s don’t forget paid! I mean, seriously, would she do it for free, as the non-mercenary altruist, purely for the good of womankind alone? Ha! The patriarchy is still in force and The Man demands his bills to be paid, after all.

  2. I don’t believe Sally has much use for “man”kind.

  3. I’ve never heard of Kohn till today and now have seen two pieces about her or three counting this post.

    h/t sdferr

  4. Progessivism = Altruism? Does not compute. Does not compute.
    OT, but speaking of principles, I just e-mailed President Seligman at the Univerity of Rochester ( asking how allowing students to disrupt a class and shout down a professor could go unpunished. I thought that diverity of thought and opinion and the free exchange of ideas was the principle of the university setting. Silly me.
    Sorry no html; cat on lap disagrees.

  5. Progressivism wasn’t my choice. But still, RI, there are certain passages in the Second Discourse which lend themselves to the notion that property is the very source of inequality, as such, and that without it . . . . well, you know, kittens! I.e., Marx.

  6. BTW, “at Fox they like their punches pulled”, is the opposite of what she is trying to expresss. Sort of like Barry and “Don’t call my bluff”.

  7. Remember, Red: To the proglodytes, diversity is great as long as everybody thinks alike.

  8. I rarely watch FOX News anymore. Seems like they have a 50/50 ratio of commercials to programming, and half the programming is people saying really stupid shit.

    It’s the problem of being fair and balanced I suppose.

  9. at Fox they like their punches pulled

    Is there a negative missing? I thought that when you pull a punch, you don’t hit as hard as you could.

  10. It looks like a typo to me.

    How’s the new job, di?

  11. I can deal with the plain reporting when it happens, but when a Fox News host brings on two people to yell at each other, I change channels.

    If I want to watch people on TV yelling at each other I’ll find a rerun of “All in the Family.”

  12. I mean, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for contraception.

    Yeah, this is a voice Fox is desperately needing.

  13. I’m finding Fox News is appealing to a demographic that isn’t me. I turn it off more than I watch it for the same reason that McGehee stated about the screaming. I watch their business news more than anything else and read around the net for any other information.

  14. New job’s great.

    The company provides free candy and snacks and sodas and stuff. The desktops aren’t locked down (as if software engineers would ever stand for that), one guy has a saltwater fishtank on his desk, there’s a circular table where some play those sci-fi card games, one room has a ping-pong table, there’s a huge big-screen TV with video games, the team is going paint-balling next week, there’s a guy named Sheldon here, and we have meetings at 8 a.m. to accommodate the peeps in India.

    I think I just started working at Big Bang Theory.

    Or The Walking Dead. They’re big on zombies, too.

    I love working with engineers. They don’t care about “tone” or “attitude” as long as you follow two simple rules:

    1. Don’t mess with my stuff.
    2. Han shot first.

    Except for the part where Linux is a total mystery to me, I think I’ll fit in just fine.

  15. Also, I can’t really surf the political blogs and stuff because the company builds appliances that capture every single bit of network traffic for analysis and playback. They use our LAN traffic for testing and stuff.

    Meaning that not only will they know what I’ve been up to, it will be on display for all to see. Might as well avoid controversy until I get a better feel for the place.

    So this week, I’ve treated them to plenty of LOLcats and the stump-grinder video.

  16. Here’s an encouraging read, though I do wish he would go by “Bob Monckton” or something while in the US.

  17. “encouraging read” link malfunction

  18. OMG, what company do you work for di? That sounds like my work environment! If you don’t mind my asking. I work for Red Hat as a tech writer. I *love* my job. Of course, I work from home, but when I go to one of the offices, it’s all free snacks and ping pong.

  19. statist sally clarifies commies and nazis for the proggtards

    Welcome to a brand new series here at the Movement Vision Lab, combining thoughtful (and correct) political education and analysis with good ol’ fashion ranting and raving. In this case, I couldn’t take watching one more episode of Glenn Beck’s notorious show on Fox News without responding. So I have.

    In this first episode, I debunk Beck’s claim that communism and fascism go hand-in-hand and are the goals of the progressive movement. Instead, I explain what progressives are actually working toward.


  20. Operator error guinspen, nr corrected it thanks.

  21. Fascism is unchecked markets and no government.

    Yep. She is going to fit right in intellectually.

  22. I notice that she does a 4 minute video not a paper and goes up against Beck who is also on video not Goldberg who has an entire book exploring this topic.

    Video is harder to respond to and quickly check for references than a paper which can be easily quoted and discussed.

  23. She’s really obnoxious. If any of you haven’t seen her, she’s a big old horse olf a gal and she rolls her eyes like one when others are speaking.

    Meghan Kelly gave her a smackdown last week.

  24. what progressives are actually working toward.

    what are proggtards “working toward”?

  25. Fascism owns the private sector de facto.

    Communism owns the private sector de jure.

    Socialism is the larger “ism” that contains both.

    Socialists are those who haven’t decided which type they will come out of the closet as yet.

  26. oh good another utopia fantasy. i was worried that the proggs might start doing useful things.

  27. As much as I don’t mind Fox on in the background, adding her to the cacaphony may be a little much.

  28. “Fun with Sally”

    Well played Pablo,
    Well played!

  29. comrade sally puts the proggtards as the “democratic capitalism” third way between commies and nazis. how reassuring.

  30. For lack of a better place to drop this, Steyn demolishes Flukegate.

  31. If I have to listen to a newsslut with infantile understanding of competing politico-economic systems, can’t they at least find one that looks less like a parody of a dyke?

  32. Fox seems to have gotten into a self-parody lately.

  33. With that, time to cork the bottle, change the clocks, check the batteries and succumb to the charms of Morpheus. G’night, all.

  34. So SallyKohn is going to clear up political definitions for us by debunking Beck who is only backed up by actual freakin’ recorded HISTORY including the words of prominent nazis and communists and socialists of that time? Okay. Good luck with that noise. It might confuse people who don’t read books for a little while. Next Sally will debunk the Krebs cycle, theories of air pressure, and the current models for solar system formation. Because Sally knows shit.

  35. I work here. They build their product on top of Fedora.

  36. Steyn demolished Fluke without giving the opposition a single tool to use against him.

    He needs to be out front, instead of a guest host.

  37. He, Steyn, is on for Rush on Monday. It should be a hoot.

  38. She has a good gig. They’ll treat her nicely, she’ll make the spare point here and there and take unbearable amounts of shit. She’ll be well-paid, above all.

    I’m sure the Left looks at her the way we look at David Brooks on NewsHour: A well-presented smarty pants who is there to explain the actions of people whom the audience views as incapable of being more than cannon fodder, should the need arise.

  39. “Steyn demolished Fluke without giving the opposition a single tool to use against him.

    He needs to be out front, instead of a guest host.”

    Sometimes, what appears to be a tool used against you, turns out to be petard by which to hoist them.

  40. Ermm, isn’t that a petard alongside which they hoist themselves kablooie?

  41. ” He needs to be out front, instead of a guest host.”

    Mark Steyn is a great writer but a rather poor radio personality and TV guest. He’s hard to listen to as he tries to shove puns and asides where they don’t belong. When a guy like Steyn sits beside you at the bar you start looking for another seat nearer a bowl with more peanuts in it (in other words a cold spot usually away from the TV). And if he follows you over then you get up, take a piss, make some noise about you’re going to have an early night, pay your tab(if you have one), and leave.

    Great writer though.

  42. Steyn often pads his radio patter with his latest column, sometimes almost verbatim. I agree he is better on paper.

  43. I’m sorry sdferr, I don’t get the question.

  44. Oh, it’s no biggie Lee, just that the formulation sounds as though they were hoisted by someone else, rather than by themselves, which is the thrust of the original, and the source of its mirth.

  45. hoisted by their own acme product.

  46. I like when Steyn hosts Rush’s show. He’s definitely more Dennis Miller than Rush though. Rush I think considers teaching conservatism a main goal of the show, and sets a teaching pace while explaining things fully. He uses entertainment as the venue.

    Steyn is more like an entertainer that wants to talk politics. He can be very fast paced, and use lots of inside baseball type references.

    I don’t think he’s better or worse(though I’ll agree he’s an excellent writer), he’s just different.

  47. Oh, how’s this?

    turns out to be the petard with which they hoist themselves.

    See what happens when you try and fake cleverness?

  48. It’s the old problem of joke explanation. Something critically spontaneous gets lost.

  49. I always thought a petard was something like jock-strap,