March 6, 2012

Now it’s official – ObamaBots really do want opposing political speech banned

In re: Darleen’s post last evening, BMoe noted in the comments — and I reemphasized there — the fact that on the White House site, anybody could start a petition, and so it was probably premature to tether to an entire political movement the tyrannical desire to shut down competing speech by mob force. After all, only 315 “progressive” zealots had thus far signed the petition to have Rush Limbaugh forcibly removed from the airwaves for using metaphorical language that supposedly offended them and demeaned all women (but that had somehow magically failed to elicit the same outrage when Ed Schulz or Bill Maher used it descriptively and directly), so I felt it premature to tie to the entirety of the Left the actions of a few overt would-be tyrants.

Now, however, I’m proud to announce that the tethering of the Obama Left — including those within our own government, whose members take an oath to uphold the Constitution — to the direct and active intention of trying to remove from the airwaves competitive political speech, can be done in good conscience and with demonstrable proof of that tyrannical, censorious impulse.

And the thanks for that goes to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is sending out emails asking, among other things, that Democrats sign a petition urging Republicans lawmakers to officially condemn Limbaugh in order finally “to shut down their Party’s spiritual and intellectual leader.”

In other words, to force Limbaugh off the air.

This was never about Sandra Fluke — who went on “The View” yesterday and, with prodding from Joy Behar (who has used the word “bitch” on morning television to describe high profile conservative women, without any calls by Democrats for her removal from the airwaves), pointed people toward a Media Matters article on the hateful misogyny of political leaders, all of whom, surprise!, happen to be Republicans.

And today, President Obama will deliver a press conference — not on jobs or the tanking housing market or skyrocketing energy prices — but rather, through orchestration with a compliant, activist press, to show his support of both women and their right to contraception.

As if anyone anywhere was ever looking to deny them contraception.

This is and has been an orchestrated bit of political theater, and once again our prissy “pragmatic conservative” posse, out of fear over how “independents” and “moderates” will react to a manufactured media hit job on a prominent conservative figure taken intentionally out of context, has decided not to stand with “their Party’s spiritual and intellectual leader,” but rather to throw him to the wolves, rush to express their outrage too!, and, for a drab of cheap grace that they’ll never be able to cash in with the leftwing Statist God com judgment day anyway, helped yet again reaffirm and further institutionalize the Left’s control of the linguistic playing field.

Because they’re pussies, frankly.

Unless it comes to attacking the conservatives in their “big tent”. Because it’s then that the claws come out.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:12am

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  1. Dear Citizen Goldstein,

    If you persist in this constant criticism of Our Glorious State, The Department of Homeland Security will be obliged to revoke your Literary and Artistic Licenses.


    J. Napolitano
    Security Slut

  2. Lamest. Reichstag Fire. Ever.

  3. Dear Citizen Goldstein,

    You are having heart trouble and need to come in to the Department of Work-Unit Health (class 4F) for a checkup.


    K. Sebellius
    Cost Containment Slut

  4. Careful, “natural rights” can beget “natural causes”.

  5. I wasn’t pointing out that anybody could start a petition there to take away from Darleen’s point- I was pointing out anybody could start a petition there as an incentive to fuck with the bastards.

    I think we should have a contest on who can put up the most and best petitions this weekend.

  6. I wasn’t pointing out that anybody could start a petition there to take away from Darleen’s point- I was pointing out anybody could start a petition there as an incentive to fuck with the bastards.

    Oh. My apologies, then.

  7. Oo, oo, I’m gonna do one right now for Waygu steak hamburgers in school lunches.

  8. Oh, I am sooooooo in that contest, BMoe.

  9. Why not a petition asing Obama to make Romney his running mate?