March 1, 2012

“Arnold Schwarzenegger Dies In Snowboard Accident” [updated: HOAX]

[story and link removed]

(h/t roddy b)

updated: Looks like it’s a hoax.

Which, of course it is: no single tree is going to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger. It would take a forest of them. And a couple cyborgs made out of liquid metal.

And probably a super aggressive strain of syphilis.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 6:02pm

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  1. Wow.
    I apologize to one and all.
    Thank you for the correction.

    Not my favorite pol, but glad he’s alive.

  2. Isn’t his big event in Columbus this weekend?

  3. Ja, JD, hear me now and believe me later. Ahnuld is hier to pump us up. And maybe eat a Thurmanator.

  4. What about a single liquid metal cyborg tree?

  5. Jesus Christ, Twitter people, I made a fucking mistake!

    You are all better than me. Yes you are. You are better people, better “journalists,” and better bloggers for having not posted a link to a story a reporter sent you.

    There. Pat yourselves on the back and move on.

  6. I’m betting the syphilis gets him before the cyborgs do….

  7. Dear Twitter people breaking Jeff Goldstein’s balls:

    It’s my fault, not Jeff Goldstein’s. I’m a reporter friend of his and I screwed up and fell for a posting I saw on a website (that somebody had tweeted about.)

    You can give me crap at my website, not his.

    With regrets,
    Roddy Boyd

  8. Those Twitterers are an uncharitable bunch.

  9. There all pissed off because they don’t get to gloat about a “twofer.”

    Fuck ’em

  10. So much performance art in one day is making me dizzy…I’m going to bed and hoping for a more realistic tomorrow.

  11. What they’re really rooting for is something to happen to Sarah Palin.

  12. Or Rush. They just mention Sarah more often because it’s not quite as embarrassing to admit they get off on snuff fantasies when it’s a naughty librarian type involved.

  13. Can’t blame anyone for falling for this. I kind of assumed that marrying into the Kennedy family made a death like this inevitable.