March 1, 2012


Video tribute by Ben Howe, courtesy Jason Stverak and the Franklin Center.

Also, see Andrew Malcolm:

He was often controversial because his opponents often couldn’t answer his stories online, so they went after the messenger.

Andrew loved it. He was one of the few people you encounter in life who bite at every experience, good and bad. Where does that energy come from? You’d get a late-night call with Andrew excitedly talking up a whole package he was about to post. Might as well listen because you weren’t going to get a word in.

In person he’d get so excited in an argument that he’d be shouting inches away. You’d raise a hand as if ‘OK, Andrew, I’m right here.’ He’d laugh at himself and lower the volume. Andrew couldn’t stand hypocrisy and lying and hiding.

He also couldn’t stand passivity. Friends would describe some awful thing happening and instead of a hug he’d shake them out of wallowing with, “So?” And you’d stop and think, ‘Yeh, right. So what am I going to do about it to take control back?’


A lot of us are feeling very sad right now, bereft at the sudden departure and wondering, gee, who has the energy and vision to take up the black cape that Breitbart grandly wore into one session at CPAC last month?

Somewhere, no doubt, Breitbart is watching. And, no doubt, Breitbart is saying, “So?”

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  1. I think I’ll listen to a little Shostakovich tonight.

  2. ot

    the mitten’s posse spend lots of money demand results:

    The Detroit Free Press today reported that the Michigan Republican Party voted last night to award the state’s two at-large delegates to the statewide winner — i.e, Mitt Romney — instead of dividing them up proportionally.


  3. Deciding is what Deciders do.

    If they were better at it, the conserative movement would have to be so populist.

  4. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad is en route to Rush Limbaugh’s Palm Beach home to assist the Palm Beach Police Department, WPBF 25 News has learned.The nature of the emergency at 1495 N. Ocean Blvd. is not known at this time.This information just came in to the WPBF newsroom moments ago.

    After the death of Andrew Breitbart today I don’t want to get paranoid…
    Via TMZ:

    The bomb squad is currently sweeping through Rush Limbaugh‘s Palm Beach home after a suspicious package was discovered on scene.

    According to local reports, Limbaugh’s security team discovered the package and notified authorities.


  5. In response to criticism that the Michigan GOP changed its rules to benefit native son Mitt Romney, Michigan GOP committeeman Saul Anuzis — a Romney supporter — said the winner-take-all aspect for the at-large delegates was always agreed upon, and any misunderstanding was due to an error in the party’s memo.

    “Regrettably, there was an error in the memo drafted and sent to the respective campaigns,” Anuzis said. “There were questions raised at the time the memo was drafted as to whether the legal language used was accomplishing the goal of the committee and we were advised that it was, but now it is clear that the memo did not properly communicate the intent of the committee.

    Must have forgotten to get the right memo to the RNC also. From their official Delegate summary. Michigan.

    30 Total Delegates
    Penalized 29 delegates per Rule No. 16
    Important Dates
    Primary: 2/28/12
    County Conventions: 5/3/12
    CD Caucus: 5/18/12
    State Convention: 5/19/12
    Selection Method
    Primary, Convention
    Delegates Bound for 1 Ballot
    o 30 Bound
    Selection Details
    AL – Delegate allocation: Proportional if candidate
    reaches 15% threshold.
    Delegate election: At State Convention
    CD – Delegate allocation: Winner-take-all per CD
    Delegate election: At CD Caucuses

    This convention is going to be rife with challenges.

  6. arnold schwarzenegger dead–snowboarding in switzerland

  7. from the santorum campaign

    There is breaking news about an election scandal in Michigan.

    ABC News headline states: “Michigan GOP Changes Delegate Rules, Gives Primary Edge to Romney” and the Associated Press states “Michigan GOP changes delegate award after vote.”

    Last night there was an unannounced closed-door secret meeting of the Michigan Republican Party credentialing committee. During the meeting, they voted 4 to 2 to allocate delegates differently than was previously stated in a memorandum that was issued to all of the campaigns. One of the 2 dissenting votes was Former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, a Romney supporter, who stated: “I have this crazy idea that you follow the rules. I’d love to give the at-large delegates to Mitt Romney, but our rules provide for strict apportionment.”

    We’ve all heard rumors that Mitt Romney was furious that he spent a fortune in his home state, had all the political establishment connections and could only tie Rick Santorum. It appears that he has now called on those establishment connections to orchestrate a back room deal to allocate additional delegates to him that he did not earn.

    Changing the rules after the election is something that happens in Iran, but not in America. This type of political maneuvering should not be tolerated.

    Please stay tuned as we learn more about what the Romney campaign “establishment” insiders are up to in Michigan.

    Mike Biundo
    Campaign Manager

  8. One of my faves Ernst. (‘course, I actually like ’em all.) What the hell, how about a couple more? And the big ‘un, for Breitbart.

  9. “The at-large delegates are still awarded proportionally to candidates that achieve the 15 percent threshold, the two RNC recognized delegates are assigned to the candidate that wins the most votes. Michigan’s results, without the RNC penalty, 28-Romney/28-Santorum. If the RNC upholds its penalty, 16-Romney, 14-Santorum.”

    What he fails to mention is that before the penalty Michigan had 59 delegates, the 28+28 =56 the remaining 3 would be the State Party Super-delegates who are all Romney supporters. This move, I suspect, allows 2 of those 3 to get to the convention as voting Romney delegates.

  10. Mike Cox is a good guy. He came a spoke at two tea party events I attended.

  11. Why do I suspect that had I met Mr Breitbart, I would have liked him? A great deal.

  12. I hung out with him a few years back at the Reagan Ranch. Nice guy.

    We shared a birthday.

  13. eff mittens

    “Rick Santorum encouraged Democrats in Michigan to hijack the Republican primary,” said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul in a statement. “Because his strategy failed and Mitt Romney won, he is now attacking the Republican Party. The Romney campaign respects the process as determined by the Michigan state party, and we are pleased that we have been awarded a majority of the delegates. We are now focused on the upcoming contests.”

  14. Arnold dead? That’s too bad. He was a man that knew how to pursue the American dream.

    He turned out to be not too staunch as governor, left something to be desired as a father we discovered, but damn, could he pretend to be a machine or what?

  15. Oh, hoax. Sorry, carry on…

  16. He wasn’t dead, just rerouting back-up power.

  17. Mitt Romney is a wienie. How is encouraging people from the other party(ies?) to vote in an open primary an attempt to hijack the primary? Romney is the one who was insisting on an open primary months back, unless I’m mistaken.

  18. Romney is the one who was insisting on an open primary months back, unless I’m mistaken.

    new hampshire has an open primary. it’s only good if it helps mr. rethuglican: mittens

  19. Yes, but wasn’t he also talking up the open primary in Michigan? I wasn’t paying a lot of attention since I figured he’d win it by default.

    Looks like I was right about that, anyway.

  20. Last weekend, Breitbart told friends he was in early talks with CNN about a Crossfire-style show in which he would argue from the Right alongside former US House representative Anthony Weiner taking him on from the Left.*

    I am far sadder that I imagined I’d be when I woke up today. I think I’ll get drunk.

  21. tick toc, tick toc

    Town police and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad opened the unsolicited 18-by-18-inch package around 7 p.m. to discover it contained an electronic plaque commemorating the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth, said Fred Hess, Palm Beach police spokesman.

    horseheads weren’t available for comment

  22. This system serves people only to the extent necessary to ensure that people will serve it. Anything beyond this, that is to say, anything which leads people to overstep their predetermined roles is regarded by the system as an attack upon itsel^ And in this respect it is correct: every instance of such transgression is a genuine denial of the system. It can be said, therefore, that the inner aim of the post-totalitarian system is not mere preservation of power in the hands of a ruling clique, as appears to be the case at first sight. Rather, the social phenomenon of self-preservation is subordinated to something higher, to a kind of blind automatism which drives the system. No matter what position individuals hold in the hierarchy of power, they are not considered by the system to be worth anything in themselves, but only as things intended to fuel and serve this automatism. For this reason, an individual’s desire for power is admissible only in so far as its direction coincides with the direction of the automatism of the system.

    Ideology, in creating a bridge of excuses between the system and the individual, spans the abyss between the aims of the system and the aims of life. It pretends that the requirements of the system derive from the requirements of life. It is a world of appearances trying to pass for reality.

    The post-totalitarian system touches people at every step, but it does so with its ideological gloves on. This is why life in the system is so thoroughly permeated with hypocrisy and lies: government by bureaucracy is called popular government; the working class is enslaved in the name of the work ing class; the complete degradation of the individual is presented as his ultimate liberation; depriving people of in formation is called making it available; the use of power to manipulate is called the public control of power, and the arbitrary abuse of power is called observing the legal code; the repression of culture is called its development; the expansion of imperial intluence is presented as support for the oppressed; the lack of free expression becomes the highest form of freedom; farcical elections become the highest form of democracy; banning independent thought becomes the most scientific of world views; military occupation becomes fraternal assistance. Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics. It pretends not to possess an omnipotent and unprincipled police apparatus. It pretends to respect human rights. It pretends to persecute no one. It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.


  23. Andrew Breitbart

    “This system serves people only to the extent necessary to ensure that people will serve it. Anything beyond this, that is to say, anything which leads people to overstep their predetermined roles is regarded by the system as an attack upon itself”

    Vaclav Havel

  24. Ronald Reagan

    A Time for Choosing


  25. Matt Labash does well:

    With Andrew, every day was anything-can-happen day.

  26. Steve Bannon: We Are Going to Release the Breitbart ‘Obama Harvard Tapes’ in One Week to 10 Days

  27. Looks like Andrew covered his bases. Bannon is a good man.

  28. Andrew Breitbart: Social Conservative.

    Okay, not really, but culture matters to both social conservative and libertarian conservatives.

  29. If Andrew Breitbart had a heart attack, might he have been saved if it had happened 10 minutes earlier before he left the bar or 10 minutes later after he was home?