February 29, 2012

“GOP Congressman: ‘We Need to Put Forward Someone of Equal Integrity’ to Obama”

And that someone would be? You guessed it: Mitt Romney, the very candidate who has trashed his opponents one by one, massively outspending them on negative advertising while allowing his organization and SuperPACs, through opposition research sent directly to “journalists,” to consistently misrepresent them and their records — all while he himself has concentrated on rewriting his own history as a politician, going from anti-Reagan campaigning to “severely conservative,” depending on where the political winds seem to be blowing.

That’s character. That’s integrity.

Then again, if you believe that what the GOP needs is someone with Obama’s integrity, you may have inadvertently stumbled onto something. Because frankly, I’m disgusted by both of them.

But then, I don’t appear to be the target market anymore. So there’s that.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:20am

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  1. Yeah, I was hoping for better than Obama. Is Chaffetz really this stupid or is he bought off? Sad.

  2. Someone whose integrity is the same as Obama’s?

    Romney’s your guy then. I guess.

  3. These are the Congresscritters who are going to hold Romney’s feet to the fire, so to speak? The ones who are going to make sure we make Romney repeal Obamacare? Right. Obama is nice to him. Why would he vote against such a nice man’s legacy?

  4. I’m not a Romney fan, but saying he has equal integrity to Obama? Low blow, man…

  5. Romney will say whatever he needs to say* in order to win —and then he’ll do whatever the hell he wants because mandate or somthing.

    *except say something excessively critical about Obama, because that would be like setting his hair on fire, —and that’s why he’ll lose.

  6. So all Romney’s promises have expiration dates too?

  7. I don’t know about his promises,

    his persona on the other hand….

  8. ‘We Need to Put Forward Someone of Equal Integrity’

    Killing themselves with the soft bigotry of low expectations.

  9. This is the full quote from the article:

    Chaffetz said one of the reasons he supports Mitt Romney is Romney’s family life: “He’s been married for 42 years, he got this wonderful, beautiful family, he’s been scandal-free in his personal life.

    “That’s the kind of person — that’s what the Democrats did, right? They put up someone with a beautiful family in the Obamas. And we need to put forward someone of equal integrity.”

    Chaffetz is narrowly equating “being a family man” with “having integrity.”

    Which, I suppose that’s something, but there are plenty of apparent “family men” whose dealings outside the home are so egregiously corrupt that it overpowers anything good they do with the fam.


  10. It is a very low bar to say a Democrat’s “been scandal-free in his personal life” as they have to do something quite egregious to get it reported at all and even when it is their Party isn’t usually mentioned and the story fades away after the initial report.

  11. “Chaffetz is narrowly equating “being a family man” with “having integrity.””

    Kinda lets Gingrich out, don’t it?

  12. geoffb, also, what constitutes “a scandal” is delightfully subjective.

  13. Can one truly be a good family man and be on the down low at the same time?

    I don’t know the answer, honestly.

  14. Is that why Michelle takes all those vacations?

    And all this time I thought she was a déclassé huckster shamelessly getting all she could while she could get it, poor woman.

  15. OBambi has no integrity.

  16. Chaffetz is narrowly equating “being a family man” with “having integrity.”

    Well then, I hope it’s okay that I narrowly equate “taking your children to a racist church every week” with “having no class.”

  17. Someone of equal integrity?


    Duke Cunningham is still in jail and Nixon is still dead. I am all out of ideas.

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  19. Gus Savage it is, then.

  20. Chaffetz is narrowly equating “being a family man” with “having integrity.”

    Oh come on Di… It’s not exactly a narrow equation.

    You don’t suppose he might be politely equating having an attractive family and being industrious with some other tenets of his life? Perhaps a pleasant reminder to his fellow Utahans of something that may matter a great deal to many of them?

    Not to imply this is any sort of sinister code, or sooper seekrit dog whistle, Just that people being what they are, and that being naturally predisposed to those who they deem similar…

  21. integrity, thy name is tyranny

  22. Gonna be tough to find someone of equal integrity to 0bama. Bundy got the chair in ’89, and Gacy got the needle in ’94…