February 24, 2012

Why the left might stop carping about Act of Valor

Turns out the villain behind a plot 100x worse than 911 — the man who tortures and kills CIA agents and helps fund and facilitate jihadist smuggling — is a manipulative, drug-smuggling, American-hating Jew who uses reluctant Filipino Muslims as pawns.

I haven’t yet seen the film, and frankly, I’m not sure now why I would. There’s artistic license, and then there’s the sad fact that a movie heavily touted for its realistic depictions of the SEALS — played by actual SEALS — decided to cast as America’s enemy a rich and filthy Jew who is the brains behind a terror network potentially far more destructive than Al Qaeda.

And the question is, why? Did they think that doing so would blunt calls that the movie was anti-Muslim? And if so, did they not consider that such a decision might concern those who right now see our country increasingly more amenable to our enemies than to our longtime allies?

Maybe it’s because I read too much Carl Cameron or Justin Raimondo in the early wake of the 911 attacks — where Israeli spies and suspicious Jewish “students” of all sort were spotted in and around the attack sites — but I can’t help but feel that what’s at work here is a pointed political statement that will play well to the Ron Paul newsletter crowd, where the real enemy America faces comes not from Muslim terrorists but rather from monied Jews always and forever operating in the shadows.

But time will tell. Maybe the early reports are exaggerating the outrage. And like I said, I haven’t seen the film. All I know of it was from what I’ve been receiving in my inbox today.

Still, I’ll wait for a $1 Red Box rental. In the meantime, if I find myself craving a greedy Jew villain, I’ll go back and read an early edition of Oliver Twist.

That always seems to hit the spot!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:59pm

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  1. If you need some Jew villains, just think about David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel.

  2. Well, that sucks.

    Was actually planning on catching it at the theater tomorrow afternoon.

  3. Goddamnit

  4. Damn. Hate to hear that there’s an element of antisemitism clouding this movie. But I never watch new releases in theaters anymore anyways.

    This movie, designed and built right here in Nashville, has annoyed Algore and deserves a wider release.

  5. Maybe this little bit of petard hoisting will cheer Jeff up:

    Politically correct U. Minnesota Duluth hockey fans mock politically incorrect U. North Dakota “fighting sioux” hockey team with “racist chants.”

  6. Go old school for your Jewish villian, Jeff. No one does it better than Shylock in Merchant of Venice.

  7. Is his name George Soros?

  8. Just re-watch Apocalypse Now. Here’s a scene cut from that awesome movie, as a tease.

    Wait…was Col. Kurtz Jewish ?

  9. That’s what I was thinking, B Moe. In which case, good on ’em. If it tracks with Full Black, that would be just fine. So, the question is whether he’s an anti-Semitic America hating Jew.

  10. Mistah Kurtz, he dead.

  11. I really hated that movie “Apocalypse Now”. I think it was the first movie I ever got up and walked out on. Later on, when HBO became a must have, I tried to watch it again and it still blew. Except for Robert Duvall, who is like a god.

    Joseph Conrad ought to rise from the dead just to bitch slap them all for ripping off Heart Of Darkness.

  12. Shorter leigh…

    The horror…the horror…

  13. The gang that can’t shoot straight vs. best-in-class. Fuck me, fuck us all.

  14. Nasty reviews of this movie I’ve seen so far fall into the category of calling Act of Vallor a “recruitment” movie — the heroes are “too white” the bad buys too ethnic and there are none of the “complexities” of war

    you know, corrupt officers, soldiers wanting to either frag the lt. or shoot their fellow soldier

    and they hate hate hate the “simplistic” buddy dialogue.

    IIRC one of the slams on the movie When We were Soldiers was sneering by some critics that dialogue of dying American soldiers was too cliched — never mind they were exact quotes of actual dying soldiers.

  15. Seems the ‘international community‘ thinks Netanyahu (along with his Republican ‘devotees’) is more of a world-enemy and villain than their fellow traveler Ahmadinnerjacket.

  16. I haven’t been able to watch a war movie for years without either sweating and trembling , or shaking a fist in anger (I do the same at lawyer shows/doctor shows – I was a lawyer, and my Dad was a doc) with the exception of “War Horse” (it was just an art flick – but the trench attack near the end did get to me a bit).

    Guess I’ll miss this one too. Pity that.

    Maybe someday my cohort will have it’s own “12 O’Clock High” (man, I loved Dean Jagger in that one) or “The Best Years of Our Lives”. So far its all “Redacted”, “Stop Loss” and “In the Valley of Elah” crap. With my luck, we will get an updated “The Wackiest Ship in the Army” or “The Phil Silvers Show”. I’d settle for “Rat Patrol”…

  17. I saw it today. The line in question is from an interrogation of the smuggler character; it’s an expression of surprise that the smuggler, being Jewish, would help jihadis smuggle (I’m hoing to leave out any details that might be spoilers).

    He does seem to have his own motivations, but as near as I could tell they have nothing to do with religion at all.

  18. Going, not hoing. As if.

  19. Just got home from watching Act of Valor. All’s I can say is, is that this movie is not about pushing antisemitism whatsoever, in any form or fashion. I was attuned and ready for it, but nothing of the sort registered. Instead, this movie is about (and dedicated to) the good guys who are, without any doubt whatsoever, heroes; the Special Forces of the U.S.A..

    Hat’s off. Best movie of the year AFAIC.

  20. Here’s a third person saying that.

  21. I always kinda thought Stripes was our generation’s “war” movie, LTC John…

  22. The Rat Patrol was the greatest TV show ever

  23. Jim,

    I think that “Stripes” was an homage to the Carter-era Army, heh heh. I joined in 1985 :) We had to put up with endless “Rambo” remarks.

  24. Ernst – I joined as a “Scout Observer” in the CSC 2/130th INF, 66th BDE, 47th ID. We had jeeps and machine guns…it was all cool, until I started learning what was in Soviet recon elements. Ouch.

  25. #ActOfValor A tremendous outpouring of support for this movie. PLUS! A scarcity of Proggs.

    I read that Pamela Geller was possibly an agent for some of the negativity that’s clouded this film. Figures.

    Oh, and the inevitable tie-in to Apocalypse Now

    @charliesheen #ActOfValor Can’t stop thinking about this film..! Game changer in action films… Features real Navy Seals! Watching again right now!!

  26. We practically never watch war movies. The husband did 3 tours in Vietnam and doesn’t feel like any of the movies do them justice. Watching movies that portray American soldiers as bloody-thirsty morons is a wrong.

  27. Pamela Geller is full of shit.

    The terrorist villain is a Chechen. There is a Jewish criminal, a smuggler involved, but he is not the terrorist. Amoral, yes. But he is a minor, subordinate player in the conspiracy.

    The movie is outstanding and you should actually pay the price of a ticket to see it.

  28. LTC John, you won’t shake your fist at this one, unless it’s suspiciously close to the corner of your eye. The audience I saw it with applauded.

  29. Me, too, LTC John. Joined up in ’85, that is.

    By that time I think it was common knowledge that Soviet war-fighting doctrine was questionable, much of their gear was iffy at best, and only a few of the people in any given unit actually knew how to operate it correctly, but they were still dangerous if for no other reason than their precarious political position.

  30. “our generation’s “war” movie”

    Can I get some love for Blackhawk Down?
    Or how about We Were Soldiers Once?

  31. We Were Soldiers was more like my dad’s generation, early Viet Nam.

    Blackhawk Down is hard to watch because of the stupidity it represents at the upper levels of command.

  32. I kinda like the idea of stupid Muslims manipulated by sneaky Jews. Keep ’em in their place, say I! Almost disappointed to hear that the furor is misplaced.